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Better Sleep Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Better Sleep.

4 Easy Ways to Assess Your Well-Being

You're committed to a healthy lifestyle. You hit the gym every day when they open their doors, ditch soda for water, and brought healthy fruits and vegetables back to the center of your plate. Then you step on the scale, only to find that you hav...  Read more

Top 10 Reasons to Strength Train

Lifting weights. Resistance training. Pumping iron. No matter what you call it, strength training is important for boosting the overall health and well-being of people of all ages and fitness levels. While strength training can seem a bit intimidatin...  Read more

6 Less Common Signs of a Good Workout

These days, many people live and die by the numbers churned out on their heart rate monitors or fitness devices, analyzing how long their heart rate stayed in the cardio zone versus the fat-burning zone to define the quality of their exercise program...  Read more

Wake Up to the Importance of Exercise

You stayed up late last night to finish a project, woke up groggy only to realize that you’d slept through the alarm clock, skipped breakfast, then almost fell asleep in the middle of an important morning meeting. It’s now mid-afternoon a...  Read more

Your Good-Better-Best Guide to the Grocery

One of the best things about supermarkets can also be the most confusing: all the choices! When walking from aisle to aisle, it can be overwhelming to look at all the products in each section. Just think of all the choices when you’re looking a...  Read more

Today I went out and felt good about my body. Even
Updated 7/25/2016 10:47:23 PM

Today I went out and felt good about my body. Even I've gained a few pounds I know I'm on track and I'll get it back down....  Read more

What is a good suggestion to keeping with it? Wha
Updated 7/25/2016 10:46:52 PM

What is a good suggestion to keeping with it? What works for you to stick to it? #sticktoit. #inittoolooseit...  Read more

Had a good day foodwise, stayed in my range for th
Updated 7/25/2016 8:40:09 PM

Had a good day foodwise, stayed in my range for the day. I still feel like I over ate....  Read more

I'm feeling really good, I've done well today, sta
Updated 7/25/2016 7:13:27 PM

I'm feeling really good, I've done well today, stayed at 1200 cal and wasn't starving. Day one down!...  Read more

I am on my 4th week using this app doing good trac
Updated 7/25/2016 7:31:50 PM

I am on my 4th week using this app doing good tracking my food and everything eating healthy for the most part some cheating but not bad but the scale really is not moving any ideas....  Read more

How to Get Better Sleep

How to Get Better SleepSleep isn't an indulgence. Your body needs sleep, and plenty of it. But in a hectic world where you're already pressed for time, getting plenty of high-quality sleep can be a bit of a challenge.Better Sleep: How Sleep Affects Y...  Read more


A variety of foods and beverages may increase sleep. Several herbal teas may encourage sleep. Chamomile promotes sleep, you should avoid eating refined foods like sugar and white breads, red meats, trans fatty acids in commercial baked goods, and fri...  Read more

Fibro Warriors

Fibromyalgia is an often painful and lonely experience; and we hope that having friends makes things a little easier and life seem a little better. Please join us in encouraging one another...  Read more

Wired? 7 Tips to Help Tech Addicts Sleep Better

Just about everywhere you look someone is using technology. I find it's actually difficult to go out and not see people texting or playing games on their cell phones. It seems that using our phones and other mobile devices (iPads, tablets, laptop...  Read more

9 Tips to Sleep Better Tonight

If you're having a difficult time getting seven to eight hours a sleep a night, it's a good idea to talk with your healthcare provider about options for improving your quantity and quality of sleep.  Some women find that making changes i...  Read more

The Better Sleep Challenge - Better Sleep Goals (after week 1)

Wed 07/29/14 - Mon 08/04/14 My better sleep goals for this next week are: 1. Go to bed no later than 10:30 PM. 2. Only hit the snooze on my alarm twice. 3. Keep a similar sleep schedule on weekends (don't sleep half the day!). 4....  Read more

New Bed Better Sleep

My mattress was getting old and I was not sleeping well so I shopped for mattress for our king size bed. My back is a problem where I would go to sleep in a recliner and then go to bed. Still wake up with back pain. Tried an adjustable bed and it fel...  Read more