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Bosu Ball Deals Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Bosu Ball Deals.

Balance Training 101

What is with all the weird looking toys you see in the gyms, sporting goods stores, and fitness magazines today? We see funny looking things like a cut-in-half stability ball called a BOSU. There are the small circular "pillow discs" that a...  Read more

Learn the Fitness Class Lingo

When you think about “fitness classes,” what images come to mind? Do you picture skinny people (leg warmers included) jumping around and kicking their legs to loud music? Although that might have been the case 10 or 20 years ago, the late...  Read more

No Need to Stretch the Truth about Resistance Bands

You hear about them. You see people using them in the gym. They’re in stores, on TV, and have entire fitness classes designed around them. You think about these stretchy bands and what good (if any) they do. You want to know: What are the b...  Read more

Improve Your Balance in 3 Simple Steps

Hiking on a wooded trail. Riding a bike down the street. Doing crunches on a stability ball. Hitting the slopes. Walking up the stairs with ease. These are more than simple pleasures you can enjoy by living a healthy lifestyle. They're also proof...  Read more

Workouts for Skiers and Snowboarders

Snow enthusiasts everywhere are counting down the days until they can hit the slopes. Both skiing and snowboarding are fun and exciting winter pursuits. But these demanding physical activities also pose high risks. Without proper training, you won...  Read more

how would you deal with this?
Updated 1/15/2015 11:23:40 AM

I usually have to wait for abt 2 hours in the waiting hall before starting my dialysis treatments. There is this older male patient that keeps calling me to chat. I would prefer to be left in peace because my Cantonese is so poor, I don't under...  Read more

how do you deal with cravings for sweets?
Updated 1/18/2015 10:10:15 AM

Keep them away from me, don't bring them near me. It messes with my mind, and blocks my motivation to lose weight and stay on track....  Read more

i can't deal with plain water in large quantity. I
Updated 1/14/2015 7:46:17 PM

i can't deal with plain water in large quantity. I add flavoring like Mio or the great value version. Im drinking like 10-12 cups this way. I hope it's ok. I figure it is better than diet soda....  Read more

I need some help dealing with selfish
Updated 1/11/2015 9:12:52 AM

I need some help dealing with selfish members...they made it perfectly clear today their at tides and actions my life and my health doesn't seem to matter first gut was to eat crap but instead I walked!! I freaking walked away I am did it!...  Read more

Been dealing with medical issues with my right arm
Updated 1/9/2015 2:48:37 PM

Been dealing with medical issues with my right arm and left wrist and now I have pulled a muscle in my back. Want to excersise but not sure what I can do. Suggestions?...  Read more

Improve your core stabilization while watching TV!

Instead of being a couch potato when watching your favourite TV show, balance on a BOSU ball! Take breaks during the commercials if needed. Just by standing and balancing on the BOSU, you're constantly engaging the small stabilizer muscles in the up...  Read more

Missed the gym?

On days I can't make it to the gym I will exercise during the commercials of the shows I watch in the evening. Pick your balance ball, resistance bands, free weights, bosu ball...even your hula hoop! Have fun!319...  Read more

Fighting Fibromyalgia

To meet online others who suffer with this and to interact with them on how to deal with this problem....  Read more

8 BOSU Trainer Exercises

Walk into almost any gym and you have probably seen a stack of blue dome-shaped gadgets, better known as the BOSU (Both Sides Up) Trainer. This interesting piece of equipment allows you to use both sides for working on balance and proprioception whi...  Read more

8 Exercises to a Stronger Core

A strong core not only allows us to have the flat belly many of us desire, but it also helps with our posture. By developing a strong core, you may also find your cardio activities, such as running and swimming to be a tad easier. But remember doin...  Read more