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Blood Thinner Injection Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Blood Thinner Injection.

The Deal with Diabetes

What Is Diabetes? Diabetes is a condition that causes high blood sugar levels. It is a chronic disease that can be managed but not cured. It does not go away. Knowing as much as you can about the disease is the first step to managing it effectively...  Read more

Types of Diabetes

Under normal circumstances, the glucose (sugar) levels in your blood rise after you eat a meal or snack. In response, the body produces a hormone called insulin, which is necessary in order for the body to convert glucose in your bloodstream into usa...  Read more

How to Use SparkPeople When You Have Type 1 Diabetes

Welcome to SparkPeople, America's most active weight-loss and healthy living website! This article will introduce you to all of the SparkPeople features that can help adults manage type 1 diabetes, including our Spark*D Diabetes Management Progra...  Read more

5 Healthy Habits That Fight the Signs of Aging

Since I turned 40 this year, the passage of time has weighed heavily on my mind. While I certainly don’t want to be 21 again, I wouldn't mind looking more youthful. But the anti-aging creams and surgical procedures that are often promoted a...  Read more

Exercising with Seasonal Allergies

For some people, exercise itself is an uncomfortable activity, with all the sweating, huffing and puffing, and challenge that comes with elevating your heart rate for an extended period of time. But for people with seasonal allergies, the discomforts...  Read more

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor
Updated 8/29/2016 5:45:24 PM

Any possibility of now or in the future that the data that is collected from my Withings Blood Pressure Monitor can be automatically synced with SparkPeople? Thank you Shane...  Read more

Went to a shower last night. It was a couples thin
Updated 8/28/2016 12:15:32 PM

Went to a shower last night. It was a couples thing with a lot of wonderful fattening food and heavy desserts. I am doing the keto diet and went and made it through by eating cheese salad and olives. It was really hard but I stayed the course...  Read more

Tracking Diet with Blood Glucose Levels
Updated 8/27/2016 12:39:17 AM

Is it possible to track my blood glucose levels with my daily diet. If so, how?...  Read more

Urg so undecided if I want to see if this seriously works or what to do . I know from blood work and
Updated 8/26/2016 11:08:34 AM

Urg so undecided if I want to see if this seriously works or what to do . I know from blood work and everything im 1000000 % HEALTHY no issues. So why am I so worried about weight. Yes im 5"2 and over 200 lbs so yes im in obese class...  Read more

Hi is there any advise for thinner thighs and flat
Updated 8/25/2016 12:11:06 PM

Hi is there any advise for thinner thighs and flat tummy wihout excersise because I don't have time to spare as I have to go to meetings over meetings...  Read more

Diabetes for the Everyday Knowledge

Living with DiabetesLiving with diabetes is said to be a lifestyle. In reality, to successfully live with diabetes on a daily basis that extends to a lifetime, certain coping mechanisms are also required. Drugs may be needed to help with the body’s d...  Read more


Make some “fries” by slicing carrots into thin strips, scattering on a baking sheet, and flavouring with olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast at 400°F (200°C) for 40 minutes.The type of sugar they contain is transformed into blood sugar quickly, however...  Read more

South Beach Diet (Lifestyle!)

For anyone who follows or wants to learn the SB way of eating. Lets be healthy together. SB is recommended by many doctors and dieticians; its good for blood sugar and reducing dietary fat....  Read more

hCG Injections for Weight Loss: Do They Really Work?

What if I told you that we've discovered the secret to weight loss—something so amazing, easy, and effective that it can help you drop several pounds a day, lose that stubborn belly fat for good, and finally "fix" your metabolism...  Read more

The Worst Diet Scams

More than 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese (source), and we spend more than $40 billion a year on weight loss, much of it on pills, gadgets, and creams that don't live up to their lofty claims.When you're desperate to change your life...  Read more