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Bowflex Extreme Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Bowflex Extreme.

10 Signs a Fitness Gadget is a Gimmick

Fitness infomercials promise a lot: dramatic weight-loss, big results, a six pack in 30 days! But unfortunately, most of them do not deliver on those promises. When those ads are so intriguing and believable, how do you know which new products delive...  Read more

Stretching Should Not Be Missing In Action

When you think about working out—or even see it on TV, in movies, or at your own gym—does stretching come to mind? Probably not. Stretching is easily ignored, even in commercials for gyms. Yet it's an important part of any fitnes...  Read more

Moderation in All Things

What comes to mind for you when you hear the word diet? If you’re like most people, you probably imagine eating carrot sticks, going to bed hungry, and giving up your favorite foods—and that's why so many diets fail. Most people just...  Read more

10 Worst Foods of the Year

  Editor's Note: After much deliberation, food writer John "Mr. Bad Food" McGran has come up with the "best" of the worst foods he’s reviewed over the past year. Here there are in his words (in no particul...  Read more

''I Tried Hot Yoga''

I’m not sure when it was that I first heard about hot yoga, but I just assumed that it was one of those passing exercise fads. Only…I kept hearing about it. My friends were raving about it. Then my sister became a convert and told me tha...  Read more

How would you track the Extreme makeover weight l
Updated 2/16/2015 9:34:39 AM

How would you track the Extreme makeover weight loss edition ' s THE WORK OUT video? Thank you. :^)...  Read more

extreme calf pain when running
Updated 2/6/2015 8:37:26 AM

good morning! whenever I run and I get towards the end of my first mile my inner calf muscles become extremely painful to the point where I have to stop running and then slow to a walk which is normally for only a minute or two. then I sit on the flo...  Read more

I did JM Extreme Shred for 45 minutes. I read the
Updated 1/27/2015 12:45:22 AM

I did JM Extreme Shred for 45 minutes. I read the reviews and they said it is a tough one. I agree but I held my  Read more

Instead of Atkins (too extreme), calculate your ca

Instead of Atkins (too extreme), calculate your carbs in every single meal and snack and make sure they are no more than 30% of the meal or snack you eat. Don't count them by the day but by the meal. It will stabilize blood sugar so you can lose....  Read more

I have extreme health anxiety issues. I watched my
Updated 2/15/2015 6:10:33 PM

I have extreme health anxiety issues. I watched my dad die when I was 4 from cancer. It's a HUGE worry for me! I'm a hypochondriac now and it's making it hard to get healthy....  Read more

My Dirty Lil Secret

extreme over doer2...  Read more


Finding the in between places versus going to extremes....  Read more

Bowflex Users

This is a forum for people who want or have any Bowflex and would like to share their likes, dislikes, tips & tricks....  Read more

Pets and the Summer Heat: How to Keep Them Safe and Cool

It’s no secret that there has been a lot of extreme heat in many of the states this summer and it doesn’t seem to want to let up. Where I live, it has been extremely hot and humid, which has put a big damper on some of my daily walks with...  Read more

This Week's Healthy Headlines

Awareness: Top 5 Don'ts for Doctors in Primary Care from The New York Times Make This Almond Berry Sorbet at Home in 20 Minutes! from Fit Bottomed Girls Ultimate Summer Slim-Down from Thinspiration Tips from the Doctor Behind Extreme...  Read more