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Decline Situp Bench Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Decline Situp Bench.

Get Fit Without Leaving the House

Imagine a gym you can commute to in seconds. It’s open 24-hours, so you can come and go as you please—on your time. It’s comfortable, and you feel completely at ease when you work out there. Oh, and membership is...  Read more

25 Ways to Get Fit for Less Than $25

Everyone's holding their wallets and purse strings a little tighter these days. But that doesn't mean that you have to give up on getting fit just because times are tight. Exercise can be easy to fit into your day, just as it can be inexpensi...  Read more

Exercise Keeps Your Mind Sharp

A new study from the National Institutes of Health found that the most sedentary individuals (i.e. couch potatoes) are 2.5 times more likely to develop dementia than regular exercisers. Dementia is a condition of declining mental abilities ( especial...  Read more

How to Use the Leg Curl Machine

Proper form is important for any exercise. When using machines, where weight targets specific muscles in specific ways, it’s even more important. This gym staple is a machine that many people use improperly. Avoid injury by making sure you&rsqu...  Read more

Cardio Exercise Tips for Seniors

There’s no doubt that getting older changes your body and appearance, but it also affects your ability to exercise. Your maximum heart rate declines with age, which means your heart and lungs can’t pump as much oxygen and blood to your mu...  Read more

If you belong to a gym, you can do bench presses w

If you belong to a gym, you can do bench presses with free weights to use the same muscle group/motion as pushups. Instead of pushing your body up, you're pushing the weight up....  Read more

Advice About Declining Wedding Invite in Protest
Updated 3/13/2015 11:50:03 AM

I'll apologize in advance because this will probably be kind of long. I need advice about declining my cousin's wedding invitation because they purposely didn't invite my sister, but did invite me, our brother, his wife and infant son. My sister i...  Read more

At our office potluck, I just respectfully decline
Updated 2/27/2015 4:40:19 PM

At our office potluck, I just respectfully declined white rice, Hawaiian sweet rolls, and my favorite cake ever. I wish it was easier though!...  Read more

I've noticed a serious decline in sugar cravings s
Updated 2/18/2015 8:02:15 AM

I've noticed a serious decline in sugar cravings since I quit drinking soda after christmas. Chocolate doesn't even call to me anymore and I used to be a chocoholic....  Read more

I somehow declined to allow sparkpeople to use my
Updated 1/13/2015 11:33:23 AM

I somehow declined to allow sparkpeople to use my camera for the barcode scanning. Now I am unable to scan food items. How do I correct this on the mobile app? Thanks!...  Read more

Mix it up

When exercising on a program, it's best to mix it up each time. Doing the same exercises all the time can get your metabolism used to it, and it won't burn as much fat nor build lean muscle. Keep your body guessing!...  Read more

Use the park bench

The next time you're out for a walk in the park make use of the park benches you pass. At the 1st bench do 5 step-ups for each the next one do 5 tricep dips, then try push-ups off a bench, then seated leg lifts... Just keep alternating. Y...  Read more

In the News: Run, Grandma, Run!

There are lots of reasons why health and fitness are important, and we all have our own motivations for getting into shape. I always like to stress that getting fit now will help you stay healthy and independent as you age. After all, the physical de...  Read more

The Metabolism-Boosting Workout

It's one of our most flab-melting routines ever: Eight of the best lab-tested toners mixed together to boost your metabolism, with no sweaty cardio required. You'll get up to three times more firming per rep as you torch a third mor...  Read more