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Even if you didn't drink your milk or exercise as much as you should have when you were younger, you can still strengthen your frame. Take our quiz and learn the simple secrets to staying structurally sound.

1.    Getting enough calcium and vitamin D matters most:
A. before your 20s
B. by your 30s
C. during menopause
D. after menopause


B. By about age 20, you'll have built up to 90% of your skeletal mass. But there's still time to get the recommended daily intake of 1,000 mg of calcium and the 600 IU of vitamin D women 19 to 50 need. "It's all about getting to the maximum level by 30," explains Michael Marks, M.D., orthopedic surgeon at Norwalk Hospital in Connecticut. "After 30, it's about minimizing bone loss." 

2. For a surprising bone health benefit, try this workout:

A. whole-body vibration
B. swimming
C. horseback riding
D. yoga
D. Experts sing the praises of weight-bearing exercise (think stair climbing, not swimming) for strengthening muscles to protect your bones. But yoga and even Pilates also help. "Balance is a big component of decreasing your risk of falling," explains Brendan Carman, director of rehabilitation at Mass Bay Spine & Sport Physical Therapy in Marshfield, Massachusetts. "Good postural alignment prevents you from stressing or straining one area of your body over another." An added bonus: Balance workouts improve core strength, fortifying the muscles around your spine.

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How did you score? What steps are you taking to keep your bones healthy?

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  • 8
    Unfortunately, I agree with the above. Empty article, no new information, (for me, anyway) and gives the impression that after age 30, getting enough calcium is unimportant. Sad. - 9/7/2012   1:17:24 PM
  • 7
    It's always good to get a reminder. But I do have to agree with a previous comment that this type of article leaves one thinking that the "correct" answer is the only one available, which is not the case? If you are showcasing this kind of article then surely you should also be providing the other side of the argument where drinking more milk is *not* the answer to more calcium; and the one that says "load-bearing" exercise, but be careful. - 9/6/2012   4:57:44 PM
  • 6
    I love Joseph Mercola too, Jibbie. I swear by his metabolic typing plan and I heed his advice. One thing, though -- he is a DO, not an MD. - 9/5/2012   7:07:22 PM
  • 5
    I'll continue to read JOSEPH MERCOLA M.D.'s blogs on bone health as he is a medical doctor who knows what he is talking about. - 9/5/2012   12:19:32 AM
  • 4
    Another journalist, non-expert, mostly empty outsider blog. So sad to see SP accept these so often when there is so much good stuff available. - 9/4/2012   3:26:11 PM
  • JULIA1154
    I feel that this article was almost worse than nothing. It leaves the impression (unintended, perhaps) that there's little point in focusing on calcium & Vitamin D consumption after age 30, when, in fact, it continues to matter all the way through life.

    Likewise, the emphasis on weight-bearing exercise is NOT just a matter of building up the supportive muscles but of stimulating bone creation.

    Spark People readers deserve better, in my opinion. - 9/4/2012   1:00:45 PM
  • 2
    I'm trying to stay as active as possible to maintain good bone health. I strength training regularly and I walk everywhere. And well, I try to eat right too. I know good nutrition helps towards maintaining good bone health too. - 9/4/2012   7:52:35 AM

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