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Caffeine Before Exercise Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Caffeine Before Exercise.

The Buzz On Energy Drinks

We've all seen the flashy cans of energy drinks crowding the shelves at gas stations and grocery stores. From students to sports stars, it seems like everyone has used an energy supplement to up their game at some point. But what exactly puts the...  Read more

The Buzz on Caffeine

Caffeine: Most of us can't get through the day without it. Whether brewing a fresh pot of coffee in the morning, enjoying lunch with a refreshing can of cola, or recharging in the afternoon with an energy drink, we have many routines and food rit...  Read more

8 Healthy Energy Boosters

You're sitting at work, and you feel yourself drifting off. Your head is bobbing, and you're minutes away from zonking out completely. Sure, you plan to hit the hay early tonight to make up for it, but you need help NOW. (Snoring or drooling...  Read more

The Truth about Green Tea

Whether you drink it as a hot beverage to ward off Old Man Winter or iced to cool off on a hot summer day, tea is an invigorating drink that people around the world consume in copious amounts. In America alone, each person drinks approximately 155 cu...  Read more

5 Healthy Habits That Can Cause Headaches

Headaches can be frustrating, popping up when you're tense, stressed, dehydrated or otherwise unbalanced. It's easy to blame them on the obvious culprits: a late night, a skipped meal or an insane work schedule. But some of your healthiest ha...  Read more

What's everyone's plan for exercise today? I'm goi
Updated 2/10/2016 9:57:40 AM

What's everyone's plan for exercise today? I'm going to do Leslie Sansone Just Walk 3 miles today!...  Read more

exercising with an injury/boredom eating...etc
Updated 2/10/2016 9:50:54 AM

Hello all, I was doing so well a few months ago. I was working out everyday. Eating well and then I injured my foot and everything fell apart. I think it is just a stress fracture on one of my foot bones or a strain in a ligament however it make...  Read more

Can you loose weight with out exercise??
Updated 2/10/2016 8:59:27 AM

Can you loose weight with out exercise??...  Read more

You can select a similar exercise from the SparkPe

You can select a similar exercise from the SparkPeople database. There are some generic ones that are good for some things. For example, search for "aerobics" or "strength training". Hope this helps!...  Read more

Plan for the day-exercise before work have my yumm
Updated 2/9/2016 10:00:48 PM

Plan for the day-exercise before work have my yummy fruit/yogurt/granola breakfast then have my homemade yummy veggie soup for lunch-be more mobile at work-take a short walk during lunch-and not let the chaos at work get to me...  Read more

Coffee is Good - and Good For You

Coffee isnít just warm and energizing, it may also be extremely good for you.In recent years and decades, scientists have studied the effects of coffee on various aspects of health and their results have been nothing short of amazing.Here are 7 reaso...  Read more

Hi look

Take a "Caffeine Nap"Never heard of a caffeine nap? You down a cup of coffee right before you take a 15-minute nap. The 15 minutes is long enough for the caffeine to take effect, and your nap is short enough that you don't wake up groggy. Click here...  Read more

Moms And Dads At Home Getting Healthy Together

Hello moms and dads! Huddle the children, your furry friends and let's get out for some exercise and away from the temptations of that beast called the fridge! See you soon!...  Read more

Runners Are Being Urged to Limit Caffeine Consumption

A few years ago you could pick up almost any running or fitness magazine and read about the benefits of consuming caffeine prior to running or exercising. Runners, just like many of you, like to take a swig of their favorite caffeinated beverage befo...  Read more

How Much Caffeine Are You Consuming?

You enjoy a cup of coffee with your breakfast, a glass of tea in the afternoon, a sports drink as you recover from your workout and a few pieces of chocolate to sooth your sweet tooth after dinner. Nearly 80 percent of people around the world consume...  Read more