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Back Exercise For Women Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Back Exercise For Women.

5 Reasons to Get Rid of Your Skinny Jeans

Peek into a woman's closet, and tucked amid all the clothes is something that almost every woman keeps. She strives to wear it again someday, no matter how unrealistic or out of style it may be. What is it? Her "skinny" jeans. Whether y...  Read more

An Active Approach to Managing Menopause

You’ve heard the jokes and the horror stories. But often, faced with the onset of menopause, most of us don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Luckily, if you’re determined to stay fit—or get fit— there’s no time...  Read more

Easing Back into Exercise after a Hysterectomy

Julia Nichols, an active mother of three from Cincinnati, Ohio, was just 37 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily, it was detected and treated early, but because her cancer had tested positive for estrogen, Julia was at a higher risk of...  Read more

Gender and Weight Loss: How Your Sex Affects Your Success

No, this is not an article on that ever-popular question about whether sex counts as aerobic exercise. (It doesn't. Get over it.) This article is about gender differences in exercise and weight loss. This is your chance to get the facts you...  Read more

Are You Wearing the Right Sports Bra?

Every active woman, regardless of her breast size, should have a sports bra as a part of her fitness wardrobe. Not only do these specially designed bras offer better support and more comfort than a regular bra, they also help minimize movement during...  Read more

Slowly getting back on track with my eating habits
Updated 6/23/2016 8:25:29 AM

Slowly getting back on track with my eating habits. But I keep hitting roadblocks, more mental than physical really. I need to step back, look at the big picture and plan. Anyone else have this problem? #lackmotivation #gettinghealthy...  Read more

Doing Walk Away the Pounds today for exercise. Goi
Updated 6/23/2016 9:49:34 AM

Doing Walk Away the Pounds today for exercise. Going to try for 4 miles. Hope everyone has a great day!...  Read more

Starting to slip!!! Gained back a few pounds.. I
Updated 6/23/2016 9:09:42 AM

Starting to slip!!! Gained back a few pounds.. I tend to hit a wall and get discouraged :( grrr...  Read more

Well didn't do to good on Tuesday, but back on tra
Updated 6/23/2016 6:48:46 AM

Well didn't do to good on Tuesday, but back on track on Wednesday...  Read more

Spark exercise videos just for us!
Updated 6/24/2016 9:23:52 AM

Did you know that there are exercise videos for "Keeping Fit in Your 50's"? Click on Articles & Videos, then click on SparkPeople.TV. Then click on "trainer" and Cindy Joseph. A little more motivation for us....  Read more

Too Much Exercise Delays Pregnancy

Too Much Exercise Delays Pregnancy Exercise is a plus for women trying to become pregnant, but overdoing workouts might make it harder to conceive unless you're overweight, researchers report.Usually a risk factor for most health problems, being ov...  Read more

Letting Go of your "PERFECT" Woman fallacy

I almost derailed myself until I turned and told my "PERFECT WOMAN" to take a hike and don't ever come back into my life again!213...  Read more

50+ Females!

We're a group of "finely aged" women are are determined to live our lives getting and staying fit, healthy and active! Join us and remember, 50+ Ladies ROCK THEIR WORLD!...  Read more

4 Moves to Rev Your Metabolism

Boost Your Metabolism in 15 MinutesThe single best way to fire up your calorie burn is with total-body workouts that combine cardio with resistance training. “The goal is to use as many different parts of the body as possible, because the more...  Read more

Get Trim and Toned in 10 Minutes

Work Up a SweatNo time? No problem! This workout from health and fitness expert Bob Harper can burn up to 300 calories. Do the full circuit twice.  Standing KicksBob says: The warmup should give your workout a strong, dynamic start. These kicks...  Read more