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Anti Snoring Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Anti Snoring.

6 Ways to Prevent Snoring

Snoring—that loud, hoarse breathing during sleep—is a nuisance, whether it affects you personally or the person you share a bed with. And that's a lot of people, since 37 million people are consistent snorers, according to the Nationa...  Read more

The Sleep Quiz

Snoring is a common problem, especially among men, but it isn’t harmful. (True / False)   You can “cheat” on the amount of sleep you get. (True / False)   It is important to maint...  Read more

Dietary Supplements for Osteoarthritis

When cartilage that cushions your joints begins to breakdown faster than your body can replace it, you develop osteoarthritis. Without this protective tissue, the bones in your joints rub together, causing pain, tenderness, swelling and stiffness. Lo...  Read more

The Benefits of Berries

Isn’t it wonderful when something that tastes so yummy is also good for you? That’s what you get when you enjoy the delicious, sweet flavor of berries. The pigments that give berries their deep red, blue, black and purple hues are powerfu...  Read more

10 Natural Ways to Defy Your Age

Have you noticed that every magazine you pick up lately has advertisements for the many ways we can look younger than our chronological years?  There are ads for injections and creams to remove our wrinkles, surgery to zap away our fat, and hair...  Read more

Anti depressants caused a huge weight change for m
Updated 2/19/2015 12:56:16 AM

Anti depressants caused a huge weight change for me. I'm in a better mood but can't fit in my clothes. I'm trying to get it all together....  Read more

weight after anti depressants
Updated 2/4/2015 6:32:46 AM

I am a 50 year old woman who has had health issue the last year and diagnosed with a limb disorder...i was on anti depressant for pain but i didn't like feeling tired and lack of motivation from them..i was very active woman 3 jobs i am way...  Read more

Does any one take them? I was on 17 different anti
Updated 1/6/2015 9:25:51 AM

Does any one take them? I was on 17 different antibiotics last year and I have had nurses where I work tell me I need to take them because of the antibiotics but I am not sure which brand is best....  Read more

Avast Anti-virus going crazy
Updated 12/8/2014 4:34:59 PM

I seem to be swamped with mal-ware or a virus that is triggered on the SparkPeople site. My free Avast keeps it at bay but, it detects a lot/exclusively on this site lately. Dose SP use a mal-ware or virus filter?...  Read more

Recipes for anti-inflammatory Whole30
Updated 8/25/2014 6:59:52 PM

I'm just getting through Day 1 and I'm already out of ideas! Anyone have any good tips on meals or recipes?...  Read more

Natural Treatment for Colds and Sore Throats

About half a teaspoon of ground TURMERIC added to a cup of hot MILK, simmered for about 3 minutes with a teaspoon of HONEY, is an ancient treatment for colds and sore throats. Sip slowly while its still hot....  Read more

Eating Flax Seed Daily

Soak 2 Tb of seeds in 1/2 cup of water for a minimum of 10 minutes or up to overnight.Add to a smoothie or drink it down straight.You will find flax seeds in bulk at your local coop or at the grocery packaged as Bob's Red Mill....  Read more

Raw Organic Food Group!:)

New to Raw Organic Food and heard all of the benefits: The "glow", anti-aging, more energy, rejuvenation, happiness, health, all natural fountain of youth, lose weight, lower cholesterol, ALL TRUE!...  Read more

10 Bizarre Things Your Body Does While You Sleep

We tend to think of sleep as restful, inactive and quiet. By while you're zoning out, your body is tuned in, doing everything from piecing together dreams to slowing down your kidneys--and much more that you might not expect! Paralyzes You REM...  Read more

10 Foods That Fight Inflammation

What if there was a pill you could take daily to help prevent multiple diseases and health conditions? Not just minor issues like acne or stiff joints, but the big ones, too: cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, diabetes. Not only would...  Read more