What's New on SparkPeople: June Edition


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We've gathered a list of some of the newest content on SparkPeople.com! Take a look at this month's top headlines.

12 Skinny Dips
Try one of these low-fat recipes for a perfect poolside snack.

5 Secrets of Naturally Thin People
Ever wonder why some people seem to never struggle with their weight? Beyond good genes, the habits that keep them slim can work for you, too!

Easy Ways to Sneak In Exercise
If you think you don't have time to work out, think again! Here are some simple ways to squeeze in fitness, even on your busiest days. No more excuses!

Make Over Your Life in 30 Days
With work, social obligations and that huge to-do list, it's tough to juggle everything all at once. Master the art of multi-tasking in just one month with this guide.

10 Minutes to a Flat Tummy
Get ready to meet your abs! This quick beginners Pilates routine has all the moves you need to sculpt your stomach like a pro.

Quiz: Can You Spot the Hidden Sugar?
Do you know sugar by all of its other names? Test your sweet smarts with this eye-opening quiz.

6 Stretches for Mental Flexibility
Next time life gets in the way of your goals, don't stress. Here's how to keep your cool when you feel like you're losing control.

Creative 100-Calorie Burger Toppings
Revitalize your boring burger with these guiltless flavor boosters.

What was your favorite headline this month?

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