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About Yoga Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for About Yoga.

A Beginner's Guide to Yoga

Yoga, which comes from the Sanskrit yuj word meaning "union," originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. There are many forms of yoga, but in general, yoga focuses on breathing techniques (pranayama), postures (asanas), flexibility, and...  Read more

Relax Your Mind and Body with Yoga

Is stress wearing you down? Are your muscles tense and your posture less than perfect? Bringing yoga, a touch of Eastern culture, into your Western lifestyle may be the perfect answer to help you unwind both your body and mind. People of all age...  Read more

''I Tried Hot Yoga''

I’m not sure when it was that I first heard about hot yoga, but I just assumed that it was one of those passing exercise fads. Only…I kept hearing about it. My friends were raving about it. Then my sister became a convert and told me tha...  Read more

Yoga Helps Prevent Middle-Age Spread

A new study by researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington has found that regular yoga practice may help normal-weight people prevent middle-age spread and may promote weight loss among those who are overweight. ...  Read more

Do You Have the Right Mat for the Job?

If you've ever stretched or exercised on a hardwood floor, you know just how uncomfortable it can be when sitting, kneeling, or trying yoga and Pilates exercises. For these activities, an exercise mat will offer support and traction, but not all...  Read more

Bought a new pair of yoga pants XL put them on thi
Updated 11/16/2015 12:20:50 PM

Bought a new pair of yoga pants XL put them on this morning and they are falling off at the waist.Good thing they are leggings(which I never dreamed I'd wear but kinda like) or they'd be down around my ankles.But darn final sales.Little things 😊...  Read more

Made it to Christian yoga and did some meditation.
Updated 11/15/2015 7:40:50 PM

Made it to Christian yoga and did some meditation. early to bed tonight...  Read more

I did 2 workouts today: Zumba 1 hr and yoga anothe
Updated 11/15/2015 7:45:56 PM

I did 2 workouts today: Zumba 1 hr and yoga another hour = 2 hours. Walk another hour with the hubby. A total of 3 hours yayyyyyyy!!!!!...  Read more

gym and yoga Sunday.
Updated 11/15/2015 2:00:51 PM

gym and yoga Sunday....  Read more

legs on fire but still killed my p90x3 yoga ;) got
Updated 11/12/2015 3:54:18 PM

legs on fire but still killed my p90x3 yoga ;) gotta keep the motivation going caisr the moment you loose focis is the moment your momentum slows down and you head right back down...  Read more

Do your yoga!

Working nights and getting home late, I sometimes find it hard to sleep. I've taken to putting my yoga mat out next to my bed before I go to work. When I get home, instead of sitting on the couch watching TV until I'm tired enough to sleep, I get in...  Read more

Lululemon Athletica Free Yoga

Lululemon Athletica stores have free yoga at their store go to their website to find a location and yoga schedule...  Read more

Yoga Lovers

If you love yoga, join us here....  Read more

Links Roundup: Low-Calorie Pasta Recipes

A round-up of the most interesting and thought-provoking stories of the week. Give It a Twirl: Low-Calorie Pasta RecipesPasta lovers, take note. All of these recipes--from Lemony Carrot Risotto to Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells--have 500 calories...  Read more

7 Yoga Essentials for Beginners

At its very core, yoga is about connecting the mind and body. You can "do" yoga without any equipment at all. Even sitting and breathing mindfully as you quiet the mind is a form of yoga. That said, when you do a yoga DVD or take a class,...  Read more

Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga

Since I hurt my back I have been lying low on the exercise tip. I had my first full yoga class tonight and it kicked a*****. I love my instructor and my very best friend in the whole wide world takes the class with me. Her sister in law is also in t...  Read more

Yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga

Day 1 of the yoga challenge. Was nice. Nothing stressful. Just a 20 minute hip opening stretch session. Not much for calories but there are always many more benefits to reap from yoga (like the actual quiet that goes on in my head). I will enjoy this...  Read more