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Ankle Pain Walking Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Ankle Pain Walking.

Quick and Easy Stretching Routine

When you're short on time, proper stretching can be the first thing to go! That's why we created this short and effective full-body stretching routine that you can breeze through in fewer than five minutes. Remember to warm up first and never...  Read more

Exercise Safety Tips for Beginners

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to incorporate regular exercise into your healthy lifestyle, and take advantage of the its numerous benefits. Smart move. But like many good things, exercise can also be risky—especially if i...  Read more

How to Walk with Proper Form and Technique

Walking comes naturally to humans. It’s one of the earliest skills we develop, long before we learn how to talk (or invent excuses to avoid walking). And given good, basic health, it’s something you can do throughout your life without wor...  Read more

Protecting Your Joints During Exercise

Exercise is good for your heart, helps with weight loss and provides a variety of health-related benefits. At the same time, exercise comes with a certain degree of injury risk, and depending on the activity, it can also put a lot of stress on your j...  Read more

11 Exercises That Help Decrease Knee Pain

If your knees are giving you problems, and you feel like the Tin Man from "The Wizard of Oz" when getting out of bed, you’re not alone. Nearly 50 million Americans feel the same way. Knees are the most commonly injured joints in...  Read more

well think go walking for 30 min today and see tha
Updated 8/24/2015 3:12:26 PM

well think go walking for 30 min today and see that make a difference in my wieght...  Read more

Just finished walking 3 miles.
Updated 8/24/2015 9:33:51 PM

Just finished walking 3 miles....  Read more

Oh, kinda sad story, the last part of my walk is o

Oh, kinda sad story, the last part of my walk is on a busy street, I saw a small dog on the side walk, it saw me coming and darted out in the road, it got hit by a car, so I went to get it out of the road, it was yelping and and definitely hurt...  Read more

Going for a walk when I get home. And I'm actually
Updated 8/24/2015 5:26:00 PM

Going for a walk when I get home. And I'm actually looking forward to it!!...  Read more

Hour cardio circuit, 45 min jog/walk, now 45min pi
Updated 8/24/2015 8:28:37 AM

Hour cardio circuit, 45 min jog/walk, now 45min pilates class soon for morning session then afternoon tonight. . feeling great! Hope everybody has a great and healthy day! Stay motivated and push yourself no matter what!...  Read more

Nordic walking

I have knee, ankle, and back problems. My husband has shoulder pain. Nordic walking is perfect for us. It takes pressure off joints. It relieves tension in the neck & shoulders, The bonus is that it burns 20-40% more calories than regular walking. It...  Read more


I have started water jogging at my local gym. It is great walking in the water because I have leg pain.345...  Read more


Rain or Shine, Indoor or Outdoor Walk, WALK & WALK SOME MORE. Lose Weight, Inches, and Stress with support every Step & Mile along the way! "Every day is a great day to take a walk" ~Leslie Sansone...  Read more

You Asked: ''How Can I Exercise with a Sprained Ankle?

When recovering from a sprain, the first goal is to slowly regain a full range of movement. The first 24 hours are important for icing, rest and elevation to reduce the amount of inflammation. It's important to start rehabilitation exercises as s...  Read more

Kneehab: 5 Yoga-Inspired Moves to Tune Up Your Knees

Knee pain can come on suddenly: a sideways blow in athletics or a nasty fall while stepping off a curb. But many knee issues creep up after years of poor alignment, which results in wear and tear and arthritis. No matter the cause, knee issues d...  Read more