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Baby Sleep Diary Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Baby Sleep Diary.

How to Stop a Migraine in Its Tracks

If you live with migraines, you might already be familiar with the pain and discomfort they cause. Migraines are a specific type of headache often identified by episodes of throbbing pain and, sometimes, nausea, vomiting or sensitivity to light. Migr...  Read more

Eating with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Imagine experiencing severe abdominal pain, along with alternating bouts of both constipation and diarrhea. Even worse, your doctor can find no physical explanation or effective treatment for you, despite these very real symptoms. Unfortunately, this...  Read more

Discover the Power of Food Tracking

You hear all the time that to lose weight, you should track what you eat. Well, a 2008 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine shows that keeping a "food diary" may double your weight loss efforts. Researchers fr...  Read more

Bouncing Back into Shape after Baby

Now that your baby has finally arrived, your life will never be the same. Your body has gone through some major changes, too—and will continue to do so in the coming months. When you're feeling ready (and after your doctor gives you cl...  Read more

11 Tips to Help You Lose Weight while Breastfeeding

During pregnancy, you gained many much-needed pounds to grow and support your baby, but not every pound gained can be attributed to "baby weight" that goes away after your baby is born. A typical pregnancy weight gain (roughly 25-35 pounds)...  Read more

I've been going to the gym but sleeping really really really late.... like 4am-6am... I think that'
Updated 6/28/2016 9:22:29 AM

I've been going to the gym but sleeping really really really late.... like 4am-6am... I think that's why I havent been losing weight despite working hard at the gym .. 😢 I hope I can fix it soon... it's disappointing =(...  Read more

I have slept like garbage for the past week. And,
Updated 6/28/2016 8:06:28 AM

I have slept like garbage for the past week. And, idk why!!! Even if I take sleeping pills I still sleep like complete crap! This is getting annoying A.F....  Read more

Sleeping in the summer
Updated 6/28/2016 8:00:44 AM

Does anyone else find that their body clock betrays them in the summer by wanting to get up up stupidly early? I woke up at 4am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep!...  Read more

Hope everyone sleeps well chat tommorrow
Updated 6/27/2016 11:00:31 PM

Hope everyone sleeps well chat tommorrow...  Read more

Do you know what I love? When I can't sleep. I loo
Updated 6/27/2016 8:02:47 PM

Do you know what I love? When I can't sleep. I look over and see my little boy sleeping. I snuggle and stay warm right next to him. We call it "snuggle snuggle tuck tuncks!" 😊...  Read more

Keeping track

I use a 'mums diary' to keep track of everything during the day and then update SparkPeople in the evening when I have a little time to myself. These diaries are great as they have seperate columns for each child, which I use for tracking my fruit/ve...  Read more

Peanut butter!!!!

I am a night time hunger pain person and found it difficult to sleep with an empty feeling belly. I found a tablespoon of peanut butter on a piece of light ww toast hits the spot. I sleep like a baby....  Read more

30 Somethings Sparkers

This group is for the MTV Generation! Whether you have baby weight to lose, you're jump-starting a new phase in your life, or are committed to being a healthier you, you've found the right group!...  Read more

Study: Tech + Tracking Helps You Stick with Your Weight-Loss Plan

Something in common with many of the Success Stories on SparkPeople is that those members used our free Nutrition and Fitness Trackers to help them reach their weight loss goal. Being able to track your nutrition intake and how much fitness activity...  Read more

Hot Celebrity Moms: Motivating or Discouraging?

Flip open the pages of your favorite celebrity magazine and chances are you'll find an article about how the newest celebrity mom lost her baby weightvery soon after giving birth, no less. Frustrating? Yes. Discouraging? Maybe. A recent BabyCent...  Read more