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30 Minute Workout Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for 30 Minute Workout.

The Benefits of Circuit Training

Circuit training is a workout routine that combines cardiovascular fitness and resistance training. It was first proposed in the late 1950s as a method to develop general fitness. The initial routines were arranged in a circle, alternating betwee...  Read more

Hate to Exercise? Try These Ideas!

Are you the type of person who hates to exercise? You're not alone! If your motivation (or creativity) is lacking, try some of these workout ideas from SparkPeople members like you. They're simple, accessible and fun—you'll never dr...  Read more

Protecting Your Joints During Exercise

Exercise is good for your heart, helps with weight loss and provides a variety of health-related benefits. At the same time, exercise comes with a certain degree of injury risk, and depending on the activity, it can also put a lot of stress on your j...  Read more

8 Reasons Why Your Workout Isn't Working

We all know how fantastic working out is for your health. But what happens when your workouts aren't delivering the results you want? Or you're not getting the results you think you should be getting? While any kind of physical activity is go...  Read more

Burn, Baby, Burn Those Calories!

One of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle is regular exercise. By incorporating a variety of exercises and activities into your routine, you can help prevent the boredom that comes with doing the same thing each day. Different activ...  Read more

6 minute full body strength workout done.
Updated 9/26/2016 8:29:54 AM

6 minute full body strength workout done....  Read more

Happy Monday, y'all! At the gym...workout in...sho
Updated 9/26/2016 8:30:36 AM

Happy Monday, y'all! At the gym...workout in...shower and work on the agenda. Y'all have a great day on purpose!!...  Read more

If I jog 10 minutes per km which one to choose? I'
Updated 9/26/2016 5:28:59 PM

If I jog 10 minutes per km which one to choose? I'm nit used with mile and no option for 10 minutes per km...  Read more

Looking for friend to make workout less heavy, mor
Updated 9/26/2016 5:26:19 AM

Looking for friend to make workout less heavy, more fun....  Read more

Hungry after my workout! Beef jerky and half a pe
Updated 9/25/2016 11:39:52 PM

Hungry after my workout! Beef jerky and half a peanut butter chocolate protein bar to boost protein and iron!...  Read more



Cardio workouts are better with "interval training"!

During a 30 minute cardio workout, when reaching the minute prior to 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30, I do a one minute full out sprint. This makes the time pass so much faster and expends significantly more calories.Added bonus: I have to cool down after...  Read more

SparkGuy's 10 Minute Fitness Club

Group for anyone to build a consistent fitness habit by doing at least 10 minutes of fitness most days per week. See the message board in the SP Challenges forum by the same name....  Read more

How to Squeeze Workouts into Your Hectic Schedule

Often I hear people complain that they just don’t have time to exercise.  It’s no surprise, with all of the demands on our time these days- work, family, friends, etc.  Being busy is a standard way of life for most of us. ...  Read more

DVD Review: Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown

I've seen Jillian Michaels on TV, and I've tried her infamous "30-Day Shred" with co-workers. She lives up to her reputation as TV's toughest trainer. It seems like there's no workout Jillian hasn't tried. She's a jill of all trades in the gym. On...  Read more

Planet Fitness 30 Minute Workout

I switched things up at the gym this morning. I normally do the treadmilll and/or recumbant bike on cardio days but this morning I did the 30 minute workout circut at Planet Fitness and it kicked my butt! I think I will be doing that on cardio days i...  Read more

30 Minute Workout/Updated back shot

Hello, Just completed 30 min of exercise. I relaxed for most of the day. Ate right and had my water. Great News lost 8 pounds and I feel great 244 well here is my before back shot and here is my back shot I took tonightcan't see but a little differen...  Read more