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Best Tanning Lotion Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Best Tanning Lotion.

Your Good-Better-Best Guide to the Grocery

One of the best things about supermarkets can also be the most confusing: all the choices! When walking from aisle to aisle, it can be overwhelming to look at all the products in each section. Just think of all the choices when you’re looking a...  Read more

An Exercise in Self-Esteem

If you’re like most people who want to lose weight, you probably think that shedding a few pounds will help you feel better about yourself. And chances are, you see exercise simply as something you need to do to accomplish that goal. But here&r...  Read more

Boost Your Bathing Suit Confidence

While training one of my clients, we had a conversation that left me thinking for days. Elaine has been exercising with me for over 10 years, is in her seventies, and truly one of my role models. Her high energy, devotion to staying fit and healthy,...  Read more

Look Great at Any Weight

My closet used to be divided into three sections: clothes that fit when I was 20 pounds heavier; clothes that fit when I was  thin but miserable (from my “never-eat-anything-fun” phase); and clothes I could wear at that moment. ...  Read more

Weight Loss can be a Team Effort

So there I was, cruising along on the exercise bike (as I often am) and thinking (as I often do). I was thinking about the positive, sometimes amazing changes I’ve made in my life thanks to fitness. I was just about to congratulate myself...  Read more

Good morning. I am doing my best to relax, I have
Updated 8/3/2015 12:08:37 PM

Good morning. I am doing my best to relax, I have my last round of eye surgery in 2 hours. I had to have my retna in my right eye reattached. I have one of the best drs. So it is not the procedure. Just nervous. Who likes hospitals??:)...  Read more

Good morning to all! Let's eat well, drink plenty
Updated 8/3/2015 11:22:39 AM

Good morning to all! Let's eat well, drink plenty of water n think healthy today! Hooah!...  Read more

Good morning all!! Been looking outside my window.
Updated 8/3/2015 8:54:59 AM

Good morning all!! Been looking outside my window....a bit nervous to jog alone. Wish I could team up with someone. Bought a Vivofit2...very cool so far! It tracked my sleep pattern from heavy to light through the night...neat!! Back on it!!...  Read more

Good morning!
Updated 8/3/2015 9:31:05 AM

Good morning!...  Read more

hi all! Make it a good day today!
Updated 8/3/2015 8:37:48 AM

hi all! Make it a good day today!...  Read more

Never again with the tanning beds

Spray tans and tan lotions are the best alternative for that sunkissed look!...  Read more

Jergin's Natural Glow- My slimming secret

While I am working hard to lose weight, firm and tone my body, I find the tanner I am the better I look. At 37, I do not want to bake in the sun or use a tanning bed. So, I love this firming lotion, applied all over my body. It works slowly over 2...  Read more

Fibro Friends

Fibromyalgia is an often painful and lonely experience; and we hope that having friends makes things a little easier and life seem a little better. Please join us in encouraging one another...  Read more

How to Get the Perfect Self Tan

Goof-proof products? Check. Expert application tips? Check.  You’re officially cleared to self-tan. No streaks, no hassles!Step 1: PrepTo end up with the most even color, you need to do a little advance work. "It's like a painter...  Read more

Tips for a Skin Safe Summer

Summer provides a perfect opportunity to get a healthy dose of the sunshine vitamin that many of us need. At the same time, we are mindful of the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays we have heard so much about over the years. We look for tips t...  Read more