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Crossfit Girls Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Crossfit Girls.

The Most Undervalued Piece of Equipment in the Gym

Are you sick of the same-old cardio machines at the gym? Bored by the treadmill? Tired of the elliptical? Can't stand to do another mile on the stationary bike or another flight on the stair climber? Well, then, it's time you head over to the...  Read more

The Iron Truth about Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells were practically unheard of in North America until recently, but now exercising with a bowling-ball-shaped weight with a handle is the newest fitness trend. Used by fitness enthusiasts, collegiate athletes, and pro sports teams alike, mor...  Read more

Cardio Tunes!

“My uptown girl!  You know I’m in love with an uptown girl!”  As these lyrics pump through your headphones, it’s easy to forget that while Billy Joel sings to you, you’re actually running on the treadmill.&...  Read more

12 Ways to Bust Out of Your Comfort Zone

A comfort zone is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to work out there. Comfort is defined as, "a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or discomfort." That sounds conducive to napping in a hammock, getting a massa...  Read more

When Mom & Dad Diet: Talking to Kids About Weight Loss

It's a philosophy that's repeated time and time again: Healthy habits start at home. And it's true—taking steps towards positive lifestyle changes in the pursuit of weight loss and overall health in the home are among the most rewar...  Read more

Gonna pull on my big-girl pants and start working
Updated 5/24/2016 11:54:09 PM

Gonna pull on my big-girl pants and start working the plan again even though I'm on a soft diet due to a jaw injury. The "winging it" is not getting the job done! Adapt and grow and get it done. No excuses!...  Read more

Warm day. I am a 70 degree girl.
Updated 5/24/2016 9:01:16 PM

Warm day. I am a 70 degree girl....  Read more

Dilemma. I agreed to a girls night out @ an Indian
Updated 5/23/2016 8:16:05 PM

Dilemma. I agreed to a girls night out @ an Indian restaurant. What was I thinking? The dishes there are like crack. There is no taking one bite of chicken in million calorie cream sauce. Idea on how to manage this torture? Do I not eat all day?...  Read more

I had a girl who was out of work for a while go. Y
Updated 5/19/2016 11:16:53 PM

I had a girl who was out of work for a while go. You lost weight you look thinner I was like I'm trying. My other colleague goes she's been getting it in! Love it!...  Read more

Hey Girls!!!
Updated 5/18/2016 10:12:02 AM

Hey Girls!!!...  Read more

Read healthy cookbooks

When I am sick of eating healthy, I like to get out my healthy cookbooks & look through them for ideas. The pictures look so yummy that it is hard not to get motivated to get back on track. I always seem to find something new & delicious....  Read more

awesome website and cookbooks

two words HUNGRY GIRL...  Read more

Baby Dust and Sticky Vibes

A group for all us girls trying to make a little one! A discussion involving everything from POAS (pee on a stick) to dpo (days past ovulation) to baby dancing. Get ready.... set... conceive!...  Read more

Healthy Headlines from Around the Web

A Feel Great Workout: CrossFit from Health.comCreamy Vegan Kale-Stuffed Mushrooms from Daily GarnishTart Cherries: Should They Be Mandatory? from Diet BlogWhy Ice May Be Bad for Sore Muscles from The New York TimesCheck This Sustainable Seafood List...  Read more

We Tried It: CrossFit

"Let's try this," the email from my roommate said. Attached was a Groupon deal that was certainly intriguing -- 20 CrossFit classes for $20 at a studio quite close to where I live. And considering I'd been interested in trying Cross...  Read more