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Caffeine Withdrawal Syndrome Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Caffeine Withdrawal Syndrome.

5 Healthy Habits That Can Cause Headaches

Headaches can be frustrating, popping up when you're tense, stressed, dehydrated or otherwise unbalanced. It's easy to blame them on the obvious culprits: a late night, a skipped meal or an insane work schedule. But some of your healthiest ha...  Read more

Getting Rest with RLS

When your legs ache, you can usually lie down and relax to alleviate your symptoms. But for people who suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS for short), relaxing only makes them hurt more. According to the National Institutes of Health, as many as...  Read more

The Buzz on Caffeine

Caffeine: Most of us can't get through the day without it. Whether brewing a fresh pot of coffee in the morning, enjoying lunch with a refreshing can of cola, or recharging in the afternoon with an energy drink, we have many routines and food rit...  Read more

Eat to Beat PMS

PMS. Three little letters that spell dread and discomfort for millions of women every month. It is reported that more than half and perhaps as many as 85 percent of all women experience discomfort related to menstruation, common referred to as Premen...  Read more

What Causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea are some of the common and uncomfortable symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Unfortunately, no one has yet discovered a specific cause for IBS, but there are many factors that are...  Read more

I stopped drinking caffeine for a while and recent
Updated 5/31/2016 11:10:05 AM

I stopped drinking caffeine for a while and recently have had some via soda and Excedrin. I've noticed that it seems to cause anxiety, jitteriness and nausea. I was just diagnosed with Celiac and have been off gluten for about a month. Connection?...  Read more

I made it to 30days without caffeine or any pop/so
Updated 5/24/2016 10:10:21 AM

I made it to 30days without caffeine or any pop/soda products. Also up to a gal. or more of water a day. Very proud of myself....  Read more

I quit cold turkey and found after the withdrawals

I quit cold turkey and found after the withdrawals I didn't miss it. You have to quit because you want to as well as need to. If you WANT it, it will be doable. Replacing smokes with exercise sounds like a great idea and a great way to get active....  Read more

I now have IT band syndrome! Anybody know of a fe
Updated 5/13/2016 12:40:22 PM

I now have IT band syndrome! Anybody know of a few good stretches to help? Anybody know where other than online I can buy a foam roller?...  Read more

Caffeine free, unsweetened, herbal 'teas' ( ie. Gi
Updated 5/4/2016 10:34:29 PM

Caffeine free, unsweetened, herbal 'teas' ( ie. Ginger tea, lemon tea etc basically something steeped in hot water) Are there any negative effects to drinking them?...  Read more

Easing into Decaf

If your goal is to decrease and/or eliminate the caffeine in coffee, try easing into that goal with part decaf and part regular coffee. I use high quality (bold) decaf with half mild regular coffee. That way I get some caffeine and avoid caffeine wit...  Read more

Virgin Olive Oil releives pain and inflamation

The science magazine Natures said Virgin Oil Oil may have the same effects of Ibuprofen. It may also inhibit the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol. A tsp per day may help in treating arthritis, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol,& in pain ma...  Read more

Coffee Junkies of the World!

Caffeine need not be a dirty word when dieting. Our team is for all Sparkers hopelessly in love with their coffee. Drop by the cafe, we're open 24/7 and the coffee is always great!!...  Read more

How Much Caffeine Are You Consuming?

You enjoy a cup of coffee with your breakfast, a glass of tea in the afternoon, a sports drink as you recover from your workout and a few pieces of chocolate to sooth your sweet tooth after dinner. Nearly 80 percent of people around the world consume...  Read more

Are Diet Soft Drinks Really A Better Alternative?

When you decide it's time to make a change to your diet, one of the first things a lot of people do is switch out the regular soda for diet. It saves on calories and sugar, and can still give you the caffeine boost and beverage variety you're lookin...  Read more