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Metromint Waters
Our friends at Metromint sent us some of their mint-flavored waters to try. You know we like to drink water, but we do try to be environmentally friendly whenever possible. Still, we like to shake up our usual H2O sometimes, so we were happy to sip on these. The Spearmint variety was reminiscent of mouthwash, but the Chocolatemint variety was crisp and clean. This would be a refreshing beverage to try after a long workout. ($1.39-1.69 per 16.9 ounce bottle)

Kashi GOLEAN CRISP! Toasted Berry Crumble

We usually have at least one box of Kashi among our myriad cereals in the SparkPeople kitchen. The box of Toasted Berry Crumble sent to us by Kashi went quickly. With a nice--and not artificial--berry flavor and a nice crunchy texture that didn't get soggy quickly, this was great on its own or sprinkled on yogurt. ($3.99 per box)

Bear Naked Maple Pecan and Peak Flax Oats granolas

I love real maple syrup, and this Maple Pecan granola is made for maple lovers. The granola itself is sweet without being overpowering, and the accompanying candied pecans have a hint of rosemary (confirmed by reading the ingredient list). Trust me--you'll want to splurge on this. The Peak Flax Oats granola was so-so. My homemade granola is better and cheaper. All I have to say is that it's a good thing Bear Naked doesn't sell bags of just those pecans. Those are irresistible! ($4.49 per 12-ounce bag)


KIND Bars are essentially nuts, dried fruit and honey in bar form. If you like your bars to have short ingredient lists, you'll like these. With about a dozen varieties (we were sent Nut Delight, Fruit & Nut Delight, Mango & Macadamia, and Banana & Oatbran to try), there's a bar to suit everyone's palate. We liked these bars. They were filling and delicious. With 160-230 calories and 7-15 g fat (mostly from the nuts) per bar, these were a great pre-workout snack. These are part of the new healthy snack initiative at Starbucks, so if you don't recognize these bars you soon will. ($1.99 per bar)

Fiber One Muffins

Most of the fiber in these blueberry muffins is added in the form of inulin, and the primary ingredient is wheat flour rather than the better-for-you whole-wheat variety. Not as tasty as Chef Meg's blueberry muffins, but at 170 calories each with 7 g fiber and 4 g fat each, these are a lot less scary than the variety you see at most bakeries. ($3.99 for four)

NEW Greek Yogurts
Dannon and Yoplait now have their own fat-free Greek yogurts in single-serving tubs. The general consensus: Thumbs-up if you like Greek yogurt. The Yoplait is tangier than the Dannon, but both are good. I usually make my own, but it's nice to know that plain Greek yogurt is becoming more readily available.

There's no information available on either product on the company websites, but I saw them for $1.19-$1.29 each. (I bought these products myself)

Equal Exchange Coffee and Chocolate

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we heard about the Equal Exchange Organic Chocolate & Coffee Pairing Gift Bag. This kit includes a variety of organic coffee and chocolates and packaged in a 100% Recycled Printed Gift Bag for $34.95.

Equal Exchange chocolate bars are on sale until Sunday (Valentine's Day), so enjoy free shipping with the code "chocolatelove" (contingent USA only). Dark chocolate is the way to go, and when you pair it with coffee, you'll notice all sorts of nuances beyond the sweetness.

Salada Tea and Elements Giveaway

In honor of the Salada Tea/Element DVD partnership (Salada coupons in Element DVDs and coupons for Element DVDs in boxes of Salada Tea), the companies have created 5 gift sets featuring some Salada freebies like tea and a water bottle and Element DVDs. Five lucky readers (U.S. only--check out the rules here) will win a gift set. Click here to enter. The contest runs until Tuesday, Feb. 16, at 9 a.m. EST. (we'll be reviewing some Element DVDs soon, too.

What is your new favorite food? Have you seen anything on store shelves that we should try?

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  • VIVOZ1
    I love Kashi cereals, so can't wait to try this one. Metromint is good as a treat, but because of the plastic I won't drink it regularly, but I will probably try the chocolate mint one. I will look for the KIND bars at my local health food store, never heard of them before, but I usually buy Boomi Bars. My health diet has taken me off coffee and chocolate, both I loved very much. - 2/11/2010   7:35:46 AM
  • 52
    I've definitely wanted to try the granola and cereal. I haven't seen the water and I hope I win the tea!!! Great to try new products occasionally. - 2/11/2010   7:05:35 AM
  • 51
    My favorite snack right now is the Kashi Go Lean Dark Mocha bars. Yummm - 2/11/2010   6:33:26 AM
  • 50
    So happy to see you mention Equal Exchange coffee & chocolate! While I prefer another coffee (TJ's has organic, fair trade, shade grown), I save my pennies for that chocolate - if I'm going to eat a luxury item, I want it to be the least damaging to the environment and human society as possible! As for the rest of the foods, I don't buy bottled water for environmental reasons (love my klean kanteen!) and never get sick of plain water, and we just don't buy processed foods much either.... My new favorite is lacinato (black) kale! - 2/11/2010   6:27:42 AM
  • 49
    Whey Low. I can't find it locally but order it from wheylow.com. Sugar with a low glycemic index (mix of sugar and milk sugar) that tastes, measures, cooks like regular plant based sugars. I love it for coffee, ice cream and baking. No aftertaste like stevia, not a bunch of chemicals like the artificials, and makes me feel like I'm indulging - 2/11/2010   5:30:15 AM
    No bottled flavor water for me! I carry a steel water bottle around and honestly don't get bored of water. I'd be grossed out if I wanted to drink water and it tasted like a cookie (or mouthwash?!)

    thank you for posting about the chocolate/coffee gift - I know a few people who would love that - 2/11/2010   2:38:57 AM
  • 47
    I hate Metromint Waters. I felt like I was drinking mouthwash. I'd rather have plain water.
    - 2/11/2010   2:04:58 AM
    I love the Metromint waters. My favorite is cherry, which also seems to be the hardest to find at my usual stores. I don't like individual plastic bottles though, so getting Metromint is a treat. - 2/10/2010   11:57:30 PM
  • 45
    I don't think I would like the waters. I don't care for mint. The protein bars, granola and muffins sounded good. I will have to give them a try. - 2/10/2010   10:38:58 PM
  • 44
    I am looking for protein bars to p protein but not my sodium.. hard to find, ureprotein best on my list so far - 2/10/2010   9:54:50 PM
  • 43
    I love the new Fiber One Multigrain light muffins great for getting fiber in 8 mg of fiber. Use to always use Thomas lt multigrain muffins but these have less sodium. The fiber really makes you feel full. - 2/10/2010   8:09:24 PM
  • 42
    Wheat thins has a new product. It is a cracker that they call Flatbread. I bought the garlic and parsley flavor. It has 5 grams of whole grain per serving,Also only 60 calories per serving which is two cracker that are a nice size. I love them with hummus for a snack. - 2/10/2010   5:57:49 PM
  • 41
    Our local grocery store (was just sold to a chain :( ) has been carrying the Kind bars- I LOVE the Mango Macadamia bar!! - 2/10/2010   5:30:53 PM
  • 40
    I really love the Metromint Chocolate Mint. I know, it sounds very strange, but it tastes like a York Pepperment Patty. It satisfies a chocolate craving with no calories. Also, though only the Bear Naked maple granola was mentioned, Bear Naked are coming out with cereals now that are great. - 2/10/2010   5:21:41 PM
  • 39
    I LOVE chocolate but the water sounds gross! - 2/10/2010   4:54:32 PM
    Chocolate/Mint water? I don't know...the Kashi sounds great as well as the Bear Naked. - 2/10/2010   4:05:20 PM
  • 37
    thanks for sharing but is there a way to post the nutritional value of each?? - 2/10/2010   3:47:28 PM
  • 36
    thanks so much i love kashi anything - 2/10/2010   1:49:42 PM
  • 35
    I will have to try the Kind Bars. I am really trying to eat items that have a small ingredient list and more natural ingredients. I also LOVE tea. I drink it almost every day. I also use dvd's for the majority of my work outs, so getting some of those would be great too! I am looking forward to the reviews on the dvds. - 2/10/2010   1:43:43 PM
    Thanks for the info. I will try some of these products - 2/10/2010   1:28:45 PM
  • 33
    I don't know about the waters, but I'd like to try the Kashis cereal & the granola bars! - 2/10/2010   1:05:41 PM
    I don't like flavored water at all. Not sure why but don't. GIve me plan H20 anytime. I have a water bottle with a filter that I use. It hold 3 cups of water and easy to get my water in during the day using it. Love Kashi Cereal, Ihave to try that one. - 2/10/2010   12:53:21 PM
  • 31
    i think the Kashi cereal sounds FANTASTIC!! - 2/10/2010   12:52:32 PM
    RE: 62NVON

    Love the peppermint oil idea! Will try asap! - 2/10/2010   12:17:32 PM
  • 29
    I am also a big fan of MetroMint and have been since the very early days they hit the shelves. The price is the biggest problem for me - for awhile they were almost two bucks a bottle! I am a fan of energy type bars but they usually have loads of hidden sugars and fat. Lately I have been eating "Full Bar" which is a puffed rice based bar invented by a bariatric surgeon. They run about 150 calories, but only 3 g or so of fat and about 5 or 6 g of fiber. They are twice the size of most bars though. Right now the only flavors I have seen are chocolate (with real chocolate!) and cranberry almond (very cinnamony). Love the idea of passing along product recommendations here - hope there will be more similar blogs in the future. - 2/10/2010   12:14:13 PM
  • 28
    Re: the MetroMint water. DH found that he loved peppermint water, but it was sooo expensive. I bought a bottle of peppermint oil (in the baking aisle at the supermarket) and I added a drop in our own water bottles. A little goes a long way. It's VERY refreshing, and more economical and environmentally friendly! - 2/10/2010   12:09:59 PM
  • 27
    Gonna have to try! - 2/10/2010   11:53:05 AM
  • 26
    I love the spearmint and peppermint Metromint best! So refreshing! - 2/10/2010   11:47:24 AM
  • 25
    I love all the Kashi and Bear Naked products. They are truly amazing and are worth the money spent. - 2/10/2010   10:55:58 AM
  • 24
    I've been a fan of Kashi products for several years. There is also another cereal that has a low glycemic index: Uncle Sam's. It's a very good cereal either cold or hot.
    I haven't seen the MetroMint waters in my local store. How new is this product? - 2/10/2010   10:39:00 AM
    I just ordered the dark chocolate from Equal Exchange! Thanks for the free shipping code! - 2/10/2010   10:14:30 AM
  • 22
    Oh you got me now. I just had to comment. I really like the Metromint water. I would never ever drink the mint flavored ones however. They are a nice change when you just don't want water right now, but you know you should. As they are pricey we buy them in 4 packs which you can find at Whole Foods. The bottles have chill meters on them to tell you just how minty they taste. I like the orange, lemon, and cherry best of all. They weren't even mentioned in the article.

    KIND bars are my newest best friend. I am eating them for breakfast during week. I have many great flavor favorites. Try them from Whole Foods, and then if you love them like I do you can order them on Amazon by the box (save save) and I "subscribed" to them. A new box comes every other month and I get an additional 15% off. Love those. I was a loyal Lara Bar fan until I found these. - 2/10/2010   10:06:25 AM
  • 21
    Definitely going to try the GoLean Crisps... I eat GoLean Crunch with yogurt almost every morning, so it's nice to have another flavor alternative! :D - 2/10/2010   10:04:33 AM
    Thanks for highlighting some new products; I will be looking for and trying many of these. I do not buy too many prepackaged foods, but it is nice to know what is available. Now if we can get the manufacturers to use environmental friendly packaging........... - 2/10/2010   9:54:54 AM
  • 19
    I have kept a healthy stock of Metromint Waters in our garage frig for 2 yrs. +. It's not new on the shelves, just finally getting into an affordable price range. I only buy it when on sale for 4/$5. or 5/$5 & I uy $50. worth to last until the next sale.

    The ChocolateMint reminds me of an Andes Candy & is good for an after dinner drink, but not an after working up a sweat drink. It runs about a -2 degree chill factor whereas the Peppermint is -9 & cools you down great! SpearMint is -7 & great to take on a hike or bike ride too. I use these 2 a LOT when the Texas heat is turned on.

    LemonMint is ranked as -4 degree chill factor & OrangeMint is a -3. They are my other 2 favorites that see me thru my winter workouts or go great with a summer picnic in Texas.

    CherryMint = a -5, but the artificial tasting flavor puts it at the bottom of my list with ChocolateMint. - 2/10/2010   9:52:05 AM
  • 18
    My new favorite food is from my local Trader Joes. In the frozen section, grab a bag of the Pacific Shores Stir-fry vegetables (pea pods, be an sprouts, bamboo shoots, soybeans, water chestnuts, carrots, and mushrooms) 1 pound bag (5 one-cup servings) is $2.30. Add that with the frozen, steam in the bag brown rice and you have a tasty meal in minutes - 2/10/2010   9:43:11 AM
  • 17
    OK, so now I have some products to look out for.... goody! - 2/10/2010   9:39:03 AM
  • 16
    Archer Farms (Target) has unsweetened flavored water, too. The mint is nowhere near as good as the Metromint varieties, but the Jasmine Plum is fantastic. I like that there's flavor without sugar or chemical sweeteners. - 2/10/2010   9:33:37 AM
  • 15
    I love Bare Naked Granolas ! I buy them whenever they are on sale. - 2/10/2010   9:19:04 AM
  • 14
    Metromint Peppermint flavor is my favorite cool down treat! It is very refreshing and I love the cooling effect. - 2/10/2010   8:50:23 AM
    I love Metromint waters! I will do my grocery shopping based on where I know they will be and go out of my way to find them. - 2/10/2010   8:37:06 AM
  • 12
    I love Equal Exchange! I am so happy to see them promoted here!!! Equal Exchange is awesome!!!! - 2/10/2010   8:25:22 AM
  • 11
    I drink tons of tea (unsweatened, of course). I'm in for the giveaway! - 2/10/2010   8:19:09 AM
  • 10
    I can't wait to try the Kashi GoLean Crisp! I've always been a fan of kashi products, especially the pumpin pie bar and the chocolate cherry granola bar - 2/10/2010   8:18:52 AM
  • 9
    The Kashi GoLean Crisps looks like something that I will try! - 2/10/2010   8:16:28 AM
  • 8
    Love love love the Kind bars! - 2/10/2010   8:14:28 AM
  • 7
    I definitely have to try the Kashi snacks... - 2/10/2010   8:07:29 AM
  • 6
    Ugh, that water sounds nasty! LOL I'm waiting for my sample of the same Kashi stuff so looking forward to that one. I've got the Fiber One pancake mix and while its okay, there's some funky flavor the Mr and I can't put our finger on. Like an extract taste or something. - 2/10/2010   8:00:12 AM
    I have tried the Metromint water. I purchased the peppermint and spearment flavors. Both were a bit overwhelming for me. I'm definitely going to try the chocolate mint flavor. - 2/10/2010   7:21:32 AM
  • 4
    Have purchased fair trade coffee and chocolate for years through our church...great to find a website...and gift set!!!! - 2/10/2010   7:03:28 AM

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