Win a Case of Chobani Greek Yogurt (Contest Closed)


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The winners are: MANDY_CHANEY and TERLITSKY.

If there's one food that we hear SparkPeople members rave about more than any other, it's yogurt. Portable, packed with calcium, and a great replacement for dessert, they love it. But one variety stands head and shoulders above the rest: Greek yogurt.

We tried Chobani back in 2009, and we heard great feedback. Now we're thrilled to be hosting a giveaway. Chobani is going to send two winners a case of yogurt! Did you know Chobani has lots of new flavors, like lemon, pineapple and black cherry? Yum!

They say:

The unique straining process (it takes 3 pounds of milk to make one pound of yogurt) is what makes Chobani Greek Yogurt “Greek” and full of flavor and health benefits:

  • Only natural ingredients. Free of preservatives and artificial flavors.
  • Free of synthetic growth hormones. (Milk from cows not treated with rBST)
  • Includes 5 live & active cultures, including 3 probiotics.
  • Made with real fruit.
  • Twice the protein of regular yogurts.
  • A good source of bone-building calcium.
  • Gluten-Free and Kosher-Certified.
  • Safe for people with corn, nut and soy allergies.

To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end next Friday at 9 a.m.!

Do you like yogurt? Which Chobani flavor is your favorite?

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  • AMS04161
    i tried all the flavors of greek style chobani i truly love to win the case - 7/11/2011   9:29:30 AM
  • 171
    Chobani Yogurt is just delightful - you will never have anything creamier. Try the pomegranate, which is my new fave, but you can't go wrong with the peach or black cherry either! - 7/10/2011   2:39:35 PM
  • 170
    I love the chobani plain yogurt and then add a few walnuts. it took me a few tries to get used to the less sweet taste. now I love it. - 7/4/2011   4:59:58 PM
  • 169
    I have never tried it, but my daughter and her husband LOVE it. I haven't been able to find it in the grocery stores around me in Alabama. But, I'm still looking. Hoping to try it soon! - 7/4/2011   2:41:07 PM
  • 168
    My FAV! yummo

    peach! - 7/2/2011   11:50:42 AM
  • 167
    This is the only yogurt my teenager will eat!! - 6/20/2011   9:40:04 AM
  • 166
    Greek yogurt is like having dessert without being guilty and the flavors they have make it even more yummy. I love the lemon flavor and pomagranite. - 6/16/2011   12:08:55 PM
    Having a high protein breakfast helps my energy level all morning - 6/15/2011   8:36:13 AM
  • 164
    My personal favorite is the Mango! We use the plain a lot too in place of sour cream, we can't tell the difference in taste. Also I bake a lot with it. Check out their website, I made the lemon blueberry chobani loaf.......OMG so good! - 6/13/2011   12:54:37 PM
  • 163
    I love it. I got my mom hooked. She says she can never go back to regular yogurt now. I like all the 0% fat flavors but prefer the plain so I can add my own fruit choices. Especially now that summer fruit is an option again. - 6/13/2011   11:14:39 AM
    We use the plain Chobani in place of anything requiring sour cream ..... PERFECT low cal/fat replacement!!!!! So incredibly creamy!!!! - 6/11/2011   11:44:52 PM
  • 161
    chobani is my favorite yogurt! Creamy high in protein and lower is sugar than most! - 6/11/2011   3:17:56 PM
    I love Chobani blueberry and pineapple ; )
    I wish I had tried it much sooner it is great. - 6/11/2011   10:00:01 AM
  • 159
    I love the plain and then add things I like to it, raisins, dried cranberries, and sometimes Yacon syrup. - 6/11/2011   5:25:14 AM
  • 158
    i LOVE the Blueberry, and also indulge in my sons honeynana flavored from time to time as well - 6/10/2011   11:22:05 PM
  • 157
    Chobani is the only yogurt and husband & I like. I like to add grape nuts sometimes to get more fiber, plus it adds crunch. Most days that's all I have for lunch. Blueberry is my favorite but I like them all except the pom. - 6/10/2011   8:37:08 PM
  • 156
    sometimes - 6/9/2011   11:45:02 PM
    Love this yogurt and I can eat it with no stomach upset. That's a plus for me - 6/9/2011   12:58:29 PM
  • DEEALLEN9100
    I love love yogurt. I have a grandson, daughter, and myself, that have stomach issues and I know yourt is healthy and good for these issues. - 6/9/2011   10:31:03 AM
  • 153
    Blueberry! - 6/8/2011   7:42:17 PM
    I have always loved yogurt but when I changed to greek, Chobani my husband has started eating it too. The honey flavor is good with fresh fruit in it. - 6/8/2011   7:40:18 PM
  • 151
    Lemon. Love it. - 6/8/2011   2:44:40 PM
  • 150
    I love Chobani Greek Yogurt. It is my favorite brand of all the greeks out there that I have tried. My favorite has to be the pomegranate. - 6/8/2011   2:37:38 PM
  • BABYN31
    i love yogurt,plain and strawberry - 6/8/2011   7:40:32 AM
  • 148
    Love plain and vanilla and lemon - but I do wish they had mango! - 6/7/2011   5:56:26 PM
  • 147
    I love Chobani Greek yogurt!!! I get the 0% plain & add the indiv T Marzettie FF
    carmel apple dip to it....CARMEL pudding!!! YUM! Also use it in place of sour cream for dips/on baked potatoes etc...mix in some salsa for a great dip! - 6/7/2011   1:23:37 PM
  • 146
    Don't know if I've even seen it, but on the whole, the "real" yogurts I always love - the more bacterial strains the better (the good kind, not the bad kind from having it sit in the refrigerator too long!!). As for flavors, cherry anything is always delish, black cherry, tart cherry, but also any of the other berries - black berry, blueberry, raspberry, etc.Frozen yoghurt is NOT cheating, @RCOTA4 !! hee hee Long ago I realized that I actually preferred the lower fat taste of frozen yoghurt because I grew up on "ice milk" (lower butterfat) - we couldn't afford the premium rich ice creams. I can afford them $$ these days, but why? I can't afford the calories and it wasn't really really what I was craving. When yogurts go on sale, I buy em and put them in the freezer and they thaw out fine and they are sooo yummy when they are still partially frozen and stirred up!! Beats ice cream any day!! - 6/7/2011   10:00:59 AM
  • 145
    I love yogurt, but have never tried Chobani Greek yogurt. I like flavors like lemon, key lime, mango, vanilla---not too heavy on flavor and more tart than sweet. - 6/7/2011   5:57:07 AM
  • 144
    I have never tried Choboni but after reading all your praises - this non-yogurt loving woman would like to give it a try. If I don't win.....maybe I can get the case at Costco - is it assorted flavors? - 6/6/2011   10:27:29 PM
  • 143
    Either the Mango or Pomegranate!! YUMM!! - 6/6/2011   4:51:58 PM
  • 142
    I love Chobani peach and pineapple...yummy! - 6/6/2011   4:36:02 PM
  • 141
    I love Chobani. I even got my boss hooked on it. My fav is vanilla with a small drizzle of honey. Once drained, it makes a great substitute to ricotta too! - 6/6/2011   3:35:55 PM
  • 140
    Never tried greek yogurt! Some day..... - 6/6/2011   3:26:38 PM
  • 139
    LOVE Chobani!! The pineapple is my favorite, but the strawberry is amazing too :) - 6/6/2011   2:56:03 PM
  • 138
    I LOVE YOGURT! - 6/6/2011   2:52:31 PM
  • 137
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE CHOBANI!!! When I first tried greek yogurt about two years ago I had gotten another brand and couldn't even finish it. It was like torture! I tried Chobani or Cho as they call it and have never looked back! Pineapple is by far my favorite but it only comes in 2%. Most of the time my local grocery store has sold out of it and they carry it in three different places throughout the store. I love mixing fresh pineapple or berries, with some low fat granola and a cup of vanilla chobani as my breakfast every morning. Also, if you "like" chobani on facebook they share some great recipies! :) - 6/6/2011   2:22:00 PM
    LOVE the Strawberry Banana!! Sadly, I hardly ever see it here. But the Strawberry is also good! So creamy! - 6/6/2011   2:10:32 PM
  • 135
    I had never tried greek yogurt until this past weekend when they were giving samples at our local grocery. It was great. Going to check on my way home from work and see if they have pineapple Chobani! - 6/6/2011   2:08:07 PM
  • 134
    Happy to be part of this contest - 6/6/2011   12:55:51 PM
  • 133
    I love vanilla, or vanilla and anything.
    Actually I have tried a few different ones and liked all.
    The plain would be the least favorite but that's with all yogurts:-)
    - 6/6/2011   11:47:35 AM
  • 132
    The plain non-fat is my favorite. I love adding it to fruit for desserts! - 6/6/2011   11:38:09 AM
    Cherry is my favorite! - 6/6/2011   10:34:51 AM
    I love all Chobani flavors - I buy them all for variety. My favs right now are the pome and black cherry. Yum! - 6/6/2011   9:59:19 AM
  • 129
    I really enjoy the mango ;-) - 6/6/2011   9:47:16 AM
  • 128
    Love the Peach! - 6/6/2011   9:22:40 AM
  • 127
    I love the plain with my yogurt at breakfast! - 6/6/2011   9:14:20 AM
  • 126
    Wow, what can I say I love them all! I probably eat more of the Honey than the fruit...peach, raspberry,pome than the plain but I like that too! Oh well long live Chobani! - 6/6/2011   9:13:00 AM
  • 125
    Love the honey flavor and so does my 4-year old daughter. We recently had a shortage of all Chobani in our area and we tried other brands of Greek yogurt - none could compare! - 6/6/2011   9:08:29 AM
  • 124
    I actually joined BJ's JUST to get a better deal on my Chobani!!! They also carry the "Champions" (geared towards kids) in slightly smaller cups...great for snacking when I really shouldn't!! - 6/6/2011   8:58:38 AM
  • HALFOFME2013
    The pineapple is SO good! By far the best yogurt I have ever had :) - 6/6/2011   6:28:16 AM

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