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Carbohydrates Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Carbohydrates.

The Truth About Carbohydrates

It’s true. A carbohydrate-rich diet can inflate appetite and girth. Low-carb diets do promote short-term weight loss, but are accompanied by some severe dangers. So what should you do? The truth is, you can have your carbs and eat them too&mdas...  Read more

Eating with Diabetes: Party Food

Birthday parties, holidays and other social events provide ample opportunity to relax and have a great time with friends and family. Attending a party when you're trying to lose weight is hard enough; for many people with diabetes, an invitation...  Read more

Eating with Diabetes: Counting ''Net'' Carbs

Since low carbohydrate diets became popular, the phrase "net carbs" has become a fairly regular fixture on the labels of food products. But, if you are not familiar with the term you may be wondering what in the world it means! There a...  Read more

Eating Well with Type 2 Diabetes

When you have diabetes, your diet plays a key role in controlling your blood sugar levels. SparkPeople strongly encourages everyone with diabetes to meet with a Registered Dietitian or a Certified Diabetes Educator in their area. These health profess...  Read more

Eating with Diabetes: Desserts and Sweets

I’d be willing to bet that most everyone has been told—and therefore believes—that people with diabetes cannot have any sugar and are resigned to living without dessert for the rest of their lives. Well, as a Certified Diabetes Educ...  Read more

Updated 5/3/2014 10:21:21 AM

Okay. So total carbs, sugars, and dietary fiber... I noticed something and I am veeeeery curious. Take, for example, 1 cup of sliced green bell peppers. 9.0g total carbs. 1.6g dietary fiber. 4.6g sugars. That leaves 2.8g of carbs that are n...  Read more

Celiac and Carbohydrates
Updated 3/12/2014 1:33:50 PM

I was diagnosed with celiac disease 5 years ago. Since then I cut a lot of food out of my diet, and replaced pasta and bread products with gluten free options. Those gf foods unfortunately are LOADED with sodium, fat, etc. So in an effort to lose wei...  Read more

Updated 3/12/2014 6:51:15 AM

How important are carbs?...  Read more

How many carbohydrates
Updated 2/2/2014 1:06:10 PM

Hi I am very happy to be a part of your group. How many carbs should you use a day, I had 192, I thought that was kinda high, I did not know, that may be my problem, well one of my problems. thanks Juanita36...  Read more

Atkins diet and carbohydrates from Vegetables?
Updated 1/23/2014 11:41:21 AM

I noticed my changed eating habits are somewhere between Atkins, Zone and high fat diet. During my most recent five weeks of weight loss I noticed interesting results. My first two and half weeks I eliminated most all the sugars except fro...  Read more

Sugar feeds every cell in the body, including cancer cells.

Sugar feeds every cell in the body, including cancer cells. Simple sugars enter the bloodstream quickly & cause a rise in insulin & other growth promoting hormones. High levels of these hormones may increase the growth of cancer cells. Complex carbo...  Read more

yogurt that eats like a full fat dessert

Yoplait fat free red velvet yogurt, a rich tasting treat that stops my cravings for rich, sugary, carbohydrate loaded desserts.224...  Read more

Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)

SCD is based on 'Breaking the Vicious Cycle' by Elaine Gottschall, for Coeliac/Celiac Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's, Irritable Bowel Disease & Syndrome, Diverticulitis, Autism, Cystic Fibrosis...  Read more

Food On The Run: Subway

Subway provides many healthy options for a balanced meal when eating away from home. As part of a continuing series called Food On The Run, about how to find healthful options at popular chain restaurants, learn what to select the next time you are o...  Read more

Food on the Run: Pizza Hut

Pizza is a favorite food for many of us. In our ongoing Food on the Run series, we take a look under the red roof for healthy options as we eat on the run. Remember that our series goals remain to select entrees that are around 250 calories and 10 gr...  Read more

Good Carbohydrates Bad Carbohydrates

Gary Taubes, wrote “Good Calories Bad Calories”, the book that changed my life. It provided evidence; in no uncertain terms, that Fat is neither bad nor unhealthy or, in the absence of carbohydrates, responsible for the fat in our bodies, elevated c...  Read more

Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats - OH MY!!

As most of you already know our food is essentially comprised of three things - Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats. Over the past 50 years we’ve been bombarded with literally HUNDREDS of ideas about DIET. We went from ‘Eat what you want, just keep the...  Read more