What's New on SparkPeople: October Edition


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We've gathered a list of some of the newest content on SparkPeople.com! Take a look at this month's top headlines.

Get Back on Track This Fall
With swimsuit season over and the holidays fast approaching, fall can be a tricky time for weight loss. Stick to your goals all season long with help from SparkPeople!

6 Recipes to Make with Your Kids
Cooking with your children will teach them how to prepare and select healthy food choices for life. Whip up these kid-friendly meals with your little chefs.

10 Excuse-Busting Exercise Quotes
Sometimes, a little motivation is all you need to lace up your gym shoes and get moving. Browse these inspirational quotes the next time you're tempted to skip a workout.

Avoiding Work-At-Home Weight Gain
Despite its perks, telecommuting can create a major conflict with your healthy lifestyle. Here's how to stay fit (and avoid the fridge) when home is where your job is.

Fall Food and Fitness at Your Fingertips!

Get your fill of seasonal recipes, workouts, and more with SparkPeople's fall Pinterest board!

NEW: Sync your Fitbit with SparkPeople!
Now you can automatically—and wirelessly—sync your Fitbit stats to your SparkPeople account. Celebrate with our new Fitbit Challenge!

7 Fall Workouts (That Don't Feel Like Work)
Fall is a fun time for fitness! Take the "work" out of your workouts with these seasonal exercise ideas.

10 Rules to Eat By

You don't need exotic foods or pricey supplements to keep your heart and body healthy. Just follow these simple rules.

The Biggest Breast Cancer Myths
Can you really increase your risk of breast cancer from talking on a cell phone or by using antiperspirants? We're setting the record straight in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Strength Training for Busy People

Drop your excuses and pick up the weights! This 20-minute routine delivers full-body results.

What was your favorite headline from this month?

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    Great - 7/3/2017   9:47:31 AM
    Thank you. - 10/25/2012   4:20:25 PM
    I really like these "What's New" updates. I read and read and learn and learn every time I get them. Thanks Sparkpeople! - 10/25/2012   10:29:15 AM
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    The Breast Cancer article is of interest, since my son, Nathan just went yesterday to have his CatScan for his follow up check from his Testicular Cancer that he had in January '09. We do hope it comes back "clean", but cancer is a terrible illness and he has to be followed for 10 yrs. - 10/25/2012   5:51:54 AM
    Here's a heck of a lot of useful information all located in one easy and handy format. - 10/24/2012   7:09:36 PM
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    Happy to get my new Fitbit and earn a bonus 500 Sparkpoints! - 10/24/2012   4:56:22 PM

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