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Bmi Chart Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Bmi Chart.

The Facts on Weight Management and Cancer

Many pressing reasons exist to avoid being overweight or obese and, unfortunately, cancer is one of them. It has long been known that excess weight increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and type-2 diabetes. But, fewer people know about the frig...  Read more

Find Your Perfect Weight - Part 1

You know that you want to lose weight. But how do you pick a goal weight that’s right for you? Do you find a celebrity, or even a friend, whose body you like and try to reach the same weight as him? Do you aim for a previous weight of your own,...  Read more

Reference Guide to Body Composition

Body weight alone is not a clear indicator of health or fitness because it does not distinguish how many pounds are fat and how many are muscle. But body composition helps describe the amount (and distribution) of fat and lean muscle tissue in the bo...  Read more

Weight Impacts Birth Control Effectiveness

Compared to women of normal weight, women who are overweight or obese are more likely to become pregnant while taking birth control pills. A study published in January’s Obstetrics and Gynecology showed that 5% of overweight women (compared to...  Read more

Can You Be Overweight and Healthy?

Recently Lori, a client of mine, called me angry, upset and discouraged. She had just returned from her yearly physical, which she had been eagerly anticipating.  Though she hadn't reached her weight-loss goal, Lori had made many lifestyle c...  Read more

Comparison chart
Updated 5/22/2015 6:50:57 PM
RjJWelE&usp=sharing#gid=0 Please have a look at this ingredient comp chart! Msg me about the first one!! I love it!...  Read more

I've been using the calorie burning exercise chart
Updated 5/22/2015 3:53:42 PM

I've been using the calorie burning exercise charts & recently realized that it charts standing as burning more calories than walking does? How can that be? Even when I use the GPS tracker & am going up steep hills. It makes me skeptical as 2accuracy...  Read more

I think ideal weight charts are pure hooey. I'm 5'

I think ideal weight charts are pure hooey. I'm 5'2", and the median weight for someone my height is about 115-120. I know where my "happy weight" is, and it's about 20 lbs higher, because I want to have muscle, not just bone and skin....  Read more

I don't believe the "ideal weight" charts. They sa

I don't believe the "ideal weight" charts. They say that 120 is about median weight for someone my height (5'2"), but my body won't get that low because I have muscle I want to maintain. I'd look like death on a cracker at 120. I'm happier @ 140....  Read more

Is it possible to see the macros pie chart on the
Updated 4/28/2015 3:22:41 PM

Is it possible to see the macros pie chart on the mobile app? I can't seem to find it....  Read more

A BMI chart that is easy to read...

A BMI chart that is easy to understand.Go to my spark page and click on the BMI chart to enlarge and/or copy. It is a visual chart without the usual lists of numbers. Very easy to interpret.15...  Read more

Mini-Goals, Many Milestones

I like to make almost every weigh in count by hoping to achieve chunked-down mini goals. It's fun to look forward to the "will I make it to___ this week? " feeling and it really keeps me focused and motivated to do my very best every single day....  Read more

Get to Your Normal BMI!

This team is to challenge us to get to our normal BMI of 24.9 or lower! Let's do it!...  Read more

Should Obesity Be Classified as a Disease?

Yesterday, at their annual meeting, the American Medical Association decided to classify obesity as a disease. They hope this change will help doctors to better treat the complex condition and aid in the fight against type 2 diabetes and heart diseas...  Read more

Poll: Do You Eat by the Clock or Your Own Hunger Signals?

In a weight-obsessed world with no shortage of diets, food products and meal plans to choose from, it can be hard to know how to eat. Should you eat low-carb, no-carb, or only complex carbs? Are more snacks better than none at all? Are mini meals thr...  Read more

Why the BMI chart made me happy.

I am not here to argue for either side on whether or not the BMI chart is good. There are valid points to both side. While it shouldn't be a measure to your self worth, just like the scale, it is a good reminder to be healthier. We all can agree t...  Read more

The BMI Chart

I have lost 24#. I am much healthier than I was 6 months ago. I still have quite a bit to go yet and I will get there. 9 However, thanks to a government chart and an arbitrary scale I am still declared obese. I nearly have a healthy waist c...  Read more