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Back Hip Fat Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Back Hip Fat.

Find Your Perfect Weight - Part 1

You know that you want to lose weight. But how do you pick a goal weight that’s right for you? Do you find a celebrity, or even a friend, whose body you like and try to reach the same weight as him? Do you aim for a previous weight of your own,...  Read more

Waist-to-Hip Ratio Estimates Health Risk

Ever notice how some people can have big bellies but lean legs, or how women tend to store most of their fat in their thighs, hips, and butt? These are examples of fat distribution, which refers to where your body typically stores the fat, no matter...  Read more

Basic Stretching Routine

Stretching is good for you, and it feels great, too! That's why we created this short and effective full-body stretching routine that you can follow whether you're a beginner or an advanced exerciser. Remember to warm up first and never stret...  Read more

Reference Guide to Body Composition

Body weight alone is not a clear indicator of health or fitness because it does not distinguish how many pounds are fat and how many are muscle. But body composition helps describe the amount (and distribution) of fat and lean muscle tissue in the bo...  Read more

Exercises to Improve Your Posture

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then posture is a lens to our health. Sit and stand with proper posture and you will physically look 10 years younger—and 10 pounds lighter. Psychologically, good posture conveys confidence, poise and le...  Read more

I'm back on track and feel alot better it's day 2
Updated 4/11/2015 10:54:44 AM

I'm back on track and feel alot better it's day 2 and I'm down a pound. I went to the gym,did meal prepping and did my 35 squats. Congrats to everyone reaching their goal and for those just wanting to be more healthy, we all have to start somewhere...  Read more

Back in the saddle!
Updated 4/11/2015 3:37:57 PM

Okay, I've never ridden a horse that wasn't made of fiberglass with a pole running through it and galloping in circles, but the point still stands! Hey all, I'm Faith, and I've finally accepted that fact that due to a blend of lifestyle and gene...  Read more

Just gained 2pounds back ate 6 buffalo wild wings
Updated 4/11/2015 12:12:17 PM

Just gained 2pounds back ate 6 buffalo wild wings ova the weekend feeling disapointed...  Read more

Back again!
Updated 4/13/2015 10:42:11 AM

I am back for the fourth time!! ugh I don't know why I can't I realize that this is where I belong! Looking forward to really using the program ALL of it. Looking for anyone who wants to be friends and help each other out. Toots 521 381...  Read more

Any suggestions on getting back on track. Haven't
Updated 4/10/2015 8:21:55 AM

Any suggestions on getting back on track. Haven't gained any weight but not motivated. Help!...  Read more


i teach my kids how to dance hip hop...  Read more

A Moment on the lips

My best friend always says,"A moment on the lips, forever on the hips"...  Read more

South Beach Diet (Lifestyle!)

For anyone who follows or wants to learn the SB way of eating. Lets be healthy together. SB is recommended by many doctors and dieticians; its good for blood sugar and reducing dietary fat....  Read more

CONTEST CLOSED: Find Out Who Won the Fitness DVDs

Remember last week when I reviewed two cardio dance DVDs by 10-Minute Solution—Hip Hop Dance Mix and Dance Off Belly Fat? (Read the review here if you missed it.) I really loved the workouts, as did my fellow tester, and based on the comments, many o...  Read more

8 Hip Flexor Stretches and Exercises for Healthy Hips

The hip flexors are the group of muscles that allow you to lift your knees toward your chest and bend forward from the hips.  What is collectively referred to as the hip flexors is actually a group of muscles that includes the iliopsoas, the thi...  Read more