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Caffeine Tablets Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Caffeine Tablets.

The Buzz on Caffeine

Caffeine: Most of us can't get through the day without it. Whether brewing a fresh pot of coffee in the morning, enjoying lunch with a refreshing can of cola, or recharging in the afternoon with an energy drink, we have many routines and food rit...  Read more

Weight Loss Supplements: Fact or Fiction?

Whether browsing the Internet, surfing through 500 channels, or flipping through your favorite magazine (or tabloid), you’ll find them everywhere: weight loss supplements that offer quick and easy solutions to shedding unwanted pounds. Simply p...  Read more

Nutrition Tips and Supplements for Insomnia

Is a good night’s sleep eluding you? Tossing and turning the whole night through, Drowsiness, fatigue, a lack of sleep, There is more help than just counting sheep. There are many factors that can cause sleep problems, and even more...  Read more

8 Healthy Energy Boosters

You're sitting at work, and you feel yourself drifting off. Your head is bobbing, and you're minutes away from zonking out completely. Sure, you plan to hit the hay early tonight to make up for it, but you need help NOW. (Snoring or drooling...  Read more

The Buzz On Energy Drinks

We've all seen the flashy cans of energy drinks crowding the shelves at gas stations and grocery stores. From students to sports stars, it seems like everyone has used an energy supplement to up their game at some point. But what exactly puts the...  Read more

Snacks in phone apps: neither my Galaxy tablet or
Updated 2/1/2016 5:29:15 PM

Snacks in phone apps: neither my Galaxy tablet or iphone show snacks immediately. It seems like I wait until the next day. I figure you would have fixed it by now....  Read more

Ok put tablet down and get started.
Updated 1/31/2016 8:22:20 AM

Ok put tablet down and get started....  Read more

Any suggestions on this caffeine head ace! I don't
Updated 1/27/2016 7:42:30 PM

Any suggestions on this caffeine head ace! I don't want to do sodas but I also don't want something with a lot of calories....  Read more

I cut out all caffeine over a month ago and starte
Updated 1/24/2016 10:02:01 AM

I cut out all caffeine over a month ago and started 30 min of cardio 5 days a week three weeks ago. Since adding the cardio, I find myself wide awake around 4am each day. Any idea why? I'm like a zombie by 7pm....  Read more

If anything, I'd think the levithyroxine tablets s

If anything, I'd think the levithyroxine tablets should be helping you lose weight, not making you gain. Hypothyroidism can make you gain weight. Talk to your doctor about this and make sure your hypothyroidism is adequately treated....  Read more

Low blood Sugar for Hypoglycemia Free Sample of glucose tablets...  Read more


Put three fizzy antacid tablets down the drain followed by 1 Cup white vinegar, let if set for 15 minutes and rinse.220...  Read more

Coffee Junkies of the World!

Caffeine need not be a dirty word when dieting. Our team is for all Sparkers hopelessly in love with their coffee. Drop by the cafe, we're open 24/7 and the coffee is always great!!...  Read more

How Much Caffeine Are You Consuming?

You enjoy a cup of coffee with your breakfast, a glass of tea in the afternoon, a sports drink as you recover from your workout and a few pieces of chocolate to sooth your sweet tooth after dinner. Nearly 80 percent of people around the world consume...  Read more

Is Your Exercise Routine Turning Into a Headache?

Do you ever finish a fast run or a terrific tennis match with a wonderful exercise high just to have it diminished by a headache? Exercise headaches occur, just as the name suggests, during or after strenuous and sustained exercise. Activities such...  Read more