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The winners:

Remember when we had the chance to connect with Dr. Travis Stork, co-host of CBS' popular morning show "The Doctors"? Well, after that interview, the folks at Crest offered us a year's supply of toothpaste to give away to four members!

If you're one of the four lucky winners, you'll receive five tubes of Crest Pro-Health Clinical Gum Protection toothpaste. Who's smiling now?

They say: "Help reverse gingivitis in 4 weeks with Crest Pro-Health Clinical Gum Protection Toothpaste, while providing comprehensive protection. Its clinically proven active ingredient protects against gingivitis, sensitivity, cavities, and plaque."

To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end next Friday at 9 a.m.!

The folks at Crest told me that a tube of toothpaste lasts the average household two to three months. I've never noticed how long it lasts in mine. How long does it take you to go through a tube?

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  • 49
    I never pay anything for toothpaste anymore with the exception of tax because of coupons. I will say though that I haven't found a "free" deal on the clinical strength toothpaste yet but I do get Crest brand as well as Colgate. - 8/10/2011   10:24:02 AM
    I was on Sweepstakes Advantage looking for tooth paste prizes to win for needy children and I found this. :) I tend to use lots of tooth paste somehow.. - 8/9/2011   1:39:45 PM
    Does that mean a year's supply is 4 to 6 tubes?

    I don't like minty toothpaste, so I use a kid's flavor of Tom's of Maine along with my youngest son. My husband is glad that my oldest son likes minty toothpaste, because now he can have it again! The middle son switches back and forth (after using up whatever kid flavor big brand he gets at the dentist...). So we usually have 2 tubes plus assorted sample size tubes on our bathroom counter! - 8/8/2011   4:37:09 PM
  • 46
    I have two bathrooms and two teenage daughters... I go through A LOT of toothpaste AND mouthwash lol - 8/8/2011   3:42:29 PM
  • 45
    Seems like one tube lasts my hubby and I about that long?!? I've never counted either!!
    I would LOVE to win this contest... every time I go to the dentist they tell me my teeth look great, but my gums...they need some TLC!! I bet this toothpaste would work wonders on that issue!! :-) - 8/8/2011   12:06:20 PM
  • 44
    It's hard for me to figure this out since we have 4 in our house now (hubby + 2 college students) and we all prefer different types of pastes! - 8/7/2011   7:45:14 PM
    Yep - everyone here has their own favorite - I'm with Crest!! - 8/7/2011   7:44:28 PM
  • 42
    I purchase the large tube of toothpaste and this lasts me for an average of 5-6 weeks...not 2-3 months...and I live am I brushing my teeth too much or are others brushing when they remember....2-3 months???!!! Wow...I'd be saving money!!! - 8/7/2011   6:59:14 PM
    Have always used crest toothpaste. My kids grew up on crest and now the grandchildren are. We go through 1 tube about every 1 1/2 to 2 months. - 8/7/2011   5:05:51 PM
  • 40
    In a household of 5, 3 kids using their kids crest toothpaste, we go through about a tube about every 2 months between my husband and myself, plus his mom coming over from time to time. and the kids not too sure. - 8/7/2011   3:11:05 PM
  • 39
    Not sure what constitutes an "average" household. 3 of us go through tube about month & half. - 8/7/2011   12:58:51 PM
    Crest always has been my favorite toothpaste! - 8/7/2011   12:50:12 PM
  • 37
    My husband and I use one tube of toothpaste, and my son uses another. Each tube lasts about 2 months (my son hasn't learned the art of toothpaste conservation yet.) - 8/7/2011   12:09:26 PM
  • 36
    2 of our household use 1 tube. The kid has his own. I buy a new tube about every 1 1/2 to 2 months. Would love to try this. - 8/7/2011   10:19:48 AM
  • 35
    I use this toothpaste. It's the only one I am NOT allergic too!!! It sounds crazy, but I am allergic to a ton of different toothpastes. Not sure why or what's in it, but I'm not allergic! - 8/7/2011   10:18:14 AM
  • 34
    There are only myself & my hubby in my household so tooth paste lasts a little longer than two months for 1 large tube(brush two - three times a day),I also use crest clinical,got a free sample a while ago & used it ever sense love it!!! - 8/7/2011   8:44:13 AM
  • 33
    ive never paid attention either but it seems like everyone likes a different kind of toothpaste. would be nice to have one kind to fit everyone's need. Pick me!! ;o) - 8/7/2011   8:35:44 AM
  • 32
    I love this toothpaste and would love to win! We brush twice daily and it takes about 2 and 1/2 months to use a tube at my house. - 8/7/2011   12:10:26 AM
  • 31
    my daughter and i go through the tube in about three months - 8/6/2011   11:31:19 PM
  • 30
    Love this toothpaste. Sure hope I win. - 8/6/2011   10:27:48 PM
  • 29
    i love, love, LOVE this toothpast! - 8/6/2011   7:09:47 PM
  • 28
    I use a TINY amount of toothpaste - less than pea size so a large tube lasts me about 6 months. - 8/6/2011   5:56:25 PM
  • 27
    I guess we go through a few of the big tubes a year. Maybe 4. I will have to give this Crest Pro Health a try. - 8/6/2011   4:30:35 PM
  • 26
    Smiling!!!! : ) - 8/6/2011   3:10:03 PM
  • 25
    How big is the tube ? I usually buy the 4 oz size of the Crest Pro Health. It does come in a larger size. However, on sale, the 4 oz size still costs me $3.00 ! It's usually around $5 a tube. The larger size on sale is $4. I love the pro health, but it's awfully expensive for toothpaste.

    How long does it take me to use the 4 oz tube ? 3-4 weeks and I brush twice a day.

    - 8/6/2011   2:12:54 PM
  • 24
    I have never paid attention to how long a tube lasts me. I just started one today, will have to track it to see. - 8/6/2011   12:39:09 PM
  • 23
    Two to three months sounds about right. There are 2 people here, using the tooth paste. We use the pro-health. - 8/6/2011   12:26:55 PM
  • 22
    About 2 months, for one person. I live the CREST night products...but why does crest mouthwash not have fluoride? - 8/6/2011   12:19:07 PM
  • 21
    all i have ever used is crest and their line of care products. i was started in grade school by a team that came and talked to grade school children about proper dental care. - 8/6/2011   11:44:27 AM
  • 20
    I have never actually tracked it! But it does seem like I buy it pretty frequently. But that's also so I can have extra so I'm never out of it. I buy it when it's on sale and I have a coupon. - 8/6/2011   11:44:12 AM
    2 to 3 months - sounds right - 8/6/2011   11:42:39 AM
  • 18
    About 2 months using it twice a day - 8/6/2011   10:59:25 AM
  • 17
    We have 3 types of toothpaste in the house for 4 people. Each kid has a preferred flavor, and we adults use Crest, and it usually lasts about 2 months. - 8/6/2011   10:54:25 AM
  • 16
    I've never noticed, but I'm a household of 1, so probably longer than average? - 8/6/2011   10:35:08 AM
  • 15
    It takes me 2 months to go through a tube and I'm by myself. - 8/6/2011   10:22:13 AM
    hope i'll win this one :) - 8/6/2011   9:49:16 AM
  • AMS04161
    ams04161 l would love to win this toothpaste i also buy the cheapest toothpaste in the supermarket, i donot have that much money to buy this type of toothpaste - 8/6/2011   9:46:08 AM
  • 12
    Sounds like a great toothpaste. Even if I don't win, I will put it on my grocery list to try. - 8/6/2011   9:20:49 AM
  • 11
    I have used Crest toothpaste since I was a small child. About five tubes a year sounds right. My tube lasts four months, but I'm the only one that uses it. The tube in the family bathroom doesn't last as long (about two months.) - 8/6/2011   8:55:11 AM
  • 10
    whm my kids were home we went through a tube a month. they brushed morning and night as i do. now? i go through a tube in about 3 months. - 8/6/2011   8:53:08 AM
    We each have a different kind and I usually have a couple extra because I buy them when they are on sale. So I've never paid attention to how long they last. - 8/6/2011   8:37:48 AM
  • 8
    I brush my teeth 2x a day but I am the only person in my household. My toothpaste tube lasts around 4-5months. I really like Crest toothpaste--especially the whitening toothpaste :) - 8/6/2011   8:34:08 AM
  • 7
    I buy a lot of it when it is on sale & use coupons, so I have no idea how long a tube lasts. I do have "squeezers" on two of them so I make sure the kids get all of it out of a tube & don't waste it. - 8/6/2011   12:45:47 AM
  • 6
    I don't keep track. I just buy it when it's on sale and use coupons so I get it real cheap and the dentist always gives us the small tubes for free when we get our cleanings. - 8/5/2011   11:49:53 PM
  • 5
    I never paid attention to how long the toothpaste tubes last - but I know my kids go through it MUCH faster than my hubby and I do! - 8/5/2011   11:44:26 PM
  • 4
    I don't think I have ever noticed; but I did like the Prohealth Crest. Ordered it online after I saw the video. Love the fresh taste and zing. - 8/5/2011   10:45:16 PM
  • 3
    Mine last 2 to 3 months. I use two different types - 8/5/2011   10:34:38 PM
  • 2
    My family uses about 4-5 a year depending on if someone is home from college...It is a reward if our kids graduated and their cousins graduated from High school w/o cavities, Gma and Gpa would give $200. So far 1 out of my 3 have recieved this, and also my hubby at age 44, recieved his 1st cavitiy... he was the first to recieve the $200 being he was the oldest in his family. - 8/5/2011   8:50:38 PM
  • MAGGIE101857
    I use two different types of toothpaste, and everyone in the house seems to have their own as well! I would say that is about right - 2 to 3 months. - 8/5/2011   6:20:32 PM

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