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Crossfit Journal Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Crossfit Journal.

The Most Undervalued Piece of Equipment in the Gym

Are you sick of the same-old cardio machines at the gym? Bored by the treadmill? Tired of the elliptical? Can't stand to do another mile on the stationary bike or another flight on the stair climber? Well, then, it's time you head over to the...  Read more

The Iron Truth about Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells were practically unheard of in North America until recently, but now exercising with a bowling-ball-shaped weight with a handle is the newest fitness trend. Used by fitness enthusiasts, collegiate athletes, and pro sports teams alike, mor...  Read more

7 Times It's OK to Skip a Workout

Sometimes when we miss a workout, we know full well that we are just making "the dog ate my homework" types of excuses that wouldn't fool anyone—not even you! But then there are the times when we have a valid reason for skipping a...  Read more

Over 110 Cardio Workout Ideas

You all probably know how great aerobic activity is for your heart, body and mind. After all, regular cardio exercise has been shown to reduce body fat, decrease total cholesterol, boost mood, lower resting heart rate, and improve heart and lung func...  Read more

Weight Loss Journals: Hands-On Inspiration

Visual images can be powerful tools in helping you reach your goals. There are lots of creative ways to use this motivation technique, such as posting an image of your goal where you’ll see it most—in your car, on a bathroom mirror, or on...  Read more

Blckktty's Journal dream house
Updated 2/18/2015 11:03:21 AM

After 4 years of looking, boom our dream home (a fixer upper of course couldn't afford it otherwise) pops up in our email listing! We scheduled an appointment with our realtor to see it and it is everything we hoped for and more. It is in desperate...  Read more

Updated 2/9/2015 1:46:42 PM

I am up 3 pounds!! I have no idea what's going on but I have been going up on the scale. I have been paying close attention and I got my period and I went down a little bit again but now that I am back in the gaining part of my cycle I will have to...  Read more

Has anybody used the photo journal app "TwoGrand"?
Updated 2/9/2015 2:21:40 AM

Has anybody used the photo journal app "TwoGrand"? If so, did you like it? I'm so bad at tracking food, and I thought a photo journal might be fun. :-)...  Read more

Day 1 of my journal
Updated 3/4/2015 2:44:19 PM

February. 5 I so want to quit just eat not worry about weight but watching 600 pound life last night so wondering how they get that way and don't the know they weigh so much I would love surgery but is this an easy way out Counting calories e...  Read more

anyone from Orlando, Florida that goes to Crossfit
Updated 2/1/2015 11:08:38 PM

anyone from Orlando, Florida that goes to Crossfit kingspointe?...  Read more



Be honest with yourself

Track every B-L-T and remember its you who you hurt if you "forget" you ever ate it.It helps you be more mindful of your choices....  Read more

Crossfit Fans!

This group is for people engaged in the process of "Crossfit." If you are starting, thinking of starting, or involved in Crossfit at all, feel free to share your activities here....  Read more

5 Reasons I've Never Tried CrossFit

During the last few years, ultra-intense workouts have been gaining popularity—and not just among athletes or hardcore exercisers who are gluttons for self-punishment. Even the relatively unfit and overweight are jumping at the chance to push t...  Read more

We Tried It: CrossFit

"Let's try this," the email from my roommate said. Attached was a Groupon deal that was certainly intriguing -- 20 CrossFit classes for $20 at a studio quite close to where I live. And considering I'd been interested in trying Cross...  Read more