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We've gathered a list of some of the newest content on SparkPeople.com! Take a look at this month's top headlines.

8 Guiltless Grilling Ideas
Expand your cooking skills beyond hot dogs and burgers this Labor Day. These healthy and delicious grilled foods will impress your guests--and keep your diet in check.

Open Your Eyes to Better Sleep

Are sleeping problems keeping you up at night? Try these simple strategies for better shut-eye

Is the Corporate Ladder Making You Fatter?
When you spend 40+ hours at work each week, you need smart strategies to stay on track. Here's how to eat right on the job--no matter what treats are lurking in the break room.

The Sculpting Routine Celebrities Swear By
Barre workouts are all the rage these days, promising to sculpt a lean, dancer-like body in minimal time. Try it yourself with this 17-minute arm workout you can do at home.

Get Rid of Dry Skin for Good
Are chlorine, soaring temps and harsh sunlight leaving their marks on your skin this summer? Here's how to keep your largest organ healthy in every season.

50 Easy Ways to Torch 100 Calories
Burning 100 calories can be surprisingly easy. Squeeze some extra fat-burning into your day with these fun activities.

Introducing Your Personal Weight-Loss Coach!

Ready to take your weight-loss results to the next level? Check out SparkCoach, our newest, premium interactive feature. Think of it as a customized wellness plan, complete with your own personal team of coaches. Learn more and get started today!

Cool Summer Breakfasts

Chill out on a hot morning with one of these easy meals.

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