Contest Closed: Win All 7 ''Zumba Fitness Exhilarate'' DVDs Plus Toning Sticks!


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Contest closed! The winner is: NEWLIS2010!!!

I'll be honest: I saw an ad for the new Zumba Exhilarate workout set on, and it caught my attention. I know how much our members love Zumba classes and DVDs, and every person I know who has ever tried Zumba RAVES about it. Personally, I'm too self-conscious to take a class and dance around in front of others, but DVDs? Right up my alley! And these DVDs look A-MAZING.

I contacted Zumba to ask if they would provide the Exhilarate collection for us to review and to give away to our readers, and they happily obliged (yay!). While I was too busy the past several weeks creating and filming my own workout DVDs, I will try them and post a review of this whole set very soon—so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can review this awesome seven-disc set (a $90 value) yourself if you win. But to do that, you have to enter the giveaway!

What Zumba Says: The Zumba® Fitness Exhilarate™ DVD collection is revolutionizing the at-home fitness experience, combining raw energy with cutting edge design, lights and sounds to take you on an unforgettable, exhilarating journey to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Jam-packed with red-hot dance steps, pulsating Latin and international rhythms, and feel-it-to-the-core routines, this invigorating dance-fitness party will have you movin’, rockin’ and shakin’ the weight off. The seven-disc DVD collection features seven total-body workouts, with varying levels of intensity. The set also includes: 1 pair of 1-lb. Zumba® Fitness Toning Sticks, and the Exhilarate Program Guide.

To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end next Friday at 9 a.m.!

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  • 129
    I love to dance so I love Zumba.I tried it at the gym a few times but felt out of place because couldn't keep up due to a heel spur caused by flat feet and hve to wear orthotic inserts in my footwear on a regular basis.I am limited to walking and cannot do any jumping due to this problem.Everywhere I go I have to walk so due to classes being scedueled at specific times,majority of the time theheal spur has flared up and I need to stay of my feet for a bit until the flare up goes away.So by this time classes are over.Due to being limited to activities according how my foot is feeling,I would benefit greatly from the dvds so I can do them when feeling I am able to and then I can even break it up into doing the work outs into 3 or four 10-15 min secessionss a day.My Dr.tells me It would also help reduce the inflamation if I lost weight.Would sooooo love to win!!!! - 3/14/2012   3:39:21 AM
    Well, I have never tried Zumba, I heard a lot of good things, better must try at least once. - 8/7/2011   12:51:04 PM
  • 127
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaack! I can't believe I missed this.. Wow.
    Congrats to NEWLIS2010!!

    Jocelyn - 7/9/2011   12:54:18 AM
    This is a great sweeps:) I've been wanting to try Zumba at home and start a class
    at school where I work. Hope I win!! THanks Sparkpeople:) - 6/24/2011   2:20:12 PM
    I love Zumba as well. I took a class from an awesome instructor last summer. I have not been able to get back to classes this summer. My middle daughter who is 9 loves to do Zumba. Her gym teacher had them doing Zumba at an after school program. She wanted these dvd's for her birthday, but I hesitated because of her age. Not sure she would have appreciated getting only those dvd's. - 6/23/2011   10:45:03 PM
  • 124
    this would be a great thing to win!!!!! i have daughters and it would be fun for all of us to use together - 6/23/2011   12:19:28 PM
  • 123
    WOW! Nice Give-Away present. I'd sure love to win. - 6/23/2011   10:32:54 AM
  • AML05030
    GREAT PRIZE!!!!!! I'd love to win this gift! I moved for summer and I cant find a reliable Zumba studio near me :( I never thought NOT working out would break my heart but it does. - 6/23/2011   9:04:07 AM
  • 121
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Zumba class! Would be great to be able to do the dvds at home. Great giveaway! - 6/23/2011   8:42:12 AM
  • RJ7777
    Would love to win these. Very neat! - 6/23/2011   2:05:18 AM
    I would really like to try zumba with my whole family, because we are a spark family. - 6/22/2011   10:13:32 PM
    Great prize! - 6/22/2011   7:51:17 PM
  • 117
    WOW! I would LOVE this! - 6/22/2011   7:12:47 PM
  • SHELS1818
    My friend is an avid Zumba goer and would LOVE this! - 6/22/2011   1:02:25 PM
  • 115
    Please PICK ME!! =D

    I actually have this DVD set but I'd like to win it to give it to a friend and her family that is struggling financially and emotionally from a family tragedy late last year (read blog from November 2010). They borrow my set ALL the time and I'd like to give it to them as a gift!

    Thanks :) - 6/22/2011   12:53:50 PM
  • 114
    Pick me! Pick me! My kids would LOVE to do this with me! - 6/22/2011   12:11:15 PM
  • 113
    I so want to get these dvds. I have been going to places and watching Zumba classes. I am just not comfortable with joining front of people. I have been looking at these Zumba dvds on line for so long, but just haven't broken down to purchase them (money is an issue for me right now). BTW, I have clicked on the advertisement on Spark for the last couple of days and the link does not work.
    Thanks. - 6/22/2011   11:53:05 AM
  • 112
    Just started Zumba a couple of months ago and I am totally hooked! This from someone who HATES to exercise. This is so much fun it doesn't feel like exercise, but I always leave sweating and exhausted and feeling great! I would love to win the new DVD's so I'd have more options to choose from for daily workouts! Great giveaway! - 6/22/2011   10:15:05 AM
  • VICKY19501
    Zumba is one of the best classes to take! Ilove it. - 6/21/2011   6:15:24 PM
    Oh my gosh, this is my new favorite workout!! I found classes at the local rec center, and now I'm absolutely hooked. It is worth looking goofy in the mirror for 60 minutes fellow Sparkers!! That's part of the fun. Everyone looks the same. - 6/21/2011   5:55:54 PM
    this would be a wonderful treat to have such a fine set of DVD's.Do not have the funds to buy or take classes.Wow ~ and maybe I could have my friends and relatives come over.Many of them have taken the class. I do them with the infomercials, when I can. Crossing my fingers and toes. - 6/21/2011   5:01:08 PM
  • 108
    I'd love to give it a try. - 6/21/2011   3:58:40 PM
  • 107
    I love me some ZUMBA! - 6/21/2011   3:35:00 PM
  • 106
    I tried a Zumba class once and I had mixed feelings about it. I enjoyed the dancing, but the instructor didn't really have any rhythm, so it was difficult to follow her. I've been looking for another class ever since, but I can't find anything nearby.

    Like everyone else, I would LOVE to win this set! I see the commercials on TV and I so want to order, but $90 is way too steep for my budget.

    Do you, by any chance, take bribes? - 6/21/2011   3:09:26 PM
    I went to a zumba class once. the instructor never showed any moves. you just tried to follow her. what a nightmare. I would love to have a set of dvd's to do in the privacy of my own home. I think zumba is fun and exciting. - 6/21/2011   10:04:46 AM
  • 104
    I have been wanting to try Zumba so bad, but there isn't anywhere around here that offers it at a time that I could actually go! Would be sooo excited to win something like this!! - 6/21/2011   9:41:50 AM
  • 103
    Oh my goodness! If I won this my daughter would die!! She'd be so thrilled! - 6/21/2011   9:03:03 AM
  • 102
    I would love to win this set. I want to try Zumba. - 6/20/2011   7:56:35 PM
  • 101
    Had to give up my gym membership when I lost my job. I've always wanted to take a zumba class or buy the DVDs, but couldn't afford to. I studied dance up into my 30's, and I would love, love, love to win this package and do Zumba at home. I could even invite a couple of friends! - 6/20/2011   7:11:07 PM
  • 100
    I have heard alot about the Zumba class but havent had the opportunity to try it . Lots of things get in the way. I would love to get these DVD's . - 6/20/2011   5:35:54 PM
  • 99
    My friend has this Zumba set!! I love it! We did it for over an hour today and it was fantastic!! I would absolutely LOVE to have this set for myself...I'll be moving back to college in the fall and having it with me would be a great way to keep me motivated and get me moving! - 6/20/2011   5:32:28 PM
  • 98
    I enjoy ZUMBA! class at the YMCA but I can only attend once or twice a week. It would be great to have the DVD's to use at home when I can make the time. I prefer the pop music that is recognizable on the radio versus the all Latin tunes that I am not as familiar with. I told a friend how much I enjoy the ZUMBA classes and now she takes a class at the park district and enjoys it too.
    - 6/20/2011   2:58:54 PM
    I've been wanting to get this set of Zumba DVDs! I go to a Zumba class each week, and would love to have Zumba available in my own house! - 6/20/2011   1:52:11 PM
  • 96
    I love my Zumba class at the YMCA. I would love to win this set and start a Zumba class after work! - 6/20/2011   10:27:01 AM
  • 95
    I would love it - 6/20/2011   9:38:00 AM
  • 94
    I have always wanted to try this. What a fun way to lose weight. I have friends who would like to do this too so would invite them over to Zumba with me if I won it. - 6/19/2011   10:46:22 PM
  • 93
    wow~that would be so fabulous to win this set! I would be ecstatic! - 6/19/2011   7:53:57 PM
  • 92
    If I'm blessed enough to win the Zumba DVDs, just maybe I'll feel good enough about how I look to put a real picture up next to my login name. - 6/19/2011   4:27:05 PM
  • 91
    If I'm blessed enough to win the Zumba DVDs, just maybe I'll feel good enough about how I look to put a real picture up next to my login name. - 6/19/2011   4:27:04 PM
    This is such a fantastic prize!! Always wanted to try Zumba!! Can't wait till the winner is announced! - 6/19/2011   3:34:01 PM
  • 89
    I would love to start using Zumba. I have looked for zumba classes near me and cannot find one that fits my schedule. I have looked on their website for their video program, but cannot afford the program. I would love to win this so that I could do this at home to keep fit and change up my cardio and strength training routine. - 6/19/2011   2:58:52 PM
  • 88
    I too would love to start doing Zumba but it would be great to win this set to do at home. I am not too old to learn Zumba!!!! - 6/19/2011   2:55:11 PM
    I tried Zumba as part of a personal training programme. I hated it...but loved the music. The reason I stuck with it was because it complimented the strength and cardio work I was already doing and meant that I moved for 45 minutes non-stop...awesome...still did not like it. - 6/19/2011   2:04:30 PM
  • 86
    The cult-ish behavior of some of the participants totally freaks me out, but I can't deny that it looks like a GREAT workout that I simply can't afford to try in classes or on DVD. Fingers crossed! - 6/19/2011   1:35:35 PM
  • 85
    Zumba is without a doubt the most fun you can have exercising. I go a minimum of three times per week and about to try my first water zumba. I would so love to have the workout at home as well. I am so happy to have discovered Zumba as it has lead me to reintroduce myself to dancing in all forms, keeps me moving :) Thanks to Zumba for being generous to share this wonderful price. My fingers and toes and legs are crossed in anticipation.

    - 6/19/2011   12:48:10 PM
  • 84
    Thank you for offering this as a give-away! I looked into buying it, but it's too pricey for me. I am on a waiting list to check it out from the library ~ it's very popular. But since it's on demand, it's only on loan for one week! It would be such fun to win! Thanks again, Susie - 6/19/2011   12:31:32 PM
    Have been wanting to get Zumba, but can not afford it at this time. I would love to be a winner of the DVD set. Love to dance. Would also love a giveaway of Slim in 6. - 6/19/2011   12:21:37 PM
    It would be nice to try, never had the chance. - 6/19/2011   11:50:52 AM
    There isn't any classes close, would be great to win - 6/19/2011   11:43:12 AM
  • 80
    I LOVE Zumba, but can't fit in the classes offered here right now (starting a new job). This would be so AWESOME to win!
    I also love how Spark does their contests - only one entry per person. I hate those ones that you can enter everyday - I don't have time to enter that often! I think a random drawing is more fair if everyone gets one chance, so thanks SparkPeople! - 6/19/2011   11:41:51 AM

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