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Body Workout Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Body Workout.

Workouts for Skiers and Snowboarders

Snow enthusiasts everywhere are counting down the days until they can hit the slopes. Both skiing and snowboarding are fun and exciting winter pursuits. But these demanding physical activities also pose high risks. Without proper training, you won...  Read more

How to use the Elliptical Trainer

This standard piece of exercise equipment is one of the most popular in many gyms. Ellipticals are a unique hybrid of a treadmill, stepper, bike and cross-country skier, that move your legs in an elongated oval pattern (hence the name elliptical). Th...  Read more

The Pirate Workout

Hey you scallywags! No more hogboshing around the deck swabs; it’s time to earn your eye patches! This here is called "The Pirate Workout" and if you’re looking for a fun and rewarding upper body workout, you should be all over...  Read more

9 Strength-Training Challenges to Round Out Your Step Goal

By now, you're probably no stranger to the notion of step counting and wearable activity trackers. If it seems as though everyone you know is wearing one version or another, that could be the case, In fact, one in five U.S. adults wears a fi...  Read more

5 Fun Ways to Dive In to Aquatic Exercise

The pool can be a scary place. You have to wear a swimsuit (ack!), get your hair wet and know the rules of the road—er, swim lanes. But don't let that stop you! Water provides an excellent workout, especially for people with joint issues or...  Read more

My body has no tolerance
Updated 9/21/2016 11:47:29 PM

I have to eat a lot less. I have to follow the macros and ratios and percentages. What I have trouble dealing with is the general charts of what I SHOULD eat. What Calories AND CARBS I SHOULD HAVE. The charts are much more generous than I can tolerat...  Read more

Good workout session of cardio and strength traini
Updated 9/23/2016 10:11:35 AM

Good workout session of cardio and strength training 30 minutes later I'm sweating! I love it #exercise #lifestyle...  Read more

Did not want to workout today but read spark post
Updated 9/20/2016 9:29:14 AM

Did not want to workout today but read spark post put my mind to say i am worth and i know that i will feel better when i done and was so right i just finish and i do feel better...  Read more

When is it the Best time to workout. Morning or af
Updated 9/20/2016 8:48:13 AM

When is it the Best time to workout. Morning or afternoon. If in the morning " before breakfast or after?...  Read more

I have recently found a workout buddy and it has m
Updated 9/25/2016 9:40:07 PM

I have recently found a workout buddy and it has made me so much better about going to workout. I have now gone to the gym for a complete two weeks. I feel amazing. Starting from 178 to now 173 and still going! #feelingamazing #weightloss...  Read more


Do your housework manually. Instead of using a hoover, hand and knees and dustpan and brush give a superb cardio and butt workout. Cleaning your own windows and dusting works upper body wonderfully. Washing floors is a whole body workout....  Read more

Exercise in a pool

Water workouts are amazing and much easier on the joints. In the summer it's a great place to workout whether inside or outside. Just treading water burns an amazing amount of calories. Use styrofoam weight for a great upper body workout because t...  Read more

Dance Dance Revolution

For those of us that love the game and realize that it's a great workout as well =)...  Read more

8 Strength Training Exercises for a Healthier Heart

February kicks off the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's American Heart Month along with the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women campaign which focuses on heart health awareness for women. Heart disease is still the leading ca...  Read more

DVD Review: 10 Minute Solution Ultimate Boot Camp

One of my fitness goals this year has been to incorporate more strength training into my routine. I've found that if I'm going to push myself, it doesn't happen with a bunch of exercises I just do on my own. I need a video to follow. So far this y...  Read more

Weight Watchers Lower Body Workout.

No weigh-in today. :)...  Read more

GReat total body workout with trainer

Wow I was shaking when we were done but felt GREAT! Today I am still feeling Great and surprisingly not hurting. Now during the massage after the workout yesterday and WOW she found some upper boy Knots in my back and shoulders. Good news is my leg...  Read more