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Deadlift Romanian Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Deadlift Romanian.

Printable Workout: Day 2 Bootcamp

This is the printable version of our Bootcamp Day 2 Workout Video. We recommend that you watch the video (and read its supporting text) before trying this abbreviated version. Wide-Leg Squats 10 reps ...  Read more

I've added 100 lbs to my deadlift, 50 lbs to my sh
Updated 8/24/2015 9:24:18 PM

I've added 100 lbs to my deadlift, 50 lbs to my shrugs, and 20 lbs to my curls in the past 2 weeks. Beastmode engage....  Read more

The Importance of Exercise

If there is one thing I have learned over the last three years since starting my weight loss journey, exercise is not necessary for weight loss. In fact, the only requirement for all people to lose weight is to eat at a calorie deficit. Everything ou...  Read more

Sparkling Romania

Sparkling Romanians, let's Spark!!...  Read more

Founder of Turbo Jam Shares Her Top 5 Strength Exercises

Chalene Johnson is no stranger to fitness. She taught her first aerobics class at 18 and eventually created the wildly popular Turbo Jam®, Turbo Kick®, PiYo™, Turbo Jam®, Hip Hop Hustle™ and ChaLEAN Extreme® workouts. She and Turbo Jam are sponsori...  Read more

A Butt-Kicking Workout with Nike Trainers

I was that girl who would fake cramps and feign random injuries to get out of gym class in high school. (Sweat? Me? No--not after all the time I spent straightening my hair. I'll read a book on the bleachers, thankyouverymuch!) These days, I'm no wil...  Read more