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Compulsive Overeating Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Compulsive Overeating.

Adventures in Weight Loss: Coach Dean's Story

If you had told me six years ago that I’d be working for SparkPeople today as a fitness and weight loss coach, I’d have told you to see a psychiatrist and get some medication to help control those delusions of yours. At that point, m...  Read more

When Too Much Exercise Becomes a Problem

Regular exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and sound weight-loss program. In fact, most experts suggest that we get 60 minutes of exercise each day for optimal health. But while a little exercise is a good thing, taking exercise to the e...  Read more

10 Ways to Stop Binge Eating in Its Tracks

We’ve all heard the lunch room chatter about people's latest diets and weight-loss escapades. Maybe you’ve even led the discussion by saying something like,"I am going to be ‘good’ today and only eat salads and fresh...  Read more

Find Meaning in a Job Well Done

For most of us, work is a fact of life. Whether your paycheck helps care for a family, a home, tuition, or simply what you need to stay alive, we spend a large percentage of our waking hours doing some kind of work. According to recent research,...  Read more

4 Signs It's Time to Step Off the Scale

It cannot talk yet it speaks to you. Some days it makes you giddy with delight. Other days it puts you into a deep depression. It judges you on a superficial level. The thought of it is enough to worry even the most optimistic person. What am I talki...  Read more

I didn't sleep well. I'm overeating. Worried it wi
Updated 9/19/2016 5:36:01 PM

I didn't sleep well. I'm overeating. Worried it will get out of control....  Read more

Is it possible to overeat on vegetables? Im not ta
Updated 9/16/2016 2:48:27 PM

Is it possible to overeat on vegetables? Im not talking toppings like butter or salt.. but just vegetables, cooked or raw. Can you have too many? I have heard that veggies are "free" foods and I try and fill up on veggies but can I eat too many?...  Read more

I didn't overeat today. Small victory, but I'm pro
Updated 9/13/2016 8:53:19 PM

I didn't overeat today. Small victory, but I'm proud of myself. 😊...  Read more

stomach problems and overeating
Updated 9/14/2016 1:48:50 AM

I have very severe sinuses. During peak allergy months, I get large amounts of drainage. This is one of those months. The drainage is so bad...half the time I eat and I almost immediately throw it back up with sinus drainage. Sorry for the visua...  Read more

It's pretty easy not overeating when you can barel
Updated 9/13/2016 3:57:04 PM

It's pretty easy not overeating when you can barely open your mouth due to strep throat and possibly double ear infections... This has been a great start to the finale of my weight loss goals! 40 lbs down. Now, round three. 15 more lbs to go!!...  Read more

Simple carbs

Not eating simple carbohydrates and overly processed foods has eliminated my food cravings and compulsive overeating. I never thought I could completely cut them out of my diet but I decided to try it and it is working for me. Now I get most of my ca...  Read more

Don't beat yourself up!

If you have a day when you've overeaten,don't beat yourself up-make it your goal to reflect on why you overate so you won't do it again...  Read more

Overeaters Anonymous

This team follows Overeaters Anonymous mission of using the 12 Steps to help compulsive overeaters live free from binging, bulimia, anorexia and other food issues....  Read more

Can People Really Be Addicted to Food and Eating?

Do you ever feel like you just can't stop yourself from overeating? Are there some foods that are extremely hard for you to resist even when you aren't hungry? Is it very hard to stop eating once you've started, even though your intention...  Read more

How I Stop a Binge

By Beth Donovan (~INDYGIRL) Binge eating has always been one of my biggest obstacles to overcome in losing weight. For me, once a binge is triggered and I take that first bite, Im farther from stopping a binge than before I took the firs...  Read more

DAY 165 of 2014: Food Obsessions/Compulsive Overeating

I admitted years ago that I am obsessed with food. It was difficult for me to hear my doctor say I was "morbidly obese". First of all, I didn't feel heavy, even though I was wearing size 18. It was/is easy for me to put blinders on and not admit...  Read more

March Revival - Day 21 ( Working on my Compulsive Overeating)

March has been an eye opener for me. I'm willing to learn new things and always looking for ways to improve my lifestyle..I've come a long way and there is no turning back. Yes, I will occasionally have slip ups but I will not waddle in them. I'm...  Read more