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Barley Malt Beer Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Barley Malt Beer.

Breaking Your Sugar Addiction

That white, powdery substance just makes you feel good. You can't get it off your mind, and you keep coming back for more. The more you have it, the more you want it! But even when you try to stay away from it, it finds ways to sneak into your li...  Read more

Answers to Your Beverage Questions

Q: Does cranberry juice help prevent bladder infections? A: Maybe. Cranberries contain two compounds that seem to prevent bacteria from sticking to cells in the kidney, bladder, and other parts of the urinary tract. The effect o...  Read more

Whole Grains are the Whole Package

Health experts agree that we need to eat more whole grains for optimal health. But most people don’t know what whole grains are. They have been shown to reduce the risks of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and obesity, but knowing the he...  Read more

Alcohol and Weight Loss

Alcohol and weight loss are enemies, but an occasional drink can have a place in a healthy lifestyle. In fact, many experts note the potential health benefits of consuming a single drink per day, including a reduced risk for high blood pressure If, h...  Read more

Diet-Friendly Alcohol Choices

A key to any successful lifestyle change is moderation. While you may be sticking to a healthier eating plan on most days, certain occasions call for a bit of relaxation, oftentimes in the form of an alcoholic drink. While alcohol is fat-free and low...  Read more

I was invited to drink beers but I declined.. I do
Updated 6/25/2016 8:15:59 PM

I was invited to drink beers but I declined.. I dont want to waste my calories that way plus I dont like going out.....  Read more

Best low calorie beer... And go! #help
Updated 6/24/2016 4:12:00 PM

Best low calorie beer... And go! #help...  Read more

Had my tooth pulled today so I've barley eaten any
Updated 6/16/2016 8:39:16 PM

Had my tooth pulled today so I've barley eaten anything. And because of the pain haven't worked out in 2 days. 😩 #firstpost...  Read more

Well I've given up pastry and beer for 2 days, hon
Updated 6/12/2016 11:25:22 AM

Well I've given up pastry and beer for 2 days, honestly I feel a little Shakey, I'm very sleepy too. I can cope with discomfort, sure. I wore size 42 pants the first time too work. Help!...  Read more

I start tomorrow no more beer no more take aways t
Updated 6/5/2016 1:52:54 PM

I start tomorrow no more beer no more take aways this has the biggest I've ever been close to 14 stone time to change...  Read more

Diagnosed with food allergies...

I've recently been diagnosed with allergies to wheat, oats, soy, malt, barley and rye... I'm not saying go out and find yourself an allergy, but I can't help but think if I hadn't been diagnosed I'd still be in my rut. I'm eating so much better. Fres...  Read more

Tap Into Beer's Health Benefits

Tap Into Beer's Health BenefitsBeer drinkers, take note: Your favorite pint may be healthier than you realize. When it comes to good-for-you happy hour beverages, we tend to think mainly of red wine and its heart-friendly antioxidants. Recent researc...  Read more

Beer lovers

This group has been started for those unwilling to give up beer. Who still need to lose weight. Can it be done....  Read more

Sugar Showdown: Hard Cider vs. Junk Food

As both temperatures and leaves continue to fall, you may have noticed grocery and liquor stores stocking up on a large variety of seasonal alcoholic drinks, including many types of hard cider. Once a niche ruled by Woodchuck and Strongbow, a quick W...  Read more

In the News: Get Your Vitamins... from Beer?

A glass of Pinot noir at dinner, a cold beer during a football game, a cocktail with friends after work. The occasional alcoholic beverage has its place in a healthy lifestyle for many people. For those folks looking for a new, perhaps even healthier...  Read more