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About Hoodia Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for About Hoodia.

Weight Loss Supplements: Fact or Fiction?

Whether browsing the Internet, surfing through 500 channels, or flipping through your favorite magazine (or tabloid), you’ll find them everywhere: weight loss supplements that offer quick and easy solutions to shedding unwanted pounds. Simply p...  Read more

The Worst Diet Scams

More than 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese (source), and we spend more than $40 billion a year on weight loss, much of it on pills, gadgets, and creams that don't live up to their lofty claims.When you're desperate to change your life...  Read more

Diet Pills: Hoodia, Alli, Dexatrim...etc...

I watched a program last night from the UK called "Supersize vs. Superskinny." They take two people from opposite ends of the eating spectrum and make them swap places for a few days. I've seen several episodes of this show over the years, but have b...  Read more

Awesome Night... and Hoodia Lollies

OK... so date night last night... few glasses of vino... not so many that I feel hungover, but not so few that I feel fresh... on the second pint of water of the day, and I have plenty of fruit and healthy food to avoid the tiredness/hangover crazed...  Read more