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If you haven't checked out SparkPeople Radio, now's the time! We've been on the air since November, and this on-demand show is a hit. Each week, hosts Lily Hills and Karen Hudson share the latest and greatest stories to help you become healthier and happier, with interviews from SparkPeople members and experts.

We launch a new show each Tuesday morning, but this radio show is available anytime, anywhere--and you can listen to all the episodes whenever you want. No matter where you live (even outside of the US), you can always tune in to SparkPeople Radio! Plus, you get SparkPoints for tuning in. (Find details at the end of this blog or at www.sparkpeople.com/radio)

Here's what we've been talking about lately on SparkPeople Radio:

Learn to Love the Treadmill
SparkPeople fitness expert Nicole Nichols tells you how to you can learn to love (or at least tolerate) the treadmill.

Coach Nicole's New DVD
Coach Nicole is back, to share her funniest behind-the-scenes moments from the set of making her DVD. Plus, find out how you can help with her next DVD!

SparkGuy's Streaking Habit
Chris "SparkGuy" Downie can't stop streaking. Find out how he started this healthy habit--and how you can, too!

Interview with member LAURASDAD
Meet Eric Moeller (LAURASDAD), a SparkPeople member who lost 84 pounds and overcame compulsive eating.

Acne and carbs?
Lily and Karen are investigating the connection between empty carbs and acne--and whether mom was right when she told you junk food would make you break out.

Coming soon:
Interviews with New York Times best-selling author Dr. Pam Peeke and member KSIGMA1222.

Want to be on SparkPeople Radio? Email sparkpeoplesuccess(at)gmail(dot)com for details. We'd like to hear your story. Use the subject line: SparkPeople Radio Success Story

How to Listen:
Visit the SparkPeople Radio homepage and click "Listen Now" (we have four episodes on the site now and another will go up next week)
Click the "Listen on the Go" button to download entire episodes or individual segments.

You can even save these segments to listen whenever you need a pick-me-up!
And, of course, you'll get SparkPoints for listening: 3 points per day!

Don't worry about missing an episode. We will continue to host a FULL library of our shows! You can access them at any time: Bookmark this link or visit www.sparkpeople.com/radio

What do you think of the show?

Have questions about the show? Check out our FAQs.

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  • 6
    love it but don't always take the time of extremely hectic days - 3/9/2013   3:19:04 PM
  • 5
    Why won't the episodes before number 12 load anymore?? - 3/9/2013   12:23:31 PM
    Yeah! - 3/9/2013   7:09:12 AM
  • 3
    SparkRadio always brings a smile to my face - the hosts are so joyous and uplifting. - 3/9/2013   12:13:27 AM
  • 2
    I enjoy SparkRadio. I tried to listen the other day and it wouldn't come on for me. But I'll try again. Thanks for the article. GREAT Hosts! :))) - 3/8/2013   11:39:58 PM
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    I need three things in place to lose weight, fitness, nutrition and motivation. Nutrition is the most difficult to accomplish by far. Fitness can be done just by starting out and then you can concentrate on something else. You just keep doing the same thing over and over. Motivation gets you started but it comes easy if you are making progress. Nutrition, on the other hand, requires planning and concentration. You have to have the right foods in the house. You have to put them together in the right combinations. You have to keep the right portion control. You have to eat slow and enjoy your food to know when you are full so that you can stop. You have to record what you ate and you have to self-critique your nutrition in a journal so that you know what is working. Everything hinges on being successful at nutrition. All advertising and restaurant menus work against good nutrition portions. Nutrition has to be the focal point once you start losing weight and it is not easy. Maybe we should replace gyms with nutrition halls that's where we need more help.. - 3/8/2013   11:30:45 AM

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