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Definition Self Esteem Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Definition Self Esteem.

Measure Progress Without the Scale

Frustrated. Disappointed. Hopeless. Skeptical. Whichever you choose, these emotions are enemies of people trying to lose weight—especially when you feel like you have done everything right. For many trying to shed pounds, the elation from...  Read more

An Exercise in Self-Esteem

If you’re like most people who want to lose weight, you probably think that shedding a few pounds will help you feel better about yourself. And chances are, you see exercise simply as something you need to do to accomplish that goal. But here&r...  Read more

Give Yourself a Reality Check-Up

Perhaps the biggest reason that permanent weight loss is so difficult is that it is stressful—for your mind and your body. And when you're stressed out, you just don’t function at your best, mentally, emotionally, or physically. In fa...  Read more

4 Easy Ways to Assess Your Well-Being

You're committed to a healthy lifestyle. You hit the gym every day when they open their doors, ditch soda for water, and brought healthy fruits and vegetables back to the center of your plate. Then you step on the scale, only to find that you hav...  Read more

Why Do We Beat Ourselves Up?

If we had friends that treated us the way that many of us treat ourselves, they wouldn’t be our friends for very long. Imagine a friend who calls up just to complain–about you. Or an alleged buddy who quickly says “I told you so...  Read more

So I'm finding my self becoming discouraged feelin
Updated 4/30/2016 6:42:27 PM

So I'm finding my self becoming discouraged feeling like I just should quit. I know I should but it's just so hard with the lack of free time...  Read more

Positive Self Talk
Updated 4/28/2016 12:21:04 PM

Positive self talk is so important for self esteem. I think it's something most people don't do enough of. DAILY CHALLENGE - Name something you like or are proud of about yourself or that you're good at. -------------- I'm proud...  Read more

Self honesty. .....its a big thing when you are st
Updated 4/24/2016 12:37:44 PM

Self honesty. .....its a big thing when you are starting a lifestyle change.not dieting but a change because what we strive to do now must be for life. We have to truly be honest with ourselves to see improvement....  Read more

Weekends are for a little self indulgence, don't o
Updated 4/23/2016 4:27:03 PM

Weekends are for a little self indulgence, don't over do it but reward yourself for the great week you/we/me had!...  Read more

I have ADHD and struggle with self-motiviation. I
Updated 4/23/2016 4:24:55 AM

I have ADHD and struggle with self-motiviation. I would love to have an acountabilibuddy to help keep me motivated and remind me to exercise!...  Read more


constant, loyal, dedicated and strict...  Read more

Take the focus off the scale

Make a solid effort to take the focus off the scale....set a goal that is meaningful for you....learning to run? set a goal to run a mile without a walk interval, enter a race, Can't do a push up to save your soul? make a goal to complete a set of te...  Read more

Vegetarians and Vegans Challenge! Are U up 4 it?!

Vegetarians&Vegans sharing recipes,health tips & more along the path to finding our healthiest selves. Also anyone looking for a challenge by adding healthy vegetarian meals/days to current lifestyle....  Read more

Should Celeb Bikini Photos Carry a Warning Label?

Scantily clad celebs often grace the covers of fitness magazines, baring their washboard abs, toned thighs and sculpted arms. It's no secret that most of these photos are retouched to add definition, slim away bulk, smooth fine lines, remove cellulit...  Read more

10 Quick Confidence Boosters

From our partners at Woman's DayConfidence is easily attainable and makes a huge impact on how others view you as well as how you feel about yourself. Try these instant boosters to put a little spring in your step: Straighten up. A recent Ohio...  Read more