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Cure Insomnia Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Cure Insomnia.

Wake Up to the Importance of Exercise

You stayed up late last night to finish a project, woke up groggy only to realize that you’d slept through the alarm clock, skipped breakfast, then almost fell asleep in the middle of an important morning meeting. It’s now mid-afternoon a...  Read more

Nutrition Tips and Supplements for Insomnia

Is a good night’s sleep eluding you? Tossing and turning the whole night through, Drowsiness, fatigue, a lack of sleep, There is more help than just counting sheep. There are many factors that can cause sleep problems, and even more...  Read more

The Buzz On Energy Drinks

We've all seen the flashy cans of energy drinks crowding the shelves at gas stations and grocery stores. From students to sports stars, it seems like everyone has used an energy supplement to up their game at some point. But what exactly puts the...  Read more

The Sleep Quiz

Snoring is a common problem, especially among men, but it isn’t harmful. (True / False)   You can “cheat” on the amount of sleep you get. (True / False)   It is important to maint...  Read more

Eat to Beat PMS

PMS. Three little letters that spell dread and discomfort for millions of women every month. It is reported that more than half and perhaps as many as 85 percent of all women experience discomfort related to menstruation, common referred to as Premen...  Read more

Natural migraine cures. ..anyone? Anyone?
Updated 8/4/2016 10:16:51 PM

Natural migraine cures. ..anyone? Anyone?...  Read more

Insomnia strikes again, but determined not to use
Updated 8/2/2016 4:30:16 PM

Insomnia strikes again, but determined not to use pills. Moderated exercise, cut back on caffeine, mediated and found happy place, wrote out issues to clear head, ate well... other suggestions? I've had insomnia for 24 years, but rarely this bad....  Read more

Insomnia? I can never seem to get to sleep before
Updated 7/30/2016 11:45:55 AM

Insomnia? I can never seem to get to sleep before 3-4 am, when I take sleeping pills it's like my body says "I accept that challenge" what to do?...  Read more

Ugh insomnia is not helping! I had such a good day
Updated 7/28/2016 12:05:00 PM

Ugh insomnia is not helping! I had such a good day yesterday. Worked out eat good. Then the steroids dr has me on kept me up till 4 am. I got so hungry I caved. Thought it would help me sleep....  Read more

So sleepy . Insomnia at Night then tired by 3
Updated 7/27/2016 5:47:21 PM

So sleepy . Insomnia at Night then tired by 3...  Read more

Chronic Insomnia Help

People with chronic insomnia should try cognitive behavioral therapy before medications, suggests a prominent group of U.S. doctors.While the American College of Physicians (ACP) canít say cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) outperforms medications fo...  Read more


I sometimes get insomnia, so I've started having an herbal tea before bed...  Read more

Plantar Fasciitis

Fighting with Plantar Fasciitis - cures - remedies...  Read more

Ask Dr. Birdie: Straight Talk about Binge Eating

This journey to a healthy lifestyle is a worthwhile, but at times, difficult endeavor. If you're dealing with an eating disorder on top of a weight issue, it can feel downright impossible to reach your goals.Most of us are familiar with the eatin...  Read more

Wired? 7 Tips to Help Tech Addicts Sleep Better

Just about everywhere you look someone is using technology. I find it's actually difficult to go out and not see people texting or playing games on their cell phones. It seems that using our phones and other mobile devices (iPads, tablets, laptop...  Read more

To cure insomnia, go to bed later!

This week I joined the Better Sleep Challenge, and I'm logging my sleep/wake cycles. It's surprising that I function so well during the day. I'm not getting any great quality of sleep. So today I see this article, and it's worth a try (notice the...  Read more