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Abdominal Crunches Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Abdominal Crunches.

Concentrate On Your Core

Whenever you walk or run, your core muscles are active, keeping you upright, balancing your body as your weight shifts, and absorbing the impact as your feet hit the ground. Your body’s core forms the foundation of all your movement. If you...  Read more

The Crunch Test

Measuring your fitness level regularly is one way to find out if you're making progress. Most fitness centers have trained staff who can evaluate your body composition, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance, b...  Read more

The 13 Best Abs Exercises

We often get questions about the best abs exercises—after all, who doesn't want to tone their tummy in the least amount of time? There are countless exercises that target the abs, including fitness DVDs (Does "8 Minute Abs" ring a...  Read more

How to Get Six Pack Abs

Whether you're just starting an exercise program, or you've been at it for years, there is one thing on everyone's wish list: a toned stomach. Well-defined abdominal muscles are glorified as being sexy, healthy and youthful. You may have...  Read more

6 Swaps for More Efficient Workouts

Life is busy for most of us, and finding time for a workout can be challenging. When you do find that time, you want to make sure you're getting the most ''bang for your buck,'' meaning you're being as efficient as possible wi...  Read more

UPDATE: I had tried the Abdominal video for distas
Updated 9/24/2016 2:25:00 PM

UPDATE: I had tried the Abdominal video for distasis and I wanted to let the ladies know its worth buying the video. I feel the difference. There's hope maybe. Lol check my blog for the DVD....  Read more

In a crunch with my sons school work. We do the o
Updated 9/23/2016 1:25:51 PM

In a crunch with my sons school work. We do the online public school, and a major deadline tomorrow at 4. Think we completed all but 1 test in writing and a half of a special assessment in language arts. If he completes, we can party at friends....  Read more

100 abs crunches daily for a week challenge anyone
Updated 9/18/2016 12:39:54 AM

100 abs crunches daily for a week challenge anyone? #cruncheschallenge...  Read more

Funny for today: I bought my yogurt (Greek Crunch
Updated 9/13/2016 5:16:16 PM

Funny for today: I bought my yogurt (Greek Crunch), happily ate it, then thought, "Gee, this tastes unusually good". That would be because I accidentally bought the "leaded" version instead of the light version. Ha ha ha!!!!...  Read more

Hi I need help to do crunches any tips. I I need s
Updated 9/11/2016 11:17:35 PM

Hi I need help to do crunches any tips. I I need something to hold my leg so I don't cheat...  Read more

Tight Crunches

For a better crunch try holding in your stomach during the duration of your set. It will give you a better form and you will feel the crunch working your abdominal muscles!...  Read more

Driving and doing abdominal exercises (at the same time)

When I'm at a red light, I will hold in (contract) my abdominal muscles while breathing normally. After several lights, you really feel like you got in mini-ab work-out. I live 30 minutes from work, so that's a lot of crunching!...  Read more

100+ crunches a day!!!

Challenge yourself to do 100 or more crunches a day!!...  Read more

10 Full Body Gym Exercises for the Beginner

Last week's fitness blog featured strength training exercises a beginner could do at home. This week's blog features those exercises that allow you to do a full-body workout routine in the gym. If you feel you do not have time to incorporate al...  Read more

Top 10 Abs Training Mistakes

Want toned abs and a flatter stomach? If all the DVDs, workout gizmos and "belly-fat-burning" pills, books, and diets out there are any indication, we're obsessed with slimming down our midsections, and for good reason. A flat stomach n...  Read more

Doing Abdominal Crunches

One of my favorite exercises to do is the abdominal crunch. Some people donít like them, which is fine. All exercises are not for everybody. But I happen to find them to be very effective and easy to do. I like crunches because you can do th...  Read more