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Chasteberry For Horses Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Chasteberry For Horses.

7 Times It's OK to Skip a Workout

Sometimes when we miss a workout, we know full well that we are just making "the dog ate my homework" types of excuses that wouldn't fool anyone—not even you! But then there are the times when we have a valid reason for skipping a...  Read more

Why Getting Outside is So Good for You

John Keats once wrote, "The poetry of the earth is never dead." Poet or not, almost all of us have been awestruck by nature at one time or another. Whether it's running at sunset on a sandy white beach, walking alongside a cool tri...  Read more

Plan the Perfect Girls Day Out

Friendships seem to be front and center throughout childhood and early adulthood, but once careers get into full swing and families start to grow, female friendships often take a back seat to other priorities. Nurturing good friendships is hugely imp...  Read more

''How I Changed My Life in 28 Days''

Could you change your life in 28 days? Could you lose weight, get fitter, and change your attitude about weight loss in just four weeks? We think so! That's the premise behind our best-selling book, The Spark, written by founder a...  Read more

Anyone here ride horses- competitively?
Updated 7/6/2014 3:55:55 PM

I have a big beautiful chestnut and I love to ride both English and western. My first show is in 3 weeks and I'm weighing in at my heaviest ever- 161 lbs (I'm 5'7"). I literally only look big when crammed into skin tight breaches- anyone have any die...  Read more

Residual pain after charley horse
Updated 5/20/2014 9:38:16 AM

So, I ran a half-marathon yesterday, and after I finished, I went to the sidelines to wait for my friends. At one point, to look for them, I stood on tiptoes--huge mistake! Even though I had stretched after the race, both my calves seized up in insta...  Read more

Getting back on the horse...
Updated 3/14/2014 10:09:19 PM

I am going to give this another go, but honestly its proving harder than I thought. I am overweight (BMI of 28.7) but I seem to be more out of shape than my BMI would suggest. I get winded, exhausted, sweaty, and in need of a break just sweeping the...  Read more

I fell of the horse but hope to get right back on!
Updated 3/5/2014 11:45:58 PM

My boss offered to buy me some Starbuck's coffee, and I was somewhat excited since this will be the first time to order out and trying to be health conscious at the same time. Well, I ordered a grande Iced Caramel Macchiato and my boss's order was a...  Read more

After 2 weeks of recooperating..back on the horse!
Updated 1/14/2014 3:25:54 PM

The start of the year started with everyone except the baby getting sick one at a time. I was last, and I didn't exercise when I took care of my hubby and my toddler, then myself of course. Well, today was the day! I started back on Turbo Fire, wrote...  Read more

Keeping it fun

Involve more than just your family , Share with your community about a favorite hobby or pastime EX: I Share that I am doing this for myself ,my wife ,my family and my HORSE. I have happy horse on my spark page and mention how my horse will be m...  Read more

Nothing wrong with a setback

Getting back on the horse gets easier if you accept that once in awhile you will fall off....  Read more

Horse Lovers Unite

Welcome to all horse-lovers! Whether you own them, ride them, groom them, or just love them from afar, we welcome you to join our team....  Read more

The Importance of Hard/Easy Days for Runners

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to the local horse racing track to enjoy a day with friends. Each Saturday morning during race season, the track opens the grounds for people to have a light breakfast while the jockeys sit and answer quest...  Read more

Celebrate Derby Day with This Authentic Recipe

Those who are close to me know that I'm not one to brag. But today, as I look out my kitchen window and prepare for my favorite holiday feast of the year, I am reminded of my days riding the greatest Thoroughbred in history, Man O'War. ...  Read more