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Daily Carb Intake For Diabetics Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Daily Carb Intake For Diabetics.

What Are Sugar Alcohols?

If you spend any time looking at nutrition labels, you’ve probably noticed some intriguing ingredients in sweet foods that are touted as diet-friendly, sugar-free, low-carb, or even formulated for people with diabetes. One ingredient, known as...  Read more

Eating Well with Type 2 Diabetes

When you have diabetes, your diet plays a key role in controlling your blood sugar levels. SparkPeople strongly encourages everyone with diabetes to meet with a Registered Dietitian or a Certified Diabetes Educator in their area. These health profess...  Read more

Adventures in Weight Loss: Coach Dean's Story

If you had told me six years ago that I’d be working for SparkPeople today as a fitness and weight loss coach, I’d have told you to see a psychiatrist and get some medication to help control those delusions of yours. At that point, m...  Read more

The Truth About Carbohydrates

It’s true. A carbohydrate-rich diet can inflate appetite and girth. Low-carb diets do promote short-term weight loss, but are accompanied by some severe dangers. So what should you do? The truth is, you can have your carbs and eat them too&mdas...  Read more

How to Use SparkPeople When You Have Type 2 Diabetes

Welcome to SparkPeople, America's most active weight-loss and healthy living website! This article will introduce you to all of the SparkPeople features that can help adults manage type 2 diabetes, including our Spark*D Diabetes Management Progra...  Read more

Diabetic and determined.
Updated 5/3/2016 7:06:39 PM

Hi all, I'm a sixty something lady who has had it with buying larger and larger clothes. Being a diabetic I sometimes feel like I got a double whammy, but it's not an excuse to be lazy. I need to get back into shape for a number of reasons.. one o...  Read more

Anybody tried Daily Burn website? Are their begin
Updated 5/2/2016 8:45:50 PM

Anybody tried Daily Burn website? Are their beginner workouts really for beginners?...  Read more

Question....if my normal calorie intake is 1200 an
Updated 5/2/2016 11:29:16 PM

Question....if my normal calorie intake is 1200 and i burned 460 calories working out. Do i still eat the 1200 or the recomended low end of 1500 on this app? So confused aboit this. Thanks!...  Read more

I'm a type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump trying to lose weight. It's hard because I feel like I'm co
Updated 5/2/2016 6:58:13 PM

I'm a type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump trying to lose weight. It's hard because I feel like I'm constantly chasing a low because I've eaten too little or chasing a high because I corrected a low. Any other type 1s here?...  Read more

How do you find low carb people?
Updated 5/2/2016 6:46:22 PM

How do you find low carb people?...  Read more

Low Carb Diet?

Each person's success is based on how well he or she can realistically integrate a diet into daily life. A low carb diet, is not successful for everyone.A low carb diet is difficult to stick to. Low carb is good for most diabetics along with metformi...  Read more

Watch your Fat/Protein/Carb ratio

I've found that when I watch the pie chart on my daily report, I am better able to keep my carb intake at 50% of my calories. My body works better at burning with a lower carb intake. So I try to make sure that no more than 50% of my calories come...  Read more

Challenge Yourself!

(1) Daily challenges~it only takes one step at a time to get to where we're going... (2) Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical challenges~it takes a holistic approach to achieve our goals......  Read more

Food on the Run: Chick-fil-A

Today we add another installment to our ongoing series, Food on the Run.Based on reader's suggestions, this week we take a look at Chick-fil-A. Our goal remains to highlight healthier menu items that are around 250 calories or less and less than...  Read more

Weight Busters: All Carbohydrates are NOT Created Equal

Carbohydrates are important and necessary in our diets and have generated a great deal of attention over the past decade due to the low carbohydrate weight loss craze. Marketing trends have played off of that low carb craze and so have dieting plans...  Read more