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Here at SparkPeople, we're big fans of workout clothes that are not only comfortable, but look good, too. So when our new sponsor, Moving Comfort, offered to send us some workout clothes to try, we were stoked! We had a blast sorting through the clothes and putting together cute, functional outfits to get sweaty in. We liked the clothes so much that we thought it would be fun to learn which of our outfits you liked best--and then give it away! 

Coach Nicole volunteered to run around in the sun and model the Moving Comfort outfits (tough job, but someone had to do it!). Check out the choices below and then cast your vote at the end of this post for a chance to wear the winning outfit yourself!

Outfit #1: Feminine and Flattering
The Sprint Sleeveless top (in Berry) has ruched seams that offer a super flattering and comfortable fit--great for hiding a little tummy. Made of a lightweight wicking fabric, it'll keep you cool all summer long. The Endurance Capris (in Ebony) are breathable and flattering, and include a secret zippered pocket in the back waistband--perfect for stashing your house key, cell phone or nutrition.  Great running outfit that would also work well in the gym, or even to yoga or Pilates class!

Outfit #2: Pretty in Purple
This Sprint 1/2 Zip top (in Berry) is made of a soft, sweat-wicking fabric with cute front ruching like the tank in Outfit #1. It also has a stash pocket for small belongings, and thumbholes for keeping the sleeves in place as you move. The Momentum Shorts (in Blizzard) have a nice, wide waistband and are lightweight with the just the right amount of stretch, What’s more, there are three pockets in total; a back zipper pocket to stash essentials and two secret internal pockets on the inside waistband.  This clever combo is a perfect pair for cool morning runs!

Outfit #3: Fun and Sporty

The adjustable side drawstring on this Urban Gym Tee (in Berry) makes it drape in all the right places for a great fit. It's loose enough to flatter any shape, but fitted enough to show your curves. With a cap sleeve, it gives more coverage than a standard tank, but will still keep you cool.  The Urban Gym Capris (in Sapphire) are a heathered blue color that has a bit of a silver "sparkle" to it. They are super flattering, and were Coach Nicole's favorite pant of all! They are soft, flattering and comfortable with a wide waistband--and check out the adorable bow detail on the sides. A great outfit for weight training or kickboxing.

Outfit #4: Classic Black and White

The Interval Tank (in White/Black Stripe) would be ideal for a game of tennis or a walk in the park. Made of a lightweight, wicking material, it has built-in support so you don’t have to wear an extra bra underneath. The Fearless Bermuda Shorts (in Black) are long and looser, hitting just above the knee without being skintight--great for exercisers who want a little more coverage.
Thanks, Moving Comfort!

Which outfit is your favorite? Answer the poll beneath this post to vote for your favorite look, then tell us in the comments below what you love about the outfit you chose. After you've voted, click here to enter the contest to win one of the four looks! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end exactly one month from today! Winner will be notified via email.

Which outfit is your favorite?

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    I like top #2 with pants #1. - 8/18/2012   9:08:28 PM
  • 861
    I like the top in #1, top in #2, and pants in #3. I can see adding those to my collection. - 8/17/2012   11:31:59 AM
    congrats to the winner - 8/16/2012   11:48:45 AM
  • 859
    I really liked outfit #1, hides the tummy, looks comfortable and the pants aren't too long. - 8/16/2012   7:59:02 AM
    I liked #3. I appreciated the capped sleeves for that bit of extra coverage. I also liked the pants. A little bit of sparkle always brings a smile. - 8/16/2012   7:16:12 AM
    I am having to take in all my clothing and can't afford new clothing. I really like the look of #2 with the jacket. But i live in shorts. Really cool. And i love the colors. - 8/16/2012   2:21:38 AM
    I am having to take in all my clothing and can't afford new clothing. I really like the look of #2 with the jacket. But i live in shorts. Really cool. And i love the colors. - 8/16/2012   2:17:00 AM
    Oops,didn't mean to repeat this. So sorry! - 8/16/2012   2:14:13 AM
  • CCHEF1
    I like number 4 for cool days to come this winter in Arizona. - 8/15/2012   7:26:00 PM
  • DYANN1973
    I like outfit number four. Although, I really do love the top on outfit number two. - 8/15/2012   5:52:02 PM
  • 852
    I was torn between all the outfits. On #1 I liked the top color and style more than the capri pants; I thought the pants looked too tight and would show off my big butt and thighs too much. With #2 the long-sleeved top was so cute, but the shorts were way to short for my taste; if the shorts had been longer, I would've voted this one as my favorite. I liked the color of the capris in #3 and they didn't look as form-fitting as the ones in #1, plus the top looked nice and comfortable; I like wearing sleeves because I have big upper arms. The problem with #4 was the color and style of the top; I don't like built-in bras because they never seem to fit properly with my bust size, which isn't that big. The shorts were a great length and the black was nice, but I think I would like to have seen the shorts in another color, like blue or purple. I could see myself wearing all the tops with the Bermuda shorts. I don't like to show off a lot of skin when I exercise, even when I'm indoors. I'm very self-conscious about how I look when I exercise. I usually wear long work-out pants in black and a T-shirt when I work out. Since these outfits were so cute, I'm deciding on getting some new, colorful work out clothes. - 8/15/2012   5:40:45 PM
  • 851
    I personally love outfit number 2! I'm a sucker for shorts that allow me to move really freely and the top is perfect for keeping muscles warm when working out. :) - 8/15/2012   4:33:42 PM
  • 850
    This was a tough one, I was honestly torn between #1 and #4 as complete outfits, although I must say I love love love the top in #3. For me, the built in support in #4 was the deciding factor. ^_^ - 8/15/2012   3:39:26 PM
    Love outfit No2. If you've put in all the work to get sexy pins, why not show them off. The purple is really vibrant and the zipper neckline really flattering as well as being practical if it gets breezy. The ruching is soooo flattering, even if you've put on an extra pound or two over the weekend.The cutie short pants are adorable and bright and cheery colour. - 8/15/2012   2:58:46 PM
  • 848
    I voted for Outfit #1. I love the capris- perfect for running and the shirt is cute too. - 8/15/2012   2:19:17 PM
  • 847
    My favorite is outfit #3, although I like them all. I think my favorite thing about #3 is the color. I love the blue leggings and the adjustable strings on the sides of the top. - 8/15/2012   2:02:25 PM
  • JIMINY102
    I LOVE the first one. I am thinking this would be such an improvement to what I am currently wearing to the gym. - 8/15/2012   12:25:06 PM
  • 845
    LOVE outfit #2! Super-cute top. Shorts are a bit short, but I think I could rock them in a few months ;-) - 8/15/2012   11:30:20 AM
    I liked #4 best. I prefer shorts and tanks to workout in. What I like best of all is that the very attractive young lady looked healthy, not emaciated. I am inclined to pull up their website to look at more choices. Thanks Moving Comfort. - 8/15/2012   10:42:44 AM
  • 843
    I love #3. It is so cute! I could see myself wearing it to workout! - 8/15/2012   9:56:46 AM
    #4 look like to only top that can go right from the gym to the pool or lake. I'm a fan of water exercise too! - 8/15/2012   9:49:26 AM
  • 841
    I like #4 because I like the classic black and white look. The whole outfit looks like it would be flattering on anyone also. I do love the purple colors of the other outfits. Any of them would be great to work out in. - 8/15/2012   9:24:34 AM
  • 840
    I like outfit 4. I really like the techno inspired top and the shorts are a flattering length and are not too tight or too short like the others. - 8/15/2012   9:22:19 AM
  • 839
    I hate to go with the majority, but I do like outfit one the best... being self conscious about my arms though I do not like the short sleeved part of it. But also having the "under belly" to contend with makes me like the rouching in the top.
    I like stretchy pants and that little pocket in the waist in there sounds very functional. - 8/15/2012   9:05:08 AM
  • LISAJ1969
    I like #1 the best...the top looks very comfortable and not clingy and love the idea that the capri's have the little pocket at the waist to put something. - 8/15/2012   8:14:24 AM
    Outfit 3 because ilike sleeves to hide armpit swest and the longer tighter pants for compression. Plus, who doesnt like stripes? - 8/15/2012   7:13:24 AM
  • 836
    i would have the top of #2 with the bottoms from outfit #1 purple is my fave colour tho :D so i like them all and they all look good ! - 8/15/2012   6:19:11 AM
  • 835
    I picked outfit no. 1 because I like to feel beautiful and feminine while exercising...both are possible! Also, I like capris more than pants so I can move around easier and also more than shorts because I don't feel comfortable showing that much skin. So, feminine and flattering with exercising: sounds great to me! - 8/15/2012   4:53:25 AM
  • 834
    I like Outfit Number 2. First and foremost, purple is my favorite color. SO really, the reasons should end there. Lol. Anyway, I like that the shirt is long sleeved; they'll cover my arms while they're flabby, but show off all my hard work once they're toned! The shorts, while rather short, are really cute actually. Thank goodness for the wide waistband, because those tend to be not only comfiest but also most flattering. Not to mention, my legs are becoming remarkably toned, so they would serve as continuous motivation to fight off easy access junk food. - 8/15/2012   2:01:59 AM
  • 833
    i am a fan of outfit #1. it seems trendy but very functional at the same time! something that i could see myself wearing to the gym! - 8/15/2012   1:25:43 AM
    I chose outfit #2. I love the colors and the long sleeves with the thumb holes for those cooler runs that I go on. The shorts are the perfect length with pockets for the little things, like tissue, that I need on my runs. The military has moved us to a year round cooler environment, so the long sleeves are perfect. - 8/14/2012   8:52:07 PM
  • 831
    I pick #2 - color combo is cool - love love a long sleeve for the dare I say it up - fall - runs - and I agree - thumbholes and pockets - - 8/14/2012   8:24:51 PM
    I love #4 I live in GA & it's always so hot that one looks really cool & i like the longer shorts as well!!! - 8/14/2012   8:06:11 PM
  • 829
    I chose #1...the extra length on the top makes it better for me (today, anyway!), the ruching is so flattering and feminine, and the pant pocket sounds like it's big enough to actually carry something. - 8/14/2012   7:33:53 PM
    I like #1 because I prefer tank tops when I exercise, but can never find really comfortable ones that also look "cute", which is very difficult to find. I also like the pants because of the pocket-a chance to carry my phone so I can stay safe as I jog at 5:30 in the morning, which is often still dark. Looking cute while feeling comfortable is a big boost for motivation to exercise even more! - 8/14/2012   7:22:56 PM
  • 827
    I like three because of the top. I wouldn't feel so exposed! Also, it looks breezy and cool. The pants look comfy too! - 8/14/2012   6:29:42 PM
  • 826
    I like outfit #1. The color is great but more important is the fact that the shirt looks long enough. I need coverage on my tummy when I raise my arms up. - 8/14/2012   6:19:26 PM
  • GABZ978
    i love all of them but my favorite is #4. i like it because i like lose clothing when i'm working out. - 8/14/2012   4:32:59 PM
  • 824
    I like #4 because it looks more comfortable for an out of shape 63 year old. - 8/14/2012   4:13:24 PM
    I like #3 the length of the pant, it softness great for my after work workout, the top is ok. - 8/14/2012   4:02:39 PM
  • 822
    #2, The long sleeves come in handy in Alaska - the shorts - I dunno! - 8/14/2012   3:43:20 PM
    Love the ruching on the first top! - 8/14/2012   3:37:08 PM
  • 820
    #3 looks to be most versatile. The pants are stretchy and don't appear to weigh you down during interval sprints, weights, yoga, or jogging. And the top's fit looks to flatter those of us with larger midsections and less than ample top half while not looking frumpy. Good choice! Plus it's actually cute with personality! - 8/14/2012   3:07:46 PM
    Definitely outfit number 1! It has the potential to be flattering on a wide variety of body types. It covers enough of the body so you can feel comfortable working out no matter what size you are, but not too much that you get overheated or feel restricted. - 8/14/2012   2:54:59 PM
  • 818
    Outfit 3! You never have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction, plus it's cute :) - 8/14/2012   2:05:40 PM
    I like the feminine plum color of outfit one, plus it is more modest and age-appropriate for me than the outfits with shorts. - 8/14/2012   1:28:50 PM
    Outfit #1 is my favorite because of the great purple colored top. I love the gathered side seams. The pants are also pretty cute. - 8/14/2012   1:16:43 PM
  • JUDY3719
    #1, love the purple top. - 8/14/2012   1:03:17 PM
  • 814
    I like#3 the best.... Ilike the cap sleeves and having a wide waist band and sparkles and bows on the pants - 8/14/2012   12:25:23 PM
  • LYNDA66
    I voted #4, love the longer shorts and looks very comfortable! - 8/14/2012   12:21:05 PM

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