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Bariatric Obesity Surgery Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Bariatric Obesity Surgery.

The Weight-Loss Side Effect That No One Talks About

Studies show that the vast majority of people who lose 50 percent or more of their body weight (whether through surgery or lifestyle change) report being unhappy with their bodies later. Why? Because even after all the work and the weight loss, losin...  Read more

Types of Arthritis

When you hear the term "arthritis," you probably imagine painful and stiff joints. While that is pretty accurate (arthritis literally means "joint inflammation"), there are actually over 100 different types of arthritis, which is...  Read more

About SparkPeople's Recommendations provides free tools, resources and support for adults who want to improve their diets, establish a healthy lifestyle, get physically active, lose weight and/or manage their weight. We stand by our weight-loss, exercise and dietar...  Read more

A New Definition For ''Old''

According to Webster's Dictionary, the word “old” is defined as “having been in use for a long time,” “worn, dilapidated, ancient, or decayed by time.” After an experience as a volunteer at the 1995 St. Louis S...  Read more

SparkPeople Needs Your Help Tackling Childhood Obesity

Editor's Note: SparkPeople first asked for your help in fighting childhood obesity a few years ago, but with the recent launch of First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign to combat childhood obesity, we updated this article and add...  Read more

I have a loss of 11.8 I had knee surgery Thursda
Updated 2/14/2016 3:04:28 AM

I have a loss of 11.8 I had knee surgery Thursday, the weight is just falling off. I have not wanted much to eat. Maybe my stomach will srink....  Read more

Everything We Thought About Obesity is Wrong?
Updated 2/13/2016 2:02:51 PM

Check this amazing article out! ----------------- If David Ludwig Is Right, Everything We Thought We Knew About Obesity and Low-Fat Diets Is Wrong "Ludwig, who now treats obesity at Boston Children's Hospital and is a professor of nutr...  Read more

Losing weight before surgery
Updated 2/11/2016 7:29:10 PM

Losing weight before surgery...  Read more

Got set up here a month ago. Back surgery done Feb
Updated 2/11/2016 2:43:37 PM

Got set up here a month ago. Back surgery done Feb 2. Dr. 2wk check Monday 2-15-16. Ready to get strong and lose weight. Right now just walking....  Read more

I am a pre op bariatric sx patient. I have been go

I am a pre op bariatric sx patient. I have been going through the program since late Sept. My surgery will most likely be in April. I would be happy to be your buddy. This is a life changing event. We need all the support we can get....  Read more

Measure, not eyeball

I HAVE to measure everything! I've discovered that my looks like a cup is usually closer to 1 1/2 cups! Since I had bariatric by-pass surgery my stomach is supposed to hold a cup of food. If I eat slowly (which I do) I could put a lot more in. I...  Read more

What it takes!!!

It takes getting sick and tired too many times to make me get back on track....  Read more

Lap Banders

Gastric Banding Surgery...Have it, want it, need it, or love someone who has it, wants it or needs it! Welcome!...  Read more

Could Your Weight-Loss Expenses Be Tax Deductible?

Obesity and its medical complications are an expensive problem in the United States. Because the costs continue to rise, the government is offering tax incentives to entice people to lose weight. At this time of year when you're thinking about impr...  Read more

Finding a Doc Who Sees beyond the Scale

By Beth Donovan, ~INDYGIRL It's not easy finding a doctor you like, especially when you're overweight. Some unlucky patients are simply told that their symptoms will go away if they lose weight, without any diagnostic testing to see if the...  Read more