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Calorie Intake And Weight Loss Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Calorie Intake And Weight Loss.

Gender and Weight Loss: How Your Sex Affects Your Success

No, this is not an article on that ever-popular question about whether sex counts as aerobic exercise. (It doesn't. Get over it.) This article is about gender differences in exercise and weight loss. This is your chance to get the facts you...  Read more

About SparkPeople's Recommendations provides free tools, resources and support for adults who want to improve their diets, establish a healthy lifestyle, get physically active, lose weight and/or manage their weight. We stand by our weight-loss, exercise and dietar...  Read more

Maintaining a Healthy Weight - Part 1

OK, you’ve reached your weight loss goal. Congratulations—you’re halfway there! Now all you have to do is make sure you’re one of the 5-10% of “weight-losers” who manage to keep it off over time. So, what are y...  Read more

To Feel Fuller, Fill Up on Protein

A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition tested 19 subjects on three different diets. Researchers measured appetite, caloric intake, body weight, and fat mass, as well as blood measurements for insulin, leptin (the hormone...  Read more

All about Vitamins

It can be easy to lose track of all the vitamins out there. It's even easier to forget how exactly they help our bodies. Let’s see, vitamin A heals wounds and vitamin C improves eyesight, wait, what was it again?  There are so many, it...  Read more

why does spark app auto changes my weight.... almo
Updated 8/27/2015 7:38:31 PM

why does spark app auto changes my weight.... almost over 100lbs...  Read more

i update my weight, hit "done" button and it doesn
Updated 8/30/2015 8:51:32 AM

i update my weight, hit "done" button and it doesnt seem to take. my weight number hasnt changed though i ve dropped a couple of pounds. What am i not doing correctly?...  Read more

For folks who have lost their weight... Do you qui
Updated 8/31/2015 6:07:16 AM

For folks who have lost their weight... Do you quit being hungry all the time? Struggling with the idea that these few calories are all I'll ever have again....  Read more

Finally looked up my bmi & "normal" weight for my
Updated 8/27/2015 11:13:16 AM

Finally looked up my bmi & "normal" weight for my height kinda been avoiding them as I wanted to base my goal on how I feel not just a chart... Found I'm only about 6 lbs from overweight bmi instead of obese mini goals I guess......  Read more

I noticed the calories are varied what #of calorie
Updated 8/28/2015 7:26:12 AM

I noticed the calories are varied what #of calories should you eat ?...  Read more

Remember to Reduce Calories as You Lose Weight

As you lose weight, remember to reduce your daily caloric intake as your body would now need fewer calories....  Read more

Zigzag Calorie Intake~~ Who KNEW it would AID my WEIGHT LOSS?

I have heard many surprisingly NEW things about weight LOSS on this site,but one that I was doing and DIDN'T KNOW it supposedly HELPS WEIGHT LOSS?! Zigzag Calorie Intake is switching up the NUMBER of CALS. you eat over the course of time~ A WEEK, 2 d...  Read more

TOPS Friends

Friends from a TOPS weight loss support group. Welcome all TOPS and KOPS!...  Read more

Three High Protein Breakfasts to Boost Weight Loss

You have most likely heard it said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Some research suggests breakfast is an important part of a healthy eating plan that can help you achieve and maintain your best weight. A new study suggests that...  Read more

How Fasting Affects Your Health

Many religions recommend fasting for both spiritual and/or health benefits. All religious fasts are different: Some restrict certain foods, while others only restrict the times of day in which one can eat. Few religious fasts involve a long-term or c...  Read more