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Cashews Omega 6 Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Cashews Omega 6.

Fats That Fight Cholesterol

If you're reading this, your doctor has probably told you that your cholesterol levels are too high. Maybe she put you on a medication to help lower cholesterol, or simply told you to consume less cholesterol-containing foods. No matter what you...  Read more

Feeling Nutty? Time for some Nuts!

We’re not nuts for saying it – a daily dose of nuts is a healthy way of snacking. Ditch the guilt and dig in. The only caution, keep it to about a handful. Nuts have had a long-time bad rap as a high calorie, indulgent food that we s...  Read more

The Mega Benefits of Omega 3s

In a college nutrition class I took back in the 90s, I overheard a classmate boasting to a small group about how she only ate fat-free food. Most of America was still in the clutches of the fat-free craze, and my classmate’s views weren’t...  Read more

Go Nuts for Nut Butters!

Peanut butter may be a household staple, but spreads made from other nuts and seeds can add nutrients and variety to your diet. Peanut butter has that ideal balance between sweet and salty, making it the perfect companion for everything from who...  Read more

Reduce Asthma Symptoms with Omega 3s

Omega-3 fatty acids seem to be good for everything, and a new study of their effect on exercise-induced asthma is yet another example of the benefits of this healthy type of fat. A study at Indiana University found that adults with mild-to-moderate p...  Read more

Omega 3-do I have to eat fish?
Updated 12/19/2013 12:51:08 AM

I take flaxseed oil and eat nuts as a small snack in the evening for Omega 3's. I was told by my workout partner I have take fish oil or eat fish for best results-problem is I am sensitive to seafood so fish oil and krill is not for me due to stoma...  Read more

don't pay extra for omega 3's in dairy.
Updated 5/31/2013 11:15:43 AM

don't pay double the price for omega 3's in dairy such as eggs, cheese, butter, milk because it doesn't have the omega dha it has ala and it's the dha that your looking for people are paying double the price for foods saying it has omega 3's when it'...  Read more

Anyone's idea or recommendation for omega-3 fat?
Updated 5/11/2013 4:05:05 PM

I've heard alot bout omega-3 fat being good for overall health. I don't eat much fish or nuts so I'm wondering bout taking the pill. Any suggestions would b great. Thank u...  Read more

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats tracking
Updated 1/19/2014 7:42:50 AM

I would love to be able to track Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats. Is it possible this could be added to the site?...  Read more

Did you take your Fish Oil (Omega 3) today?
Updated 4/23/2014 5:16:16 PM

Studies are showing that the Omega 3 in fish is great for your health. If you eat a lot of fish, great! But if you are like me and don't care for fish you can take a fish oil supplement. Here is a Spark article to learn more about the health ben...  Read more

Yumnuts Coconut Cashews

Cashews dusted lightly with coconut - not too sweet and very yummy!...  Read more

Losing Weight

Ive Got And Excercise goal&My Secret Is Im Going To Surprize Everyone By Getting Done To My Weight Goal By Febuary Of 2012...  Read more

Alpha Phi Omega Brothers

For current or Alumni brothers of Alpha Phi Omega (National Co-Ed Service Fraternity) to share their triumphs or complications and help each other through their lifestyle changes....  Read more

Nutrition 101: What are Omega 9's?

In 1992, “Lorenzo’s Oil” was a heart warming hit at the box office starring Nick Nolte and Susan Sarandon, who portrayed sympathetic parents who searched for a treatment for their son Lorenzo, who suffered from ALD (adrenoleukodystrophy), a genetic d...  Read more

We Ate It: Sahale Cashews with Pomegranate and Vanilla

Stacks of boxes sit behind my desk most days. What's in them? Foods, usually snack foods. Sometimes we ask companies to send us these foods, and sometimes they send them out of the blue. Sometimes we get sent foods that are little odd. Those never ma...  Read more