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10k Miles Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for 10k Miles.

Spark Your Way to a 10K

Ready to walk or run a 10K but not sure where to begin? We've designed two training programs to help you get started. The first program is for individuals who want to complete a 10K by both walking and jogging the event. The second program is for...  Read more

''I'm Just So Tickled That I Can Actually Run!''

Lisa (SING4YOU57) has been a SparkPeople member since 2007. She has lost almost 200 pounds over the past 3 years through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Lisa went from running for 30 seconds at a time to completing her first triathlon in 2009. ...  Read more

Can I Enter Races with My Dog?

If you're looking for another good reason to try running, look to your dog. Running together can be a great way to make sure your beloved family dog gets or stays in shape right along with you. Many dogs are happy to run alongside their owners fo...  Read more

Weigh-In Secrets from the SparkPeople Coaches

There are a lot of different ways to measure your progress toward your goals. If you're trying to manage your weight, you could track your weigh-ins or judge how well your clothes fit. If you're trying to improve your fitness level, you might...  Read more

5 Fitness Feats that are Worth the Training

We all know how important goal setting is to reaching our dreams. From walking four times a week to eating more fruits and veggies, declaring your healthy intentions is an awesome way to make positive changes in your life. But if you’re lo...  Read more

Can I run a 10K in a month?
Updated 3/28/2014 5:08:37 AM

I am considering signing up for a 10k that is at the end of April but I want to make sure I have enough time to prepare. I currently run 3-4 days per week, anywhere between 2.5-4.5 miles each time. I would say the average I run is about 3.3 miles, an...  Read more

Jogged 2.2 miles tonight!
Updated 3/27/2014 2:41:01 PM

I know, I know, that's hardly far at all. 29 But it's a lifetime record for me; even in the days of my wayward youth, I never managed to run so far. I barely managed to stagger through a mile in PE when I was 12, and that was the furthest I e...  Read more

Tracking how many miles I do
Updated 3/7/2014 10:55:41 AM

This is a really stupid question, but now that I have signed up for my first 5K, I'm doing the walk/jog plan here in SP. I did day 1 of week 1, but when I enter that I did it, it's asking me how many miles I've done. Um, I have NO clue. I just got up...  Read more

How do I track miles on my activity tracker
Updated 2/27/2014 9:41:13 AM

I have been walking with Leslie Sansone 1 to 2 miles at a time. Yet when I enter the walking the mileage does not add up. Can anyone help with this? I have entered the mileage and it does not appear on the tracker....  Read more

Leslie Sansone--DVD CHALLENGE walk 1+mile
Updated 2/12/2014 10:49:49 PM

In a few minutes I'm going to put in a Leslie Sansone DVD and walk at least one mile...will report back. Please join me if you have one of her DVD's lying around. I'm going to do it again, tomorrow, Friday and/or this weekend & report back. Yay!!!!...  Read more

Treadmill selection! NordicTrack A2750 PRO


Perform exercises you love

I love running so it's more like I am rewarding myself with a treat when I fit in my runs. On days I work I wake up at 4 am and run 3 miles on the treadmill and on days I have off I take my long runs outside anywhere from 5-10 miles. It also helps mo...  Read more


Rain or Shine, Indoor or Outdoor Walk, WALK & WALK SOME MORE. Lose Weight, Inches, and Stress with support every Step & Mile along the way! "Every day is a great day to take a walk" ~Leslie Sansone...  Read more

This Week's Best Member Blogs

Moving Mountains - A Goals Speech Halfway Point Reached and 89 lbs Lost with Pics!!!! You are the Spark (A poem) Accomplishments that have nothing to do with a scale... 2 yr. Sparks Anniversary, a couple of before & after pictures, still in p...  Read more

Mike Lost 67+ Pounds Using SparkPeople--and Now He Works Here

Editor's Note: By popular demand, our Behind the Scenes at SparkPeople feature has returned. Today we're interviewing Mike, who joined the SparkPeople team earlier this year. In addition to being a SparkPeople employee, he used our program to...  Read more