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About Maca Resources

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Maca powder and hot flashes
Updated 8/28/2015 1:22:34 AM

Has anyone here tried maca powder? A friend suggested that I try it for my hot flashes. She's on it with good results. Also can I take it being that I'm hypothyroid...  Read more

My Maca Experience

A few weeks ago, I asked everyone if they've tried Maca; it's an herb that is supposed to help boost energy. I found a good product and it was inexpensive for capsules. My first- and last - day of using it was yesterday and immediate effects were n...  Read more

Maca - Does anyone use it?

I read about this ancient Peruvian find yesterday and it was claimed that it gives you energy. Upon further research, the info mostly claimed it energized libido. Reviews for the products verify energy boost for many who are using it. Just cur...  Read more