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Best Low Impact Exercise Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Best Low Impact Exercise.

Look Great at Any Weight

My closet used to be divided into three sections: clothes that fit when I was 20 pounds heavier; clothes that fit when I was  thin but miserable (from my “never-eat-anything-fun” phase); and clothes I could wear at that moment. ...  Read more

Your Good-Better-Best Guide to the Grocery

One of the best things about supermarkets can also be the most confusing: all the choices! When walking from aisle to aisle, it can be overwhelming to look at all the products in each section. Just think of all the choices when you’re looking a...  Read more

An Exercise in Self-Esteem

If you’re like most people who want to lose weight, you probably think that shedding a few pounds will help you feel better about yourself. And chances are, you see exercise simply as something you need to do to accomplish that goal. But here&r...  Read more

Post-Marathon Recovery Tips

Running a marathon can be one of the greatest and most challenging experiences of your life.   I can’t say that I always love training for these races, but the feeling of accomplishment I experience when I cross the finish line is lik...  Read more

Optimism and the Power of Positive Thinking

“How do you do it?” my friend asked me one day over coffee. “You’ve had some awful stuff happen to you over the years, but you’re still so cheerful. What gives?” My friend was right, my life had been rough at...  Read more

I'm getting discouraged... I've been in the lower
Updated 6/23/2016 7:28:30 AM

I'm getting discouraged... I've been in the lower end of my calories, I've been moving and not even 1lb has come off #ugh #soupset...  Read more

Bad day yesterday. :( I'll do better today. Having
Updated 6/23/2016 4:16:26 AM

Bad day yesterday. :( I'll do better today. Having trouble keeping up to date with my 4 month old but still trying!...  Read more

Spark exercise videos just for us!
Updated 6/24/2016 9:23:52 AM

Did you know that there are exercise videos for "Keeping Fit in Your 50's"? Click on Articles & Videos, then click on SparkPeople.TV. Then click on "trainer" and Cindy Joseph. A little more motivation for us....  Read more

Bad or good but now my size is 8. Same bad or goo
Updated 6/23/2016 1:18:58 AM

Bad or good but now my size is 8. Same bad or good, I lost like 15-20 kg for last 1.5-2 months.... Actually I need good shape not be thin :( I need to think about it....  Read more

Been sticking to my diet and doing my exercise rou
Updated 6/23/2016 12:06:56 AM

Been sticking to my diet and doing my exercise routine 3 times a week tomorrow's my way in let's hope I lost some pounds...  Read more

Over 50 and exercising

I have found that I can do almost any exercise at 55 years old. We can modify our exercise to low impact when necessary. But exercising at any age is so beneficial. It is also FUN!!216...  Read more

Can Exercise Control Back Pain?

Can Exercise Control Back Pain?10 Rules for Exercising When You're SickMost people know regular exercise will improve their appearance and general health, but few realize the positive effects that good physical conditioning can have on their low back...  Read more

Fibro Warriors

Fibromyalgia is an often painful and lonely experience; and we hope that having friends makes things a little easier and life seem a little better. Please join us in encouraging one another...  Read more

Low Impact vs. High Impact Exercises: Which is Right for You?

People often ask me whether certain workouts are "high impact" or "low impact," and in answering them, I have discovered is that there is a lot of confusion among exercisers about what these terms really mean. Yes, they deal somew...  Read more

We Tried It: ElliptiGO, The Elliptical Bicycle

Now that the sun is out and spring is in full swing, you might finally be taking to the roads on your long-lost bike that was so neglected over the cold winter months.Biking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while getting in some heart-p...  Read more