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The winner is: FREDLYB!!! May is a great month. In addition to marking the beginning of warm weather in most parts of the country, it's also my birthday month, and, more importantly to most of you, it's Bike Month!

Here in Cincinnati, the month is chock full of events such as pop-up bike repair shops, organized rides for all levels, assistance for bike commuters, and free coffee at some local stores!

Monday marks the beginning of Bike to Work Week, and next Friday is Bike to Work Day. In honor of that, Performance Bicycle has offered to give one lucky winner his or her own fitness road bike from Scattante! Exciting, isn't it?

2011 Scattante F-330 Fitness Road Bike
They say: There's more to fitness than treadmills and gym memberships. Like getting out and exploring the world around you on a bike. With its lightweight aluminum frame, aero carbon fork, Shimano derailleurs and 27-speed drivetrain, this comfortable road bike is all you need to get started down the path to fitness and fun. (A $749 value!)
  • Aluminum frame provides a responsive riding experience for easy handling
  • Aerodynamic carbon bladed fork dampens road vibration
  • Flat handlebar with rubber grips and Shimano RapidFire thumb shifters provide comfort and control
  • Shimano Sora derailleurs deliver consistent shifts
  • Adjustable stem allows you to set handlebar height from comfort to performance positioning
  • Triple crankset provides plenty of gears for hills and flats
  • Alex R-500 wheelset gives reliable performance, staying true mile after mile and requiring minimal maintenance
  • Schwalbe Durano tires are lightweight, offer plenty of traction and roll with little resistance
  • Multifunction alloy pedals are compatible with toe clips
Thanks for a super cool giveaway, Performance Bike! (Please note that Performance Bike will communicate with the winner to make sure his or her bike is the proper size and fit.)

To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end next Friday at 9 a.m., but don't worry. We have more bike-related content and giveaways this month!

Why do you want to win this bike?

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  • 164
    wish Canadians could enter these contests - 7/6/2012   1:43:58 AM
  • 163
    I would love to learn how to ride a bike. This would be great for me to learn with and to help with my weight loss. - 3/24/2012   1:28:04 PM
  • DEIEDRA225
    I like riding bikes with my kids. He one I had just breaking so the would be great for me and the family. - 11/12/2011   9:44:02 PM
  • 161
    Great looking bike, sorry I missed this one. - 11/5/2011   12:29:31 AM
    Wow- what an awesome bike. I know my family and I would certainly use this and take more bike rides! - 10/1/2011   2:14:19 PM
  • 159
    I would love to win this bike;
    My husband and I ride bikes once in a while and the bike I have now I gave to my grandson, he wanted a bike to ride around his neighborhood, so with him being overweight, I wanted to give him the chance to start losing weight now before it really got out of hand.
    My husband had open heart surgery last year, and I try to keep him exercising as well, so winning this bike would be great for everyone! - 9/24/2011   8:43:20 AM
    After being heavy for so long, it would be nice to ride a bike every now and then!!! - 6/15/2011   8:37:47 AM
  • DEEALLEN9100
    I would llove to be able to et out in the country and enjoy the excercise. - 6/9/2011   10:35:54 AM
  • 156
    We have lots of trails and bike paths around I would love to ride and enjoy the day on a nice bike ! Would help me loose weight as well. - 5/20/2011   11:08:38 AM
    I have been looking for a bike so I can continue outdoor exercising after developing a problem with my foot and ankle which wants to give away when I walk. Feels like it will break in half at ankle. I figure biking is now my best route. - 5/19/2011   1:37:45 PM
  • 154
    I want to win this bike because, living in the city, having a bike is almost an essential. I have a bike right now that is really on it's last leg (wheel?). The gears don't shift, the brakes only work on hopes and dreams, and the chain rubs against the chain guard making riding more difficult (I like to think of it as built in resistance... kind of like ALWAYS riding uphill). I want to win this bike so I can stay active on a safe bike, save money on gas (my current practice is, "if I don't NEED to drive, I won't" and I would like to keep it this way), and do my part to help keep the air just a little bit cleaner. - 5/19/2011   10:25:41 AM
  • 153
    What an amazing prize! Thanks SparkPeople for offering this. - 5/18/2011   7:20:58 PM
  • 152
    I used to bike as a kid and as a student, in fact i used to train all summer for a long ride (60 miles round trip) to the nearby park. but over the years have gotten away from it. Now living with osteoarthritis, and shrinking yearly would love to stretch my muscles on a bike. - 5/18/2011   5:23:58 PM
    I'm sure my 1976 Schwinn was a beauty in its day!But it's second life as a yard sale special is about over.I ride it almost daily and I'm scared it's going to kill This Scattante would be fantastic! - 5/18/2011   1:27:37 PM
  • 150
    As a college student with no real income to speak of, winning a bike would be amazing. I've spent the whole semester in a city where they have a velib' borrow a bike system. Cycling is an exhilarating activity that has allowed me to get out and see parts of the city I never would have found otherwise. It would be amazing if I could continue riding when I come home at the end of the month. - 5/18/2011   12:32:53 PM
    Would love to win this bike so that I could go riding with my kids. And to also start living life the healthy way. We have a very low income and do't have the money to buy me a new bike. My kids got bikes for Christmas from their grandparents. I also thank it would be good to start riding a bike for my knees. Was in a car accident 6 years ago and was crushed in between two cars. Could nt walk for 6 months. Walking and being on my knees to long starts to hurt. The doctor told me to use and excersie bike 30 min. a day for my knees. So I would really love to win. - 5/18/2011   11:43:22 AM
    WHY cuz I need too! I live in the country and these roads are a "killer" graveled not paved. This bike would be an added blessing for my goal:
    1) is to increase exercise program = weight loss before July
    My eldest son is getting married. 2)I would love to look better when I dance with my him and he could be proud of me also!! Praying for the chance to win thanks for this opportunity and for all the great giveaways. AWESOME are ya'll!
    Peace, Darlene - 5/18/2011   10:25:42 AM
    it's a goal. i have, to ride a real bike after three years of physical therapy learn to walk again, i was put on a exercises bikes in pt, that never move now that i can get around with a cane now. it's be great to try to ride a bike. i bet they get a kick to see me do that - 5/18/2011   4:03:30 AM
  • 146
    I would LOVE to win this bike. I have been wanting a bike forever, but we have not been able to afford it. It would be great to take bike rides on errands instead of driving. Good for the environment, good for my body. - 5/17/2011   11:21:31 PM
  • 145
    I would love to change up my workouts with adding biking - this sure looks like a winner! - 5/17/2011   11:17:26 PM
  • 144
    Sure wish the giveaways included us Non-"US residents". grumble grumble - 5/17/2011   10:22:33 PM
  • 143
    I would love to have this bike! I live in a city with a lot of biking trails but I can't afford a good, new bike. I'm a college student so it would be great to have a bike to ride to school as well! - 5/17/2011   6:14:51 PM
    If I won this bike, I would give it to my daughter. She has no car, her fiance's car is broken, and her bike is falling apart. She could SO use this. They'll be getting married this year and are very short on money as they're both still in college. - 5/17/2011   6:14:39 PM
  • 141
    What a gift this bike would be! Freedom is what I think of when I see it! - 5/17/2011   4:00:43 PM
  • 140
    The view of the basement from my stationary bike is starting to get old! - 5/17/2011   2:00:52 PM
  • 139
    I would love to be able to ride bikes with my daughter....I have an old bike that I got from Craigslist, but its a POS...I would love a new one! - 5/17/2011   10:37:01 AM
  • 138
    Wow what a great giveaway!! - 5/17/2011   10:02:07 AM
  • 137
    Becuz it's blue n given away by u! ;-) - 5/17/2011   9:50:51 AM
  • 136
    My kids are still growing, so I have to buy them new bikes every year. Consequently, my own bike is OLD and worse for wear! - 5/16/2011   9:55:15 PM
    I divorced last year and was feeling hopeless. Because of space and money I ended giving up alot of things that I really enjoyed. My bike was one of them. winning this bike would mean that I could get back into endurance riding again and shed all the weight that I've gained as a result of depression. - 5/16/2011   7:02:43 PM
  • 134
    Man, I've been wanting a bike for a while, it would be cool to win! - 5/16/2011   6:34:39 PM
    Bike to live - live to bike! - 5/16/2011   5:37:30 PM
  • 132
    My husband and I have lost 50 pounds. I think this would be a great birthday gift for him (May 12) but better yet both of us would win as we continue this journey. Congrats to the winner!
    - 5/16/2011   4:53:19 PM
  • 131
    This looks like a really cool bike!!! - 5/16/2011   2:07:49 PM
  • 130
    Because I love biking but do not currently own my own bike--I'm borrowing one from my MIL *grin* It's freeing, fun, and easy on my bad joints. - 5/16/2011   1:02:30 PM
  • 129
    Both of my kids have finally learned to ride their bikes without training wheels and it would be a blast to go riding with them! - 5/16/2011   12:46:27 PM
  • 128
    I would love to win this bike to up the intensity of my physical training ... I started out walking and have eased into a run ... before I lost weight, I never thought I could do these things. I am ready to tackle a bike! Thanks for the generous opportunity to have a try at winning this bike! - 5/16/2011   11:22:03 AM
  • 127
    This is VERY cool! My running buddy and I want to do a sprint triathalon next year, but the biggest obstacle to me is a road bike. I have a mountain bike that is 15 years old and just won't cut it. I love swimming and running, and a road bike is the next step in becoming a well-rounded athlete. Although any training sounds like tough work right now - I completed my first half marathon yesterday!! - 5/16/2011   11:01:55 AM
    I used to love to ride my bike. I rode it all over town as a teenager, even after becoming a driver. It was great for small town Iowa! I rode a little in college but that was in the city and a little scary. I rarely rode after getting married and having kids. How perfect would it have been to go riding as a family!

    My last ride was on vacation and I got scared and fell. Worse though, a very good friend fell as a result of my accident and was seriously injured. She has recovered and we are still friends. But I hate it that my negative experience has been my last bike ride. It would be awesome to win a bike of my own and USE it, love it, and add another dimension to my exercise options. - 5/16/2011   10:41:00 AM
  • 125
    I bike to work 3 days a week on a mountain bike. I would really prefer to do so on a road bike but cannot afford one at this time. I love biking, especially because it strengthens my legs while providing great cardio. Remember, biking runs on fat and saves you money; driving runs on money and makes you fat. ;) - 5/16/2011   10:24:26 AM
  • 124
    I'd love to have my son join my husband and me on our bike rides! - 5/16/2011   10:08:04 AM
    I have wanted a road bike for about a year now, and I've been working really hard to get one. I instituted a reward system for which every healthy decision I make I put a "reward" dollar in a jar, hoping that some day I can rack up enough "reward" dollars to get myself a bike so I can start training and participate in my first triathalon! Though, this reward system has been going on for about 4 months now and I have a considerable amount racked up, it's no where near the $800 for a new bike. I'd love to win this bike to make my goal of completing a triathlon in 2011 come true!! - 5/16/2011   9:56:37 AM
  • 122
    I have been thinking about riding to work for a while now, but I currently do not have a bike - I am only about 8 miles away and it would be an awesome way to get exercise in! - 5/16/2011   9:20:26 AM
  • 121
    I would so love this bike I have always wanted a road bike but just can not justify one in the budget right now. - 5/16/2011   6:58:23 AM
  • 120
    I am in need of a bike! I just moved 5 miles from my job and biking would be an excellent option. - 5/16/2011   6:51:09 AM
  • 119
    My daughter has sprouted and now needs an adult bike. She wants to be fitter and slimmer and loves cycling. We could go together as we have done before and had such a good time. - 5/15/2011   11:43:17 PM
  • 118
    I would love a new is hoping I could get into good enough shape to ride like I used to! - 5/15/2011   11:00:26 PM
  • 117
    Oh man this looks nice!!!! I am a university student and a member of our local triathlon club. I have done 2 seasons of triathlons now and would really love a road bike but definitely can't afford it. That would be so great!! - 5/15/2011   9:51:32 PM
  • 116
    I havent rode a bike in years... been to big to ride. But with my 18 lbs lost a think I could do it - 5/15/2011   8:44:25 PM
    I'm competing in my first outdoor Triathlon 7/30/11, and as it stands now I will be using my rusting mountain bike for the event ... unless, I win this bike :) - 5/15/2011   8:25:27 PM

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