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About Creatine Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for About Creatine.

How to Choose the Best Protein Powder

Protein supplements are popular among casual exercisers, serious bodybuilders, dieters and even non-exercisers for many reasons. Most people know that protein is an essential nutrient for overall health that helps promote fullness and also plays...  Read more

Unwanted Consequences of High Heat Cooking

Unwanted Consequences of High Heat CookingHigh heat cooking is problematic because it creates toxic substances as well as causes the loss of nutrients. Virtually all nutrients in food are susceptible to damage from heat. Of course, whether a particul...  Read more

How to avoid inadvertently poisoning your food when making home-cooked meals

How to avoid inadvertently poisoning your food when making home-cooked meals(NaturalNews) When it comes to cooking at home, most health-conscious folks would probably say that their aim is to prepare wholesome, savory meals in the cleanest way possib...  Read more

You Asked: Is Muscle Milk Good for You?

Performance enhancing supplements have become big business. Many drinks, powders and bars promise a competitive edge through increased strength, development of an ultra lean body or increased recovery responses so you can work out harder and more eff...  Read more

What You Can Learn from America's Top Sports Nutrition Expert

Dave Ellis has an encyclopedic knowledge of nutrition and possesses an uncanny ability to distill complicated scientific information into succinct, sound advice for the rest of us. For 27 years, Ellis, a registered dietitian and Certified Strength &...  Read more


So I've tried creatine hydrochloride, I experienced a bad reaction with my stomach. A few months later I tried 100% micronized creatine monohydrate. I felt great at first but 4 weeks into using it I had to go to the urgent care because my entire b...  Read more

Ug, I hate creatine

So I decided to cheat a little on trying to develop some muscle back after losing all the weight. I'm trying out creatine as a way to help develop my muscle strength a little quicker. First off, I have to buy some, which isn't particularly hard, it...  Read more