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We've gathered a list of some of the newest content on SparkPeople.com! Take a look at this month's headlines.

5 Minutes a Day to a Better Butt

Boost your bottom line by swimsuit season with this foolproof plan that tightens, tones and blasts away fat.

Break Out of Your Food Rut
Step away from that boring sandwich! When was the last time you treated your taste buds to something new? Beat the diet blahs with these happier meals.

Be Ready When Opportunity Knocks
Do you complain about your weight, your job, or your life instead of changing it? Change is scary, but you can make it easier--and create a more fulfilling life--by starting with these small steps.

How 'Cheat Days' Affect Your Weight Loss

Some dieters swear by indulging in their favorite foods once a week for sanity's sake. But does this strategy actually work--or will it only cheat you out of the results you want?

Squeezing Exercise into Your Busy Life
Does it seem impossible to pencil exercise into your jam-packed schedule? Don't sweat it! These stress-free strategies will help you fit in fitness, no matter what's on your calendar.

12 Guiltless Pizza Recipes
Yes, you can have your pizza and eat it, too. With these healthy and guilt-free pies, you won't even miss delivery!

Should You Be Concerned About 'Net' Carbs?
Have you ever seen ''net carbs'' listed on a food label and wondered what it meant? Our dietitian dishes up everything you need to know about this labeling trend--including whether you can trust its accuracy!

Quiz: Are Your Sugar Cravings Out of Control?
What's normal when it comes to eating, craving, and thinking about sugar? Find out whether your sugar habits are innocent or downright toxic.

Our Most Efficient Workout--Ever
Torch fat in less than 20 minutes with this multitasking exercise video! Coach Nicole combines cardio and strength training moves for maximum results.

4 Bad Habits That Hurt Your Weight Loss
Breaking a lifetime of unhealthy habits isn't easy. A behavioral psychologist reveals how to give up your vices so you can slim down for good.

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