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Cooling Down Period Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Cooling Down Period.

Spark Your Way to a 10K

Ready to walk or run a 10K but not sure where to begin? We've designed two training programs to help you get started. The first program is for individuals who want to complete a 10K by both walking and jogging the event. The second program is for...  Read more

Reference Guide to Cooling Down

SparkPeople’s Exercise Reference Guides offer an in-depth look at the principles of fitness. What is a Cool Down? A cool down is the act of gradually lowering body temperature, heart rate, and breathing rate following exercise. The...  Read more

Reference Guide to Anaerobic Exercise

SparkPeople’s Exercise Reference Guides offer an in-depth look at the principles of fitness. We often hear a lot about aerobic or “cardio” exercise and how it improves fitness, reduces one’s risk of lifestyle diseases, an...  Read more

Are You Cheating Yourself at the Gym? Part 2

With the hectic pace of our society today, most people don't have hours to spend in the gym. That's why it's so important to make the most of the workout time you have available. Are you cheating yourself out of the best strength workout...  Read more

Get Results with Interval Training

I used to be a competitive long distance runner. Day in and day out I’d run mile upon mile, training for the next big race. Some days it meant running a six or seven mile loop that included several (seemingly endless) hills. Other days, I warme...  Read more

Woo Hoo! 5lbs down!
Updated 7/14/2014 11:18:26 AM

I'm been on the site two weeks and already down 5 pounds....  Read more

Cutting down portions
Updated 7/8/2014 3:29:25 PM

I am a huge fast food junkie and I have started to realize when I deprive myself of fast food completely I binge and I binge BAD. So I am starting to order the small version of everything. Making sure to take into consideration that just because it's...  Read more

Feeling down and unmotivated due to apperance
Updated 6/29/2014 8:31:22 PM

Hey guys. I've lost over 85 pounds and am very happy. Yesterday at work when reviewing the cameras, I saw who I thought was my coworker walking because he looked very trim and fit but when I zoomed in I realized I was actually looking at myself! That...  Read more

count down to class reunion
Updated 7/22/2014 9:45:11 AM

I have been sparking along for several years and play the yo yo game very well loge it gain it back. struggling to get out and stay out of the 160 "S the good thing is I started at 195 and now bounce between 159 and 164 ....  Read more

cool down videos
Updated 6/25/2014 10:58:38 AM

Does spark have any cool down videos? The one on my dvd doesn't work it skipps....  Read more

Start Slow and Finish Strong.

When I workout in the first 5 minutes i start slow and in the last 5 minutes i push myself to finish strong and not let up on my workout intensity. For example if i go for a 45 minute run, I walk for 5 minutes before i start jogging then the last 5...  Read more

Freeze grapes

to cool down white wine without watering it down. Cheers...  Read more

Starfleet Boot Camp

A group for science fiction, and Star Trek fans who want to shape up, slim down, and become the healthiest lifeforms in the galaxy!...  Read more

The Emotions of Change

Honestly, I never expected so many changes when I decided to take my life back.  Oh sure, I expected to get skinner, but that is where my thought process stopped.  I am not sure I expected or even understood the “healthier” aspe...  Read more

Are You Ready to Tailgate?

If it is football season, it must also be time for tailgating. There are several stories related to the origin of the tailgate party. Some believe it first started back in 1869 with the first college football game between Rutgers and Princeton. Trave...  Read more